Donald Trump: White Nationalist President?



Is Donald Trump a white nationalist? He has gotten support from the Ku Klux Klan and other white power groups. This is a great video by Bhekizitha Zulu.  He gives an interesting reason about why he voted for Donald Trump.  And also how it may help black people in the long run.  Can black people benefit from a Trump presidency?



26 thoughts on “Donald Trump: White Nationalist President?

  1. I kinda agree with dude and it may indeed help Black folks in the long run. Because for decades, Black people have fallen in, lock step with the Democrats regardless and that needs to stop because Black people were basically taken for granted by the Dems and so our plight was ignored because we were perceived as a ‘shoe in’ for the Democrats. We’d back them no matter what. Well, that has changed because Black people did not even show up at the polls in large numbers this year despite the coon heads running all over the place putting on concerts for Hildabeast such as Jay-F and Beyond NO!

    Some Black people are surprisingly fearful right now over all of this. I was talking to some people yesterday and they were like, “but this is bad!” And I asked, “How so?” And I was met with, “But there are just so many racists shouting and coming out right now!” To which I replied, “Coming out from where? Out of the bowels of a ship? Because they have always been here. They are your doctors, your lawyer, the judge, the KKKops, they are in the office sitting next to your cubicle. You mean, you didn’t know this?” Oh, that shut ’em up!

    Black people, some of us, that is, are acting like this is all some strange new phenomena that was just unheard of. They’ve forgotten what Dylann Roof did to those nine Black churchgoers in South Carolina and how years ago, a white man dragged a Black man behind his pickup truck in Texas. Hate groups acting out against us is nothing new and there are many more examples of this.

    For decades, we have been saying that Black people need to take the money that we earn and open our own businesses, form our own co-ops; housing and banking and become self-reliant. We refused to do this and now that Trump is in DA HOUSE, those social programs that many rely on are going to be on the chopping block; HUD and other social programs. Food stamps are going to be cut as well as other public assistance. And even though whites, statistically speaking, are all up on the dole, Black people have become used to the existence of those programs and many do indeed, rely on them. It is going to get ugly.

    But at least Black people are now talking with each other and are listening and that, is a great thing!

    Thanks for posting this Prince!

    • Democrats have always taken blacks for granted. Killary thought she had it in the bag! She got a wake up Black people need to calm done though. It’s not like Trump is the first white racist in the White House. George Washington had slaves. Jefferson was having sex with his slaves so let’s get REAL!!!! This is nothing new. We really got nothing to lose. We have always been under a white power structure anyway. Even while Obama was in office. And you see what they got us. So we’ll have to wait and see. But we should be prepared for anything at this point. Trump is not the white savior but we could benefit indirectly by some of his policies.

      • @ Kushite – You don’t have to go back to the 18th and 19th centuries to find examples of racist presidents…..ALL of our white presidents have been racists. That’s a given.

    • @ Shelby

      I too think this can be a good thing.

      What we need to do now is form “mini- pocket” groups. People who can cook, sew, farm, carpools and yes, silent militia that can protect our communities.

      Ever wonder why you NEVER see cops gunning down little Asian boys in the streets? It’s because they have a system that works for them.

      A system called SELF RELIANCE.

      Let’s see if we can rise up to the challenge. It’s either put up or shut up.

      • You are SO right diaryofanegress! And that is what we are trying to do here where I just moved, Baltimore. Because I refuse to see gentrification take over, completely, yet another predominantly Black city. There are too few left, as it is. Myself and others are trying to put together a coalition just like what you described to open businesses up in communities that has shuttered businesses that catered to Black people in the past. We are just getting started and Donald Trump’s election has actually helped us with recruitment because our message is finally resonating with many who disregarded it prior to the election of Donald Trump. Some of us are trying because we really don’t have a choice. I am out on the streets, daily and also in markets, subway stations, etc., with microphone in hand, getting the message out. We are also targeting city hall with slideshows that depict how this city has been attempting to shove Black people aside for decades. We are all on it and I’ve only been here since September 7th. I love this city and damn it if it’s going the route of DC! There is no more ‘Chocolate City’ thanks to gentrification. Many of the Black people that used to live in DC have fled south and those that remain, for the most part, are in homeless shelters. DC General, that was once a hospital for Black people back in the days when Black people were facing down Jim Crow, has now been turned into a homeless shelter; a decrepit homeless shelter. What has been happening is a sad ass shame and a travesty!

        Also, I would like to add that your comment is spot on!

  2. Shelby,let me know what I can do to help.I’m not rich by any means,but I like donating to black causes.What we also need to do is pool money to help Haiti. Once,Trump is in office,the NAACP is one thing that black people need to boycott or put out of commission.Dr.Umar the NAACP get enough money to build businesses,schools,hospitals and banks.GOD BLESS

  3. @ ShelbyCortland – What you are describing is indeed a shame and is happening in EVERY major black city in America (Detroit, Baltimore, DC, Harlem, etc.). What is truly shameful is that blacks ASSIST in our own removal.

    Black folks sold our city property to the first white person waiving a dollar in our faces in order to chase white people moving out to the suburbs. Now that they want the city property back, we are shut out of this movement due to the ridiculous price of city dwellings. Many of us sold the properties that our grandparents worked and left for us.

    Black folks refused to exercise collective political action where we developed, advanced and FINANCED a UNIFIED political agenda. We elected these feckless politicians and HOPED they’d do right by us. In our political ignorance we didn’t realize that it takes MONEY to make things happen. Politicians serve those that finance them. Because blacks are putting anything into the coffers, we get nothing. Simple as that.

    Black folks chose to invest all of our capital into the black hole that is black church where we get absolutely ZERO return on investment (ROI). As a matter of fact, the black church is hastening our relocation because we contribute MILLIONS every sunday to the church which in turns deposits those black funds in white banks. These white banks then use these black funds to finance white mortgages and businesses to come into YOUR community, buy up the property, and drive you out and price others out. See how that works? If blacks were to redistribute that capital we waste on these charlatan preachers and start financing a political candidate that will actually feel obligated to meet our demands, then you’d see some things change.

    Sorry for the long post- but blacks are not victims of circumstances. We have a HUGE part to play in our continued struggle. Our failure to exercise group think and to act like a collective will ensure that we stay the permanent underclass that we have become.

    • @ reality check

      Why do we continue to cling to the preacher-shyster?

      Because we still think some white man with a long beard is going to come out of the sky and save us from white people.

      Because we are too lazy to save ourselves.

      Because it’s someones responsibility, not ours of course, to help us get put of this mess.

      Ever wonder why the preacher drives a nice BMW but your ass has to take the bus?

  4. Powerful Post & Points Of View Presented! Like Eye Stated To Family/Friends The Day After The Election, Eye Lived Through Ford, Reagan, & 2 Bush’s…We Will Get Through Like We Always Do. Perhaps My Disillusioned Nubian Family Will Use This 4 Years As A Springboard To Greater Heights….

  5. The election of Trump, proves once again that our people lack a SOCIAL THEORY. If we did, there would be no need to panic. A people such as ours who lack a social theory (Black Nationalism) will place their own happiness and freedom in the ‘Lord’s hands’ and hope for a miracle.

    The Black revolution should burn everything in its path and prepare the death of racism/white supremacy.

  6. Kushite after this election in the world there is a global concern, people are worried that this Buffoon will give birth to World War Three!
    Well done America has elected a racist,sexist,pedophile in essence,misogynistic,homophobic and xenophobic bigoted!
    Because this man is evil,he does not understand a emeritus shit of politics, so they will controlled him and maneuvered him!
    He will give life and will approve more and more racist laws, which is not going to benefit black people but only whites!
    On election night I can imagine the fear and dismay of black people,because this year it wasn’t a normal election,it was like to ask you would do you rather to be infected by GONORRHEA or CHLAMYDIA?? Because neither of them were less demon than the other!
    White people will be more free to express their hate and racism,because no anyone they will not tell them do it,because with white racist president they won the lottery!
    Also with Brexit white British people feel more comfortable to express their racist feelings!
    You will see more assaults,more mass imprisonment, more mass killing, because he wants to clean the scum off the American ground!
    For the people living in US they are gonna have to watch every where every time!
    Examples of how now they feel more free to be racist,hope black people start hopen their eyes, and see their true colors!

    • Those videos are very disturbing! U agree with you. We will see more often. Whites will be even more bold than usual. They fell like Trump represents their morals,values and ideals. There will be more of incidents like this. You can count it! Black people better get ready. And stay prepared!

  7. I am uncertain about this. Black people don’t tend to wake up. Maybe I’m trying the wrong way to awaken them, but they were asleep before the election and they were asleep after the election. The difference, though, is that people like Trump and his white nationalist cadre gained a lot of access to intelligence and weaponry–don’t really see how this is good.

    • Yes a friend of mine said the same thing. I am concerned about this too. Trump is in a powerful position. It kind of amazes me that he got there. He has no government experience,no diplomatic experience and has never been in the military. He’s basically a billionaire that turned into a reality star. Now he’s president??? This shows that people are intrigued by celebrity status over substance. Well I will say one thing….the next four years will be very interesting for sure!

  8. I understand where he is coming from with this message. I think Trump winning the election is the “fire under our a**” that’s much needed. I’m hopeful that we as a people will get to a place where we are not looking for politician we haven’t groomed and put into office to be some kind of “savior” to us.

    • @ Jonathan Lee 100% agreed!!!!
      I strongly believe Trump will be the white supremacist who will light these brain dead negroes to wake up. Even though bad things are already happening to our people, we need serious damage to really wake our people up. Racist devils have been showing there racism but now it will be more in your face be prepare to see black men, women & children being lynch that will go viral world wide on the internet. The climate we are living in is changing rapidly & more faster. What I mean by this NON BLACK AFRICANS hate for us has reach an all time high that is causing race tension, BLACK AFRICANS are waken up, time is going by much more faster, and the weather climate is changing.

  9. Did you notice that white people have more confidence after the election of white racist president or approval of Brexit? They feel more free to express their racist feelings and hate,they are always looking for something that helps them to bring out their true state of mind! Normally they would feel prisoners, whites like and love physical violence!
    The Jim Crow laws it was an example of how they felt free to persecute, murder, lynching, raping black people,especially after the abolition of slavery, their states of minds were dissatisfied because they could no longer accomplish their crimes!
    I am tired people treat these demons as the Godhead, if Trump won, better that way, because their racism will be exposed, I hope that people start to see them with different eyes!

    • They feel more confident because Trump is an open white nationalist. So all the covert racists are coming out of the closet. He’s made it okay to be openly racist. They feel the climate is more open to accept their racist beliefs. They will all be in for a rude awakening.

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