European Antics: Episode 2 (Cover Girl/Boy)


This is seventeen year old James Charles.  He is the first boy on the cover of CoverGirl magazine.  Just another way to spread gender confusion among teenagers.  The gay agenda is for real.  More European antics.

47 thoughts on “European Antics: Episode 2 (Cover Girl/Boy)

  1. Geez I thought that was a girl rocking some crazy Tom Boy style….. almost fooled me…. Kind of creepy now that you think about it

  2. This makes me suspicious of why Cover Girl named their African American collection the “Queen Collection” after Queen Latifa; who is lesbian. I took offense from the start. They could’ve easily picked a better spokesmodel. Queen Collection? As in drag queen? A flamboyant or effeminate gay man? Are black women secretly being equated with gay men?

    • Thanks for the comment Liz. That’s a very interesting observation. I never made that “queen” connection. Thanks for providing some food for thought. But I really wish Latifah would just come out the closet. We all know by

    • That may be a stretch….Maybe it was really named after Queen Latifah. Even if they are marketing to drag queens- that’s a smart business move- They spend lots of money on make up, no?

      Sometimes it’s just business.

    • Ya know, I so agree with you Liz! When Queen Latifah emerged as Cover Girl’s new Black beauty representative, my initial thoughts were also huh? I mean we have sistas like Lauren Hill to older sistas like Cicely Tyson….why not sistas like them?

      Yep, more smokescreens and mirrors. And I don’t even like mags like Cover Girl, Cosmo, etc.


    • Are you serious?? That is gross!! I didn’t know you lived in London. I’m sure the gay madness is strong out there. Where ever Europeans are…they bring their perversion. It’s a known fact!

  3. What we call ‘dressing like women’ is really what ‘dressing like men’ looked like once upon a time. Louix XIV is the prime example.

    Peep the tights, the dress, the long hair, the high-heels and the make-up. Women only dressed like men to attract the men back. whitey has been a fag since day one. No one should be fooled otherwise.

    Trouble is not when they do–it’s when we do. I expect them to do it.

  4. Yeah it’s treu they want to do it, you can read here the new!
    I have my opinion about homosexuality,if I will express my opinion about that, they will say me, that I am homophobic,because I don’t agree and I don’t want accept all manner of depravity, fashion that these subhuman invent but because we live in white supremacy society, we are force to!
    Yeah I notice all these magazines and advertising billboards of men and women with androgynous bodies, for me it’s messy!
    I can’t see a beautiful woman and a man and in a woman a handsome man, because it has not been created by nature!

  5. I have notice this about the media especially among black homosexuals they are pushing black men being transgender women & black women being transgender men more in mainstream media. This abnormal behavior is becoming more acceptable. Black female rapper Dej Loaf who is between feminine/stud lesbian was push toward mainstream now we have biracial female stud lesbian rapper Young Ma has hit the rap scene by storm. Black female & male rappers are embracing lesbian rapper Young Ma.

    Black male actor Laverne Cox who is a trans-woman on the television show “Orange is The New Black” and grace the cover of Essence magazine which caters toward black women

    Biracial rapper Young Ma

    The post written of Young Ma little league picture is very disturbing. Also why would a mother allow their daughter to play a dangerous masculine sport football.

    Amiyah Scott who gain popularity on social media will now be starting in Lee Daniels television series “Star.” Amiyah Scott is a male but decided to change his self into a trans-woman. Here are before & after pictures of him.

    • I can’t stand Laverne Cox. I have covered her before. Essence should be ashamed for promoting such filth! And Young Ma is getting more press because she is part of the gender confusion agenda. The pro-gay media is pushing this crap really hard. I don’t even think Young Ma is that good of a rapper in my opinion. I saw Amiyah Scott in the trailer for Star. Openly gay Lee Daniels is the producer so of course he will promote anything gay or transgender. Queen Latifah is also on the show and we all know she’s a lesbian. Amiyah is another crazy ass he-she. They want to brainwash black children to see this filth and degeneracy as normal. We have to keep fighting this perversion. Lee Daniels is a black demon for promoting this bullcrap! He is the worst! Thanks for the links Shanequa.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        You are welcome. Furthermore I’m tired of seeing black men on social media websites betraying themselves as black women. It has gotten out of hand, you do not see other races of men betraying themselves as women like you see black men doing it the most on social media. Also these black men have a large following as well you already know a good number are black women.

  6. Did you know about that ugly Albino monkey of Charlize Theron who allowes her black adopted son desse up with female clothes and blonde wig?
    What is it how to teach children that homosexuality and transgender are something normal?
    When I was kid I have never seen these degenerated things in my life! These aren’t the first things to teach kids, really disgusting,these demons are degenerate creatures!
    Why black people are allowing at these disgusting aliens to adopt black children?
    This is Charlize Theron black adopted son, white dump bitch!

      • She’s turning him into something far worse than a homosexual…

        I remember I was in DC last year and I saw the cutest black baby boy at a restaurant with two white parents. All of a sudden I felt ill at ease just thinking about what kind of upbringing that innocent black boy will have with two white parents.

        FACT: Most whites that adopt black children have sinister motives. Many of black children that are adopted by whites are done to use them as sex slaves for their sick white friends. That’s something we dont’ hear much about in our community. It really does make me sad…

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