European Antics: Episode 1(Licki Brush)

Licki brush......png

What’s up family?  I’m starting a new series called European Antics.    Much like the Tales of Buffoonery series  covers the silliness of black sellouts. But this series is for the all the weird things that happen in European  culture. It seems white folks are always coming up with silly and perverted ideas for the masses.  This series will  be covering all the homosexual,lesbian,transgender,racist and perverted antics that Europeans come up with and want us all to follow their lead.  I thought this would be a great way to start off the series.  Some demented fool invented  the Licki Brush.  A brush you put in your mouth so you can lick your cat as if YOU were a cat. LOL!!!  I guess it’s a way of social bonding with your pet. You can’t make this stuff up!  Check out the video and give me your thoughts.

28 thoughts on “European Antics: Episode 1(Licki Brush)

  1. Bwhahahahahahaha!

    We should come up with something too to sell them. Mostly anal with a pedophile twist. Like a anal brush the size of a small blonde boy for cleaning out your arsehole.

    We’d be RICH!!!!

    Or a big, fat, black dick that holds your mail and keys.

    Or…donkey that shaves your pubic hair?

    We’d be rolling in the dough!!!!!


  2. Hell to the nah. Fucking gross!

    I had a {white} roommate once who let her dog lick popcorn from her tongue. I don’t like the smell of animals to let them get that close to my face, let alone my MOUTH! And I’m not touching them with anything besides my hand. Just ugh …ugh ugh

    This series is clearly necessary, especially for those delusional types who wanna be all sweet and cuddly with people who love animals more than humans.

    • Licking popcorn from her tongue??! Good lord! That is too much!lol That white girl had mental problems. I’m not surprised though. They obviously care more for animals than black people. If a dog is shot or beaten you will have PETA on the streets. Black person gets killed……*crickets*
      But this invention right here shows they have a disturbing closeness to animals. Why would you want to impersonate a cat? Social bonding?? Please! This invention comes from a sick mind.

      • Yea and her boyfriend was black ugh.

        It really is odd. I used to feel like a weirdo cuz I didn’t like animals in the house. The fur. Their odors. Even how their food smells grosses me out. Now I know they are the weirdos, not me.

      • A brother was with her?? And he was kissing her in the mouth?? What a deranged Negro!lol Yeah all that fur in the house is not a good look. They love having their pets running around the house. Sleeping in bed with them. They think it’s normal to have dogs and cats lay with them under the sheets. Furballs in your bed?? Sorry I’ll

      • Yes they shared a place and when I found out they would get physically violent with each other, I couldn’t be friends with either of them anymore. Two very strange, toxic souls.

  3. Man. You’re going to make me lose my composure. What in the world! That’s hilarious.

    I tell people over and over, whitey is dumb. Like real dumb. But man . . . this is just so stupid. Like–when will they stop? Why are they in power?!?!?

    • Yeah it’s pretty hilarious!lol I was shocked when I first saw it. Total madness from a demented mind. This shows you their sick mentality. Why are they in power? That is the million dollar question my brother.

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