Kushite Kingdom Awards 2016



Welcome to the first Kushite Kingdom Awards! I usually deal with a lot of current events and topics my subscribers like to discuss.  But I’m not serious all the time.  I like to laugh and joke around like everyone else.  So I thought I would do something a little fun.  I also wanted to show a token of appreciation to all the black bloggers who have given me great information and food for thought. It’s a real battle out here in the blogosphere. And I appreciate all the words of encouragement from fellow bloggers.    This is not a real competition.  This is all meant in fun.  As you will see from some of the categories. But let me know your picks in the categories.  If enough people like this awards edition I may make it an annual event. So be sure to cast your votes and add anyone to the list I may have left out. My apologies to anyone that didn’t make the list.  Don’t hold it against me.  I appreciate all my subscribers. Peace.




Nat Turner Award-Favorite Male Blogger

1.Land of Kam

2. Onitaset Kumat

3.Black My Story

4.Nidotopian Warrior

5.Lumumba Afrika

6.Hung Like Jesus


8.Aniga Shakur

9.Amos Magazine

10. Melanated Man

11. AfrikaNeeds

12. Wyzedome


Harriet Tubman Award-Favorite Female Blogger

  1. Diary of a Negress
  2. TruthAngel07
  3. Kelley
  4. Original Black Woman
  5. Sunny D
  6. Malaika Mutere
  7. Roshumba Monique
  8. Trojan Pam
  9. Shelby Courtland
  10. Tired Sista
  11. C.C. Saunders
  12. Cree7

Favorite Post by a Male Blogger

  1. Globalization and Religion of Scarcity- BlackMyStory
  2. War on Black People Part 1:Education- Black Eyebawse
  3. An Ode to the Lost Children-Nidotopian Warrior
  4. So What is Human?- One Tawny Stanger
  5. The Black Man-Black Woman Relationship-Melanated Man
  6. Black & Brown Coalition- Authentic African Vanguard
  7. Eyes a Free Man Massa!- Cliff Green
  8. People trying to escape their Ancestry-Afrika Needs
  9. The Rape of Horus- Hugh Cipher
  10. They care more about Harambe than Michael Brown- 4th Angels Bowl

Favorite Post by a Female Blogger

  1. Manifestation for a New Mother- Tahtahme
  2. Hillary Clinton,A Nasty Woman!- Shelby Courtland
  3. The Beast and The Goddess-Roshumba Monique
  4. Locked,Stocked and Ready to Roll- Diary of a Negress
  5. Lipstick and Heels: Black Business Spotlight- C.C. Saunders
  6. Is the Roots remake a History Lesson-Trojan Pam
  7. Mother-Kelley
  8. The White Bitch!-TruthAngel07
  9. Original Black Beauties of the Day- Original Black Woman
  10. Vital Note to Melanin People- Queen Adira


Favorite Musician

1.Watoto from the Nile

2.United Front


4. Richard Raw

5.Maafa Sankofa

6.Tahir RBG



Most Beautiful Female Blogger

  1. Nekisha Lewis
  2. Sunny D.
  3. Kelley
  4. Chantel Keona
  5. Jeanette Ayala
  6. Eileen Dautruche
  7. Malaika Mutere


Best Athlete

  1. Lebron James
  2. Derrick Rose
  3. Serena Williams
  4. Usain Bolt
  5. Allyson Felix
  6. Floyd Mayweather



Most Beautiful Black Woman

  1. Sira Kante
  2. Yaya DaCosta
  3. Emayatzy Corinealdi
  4. Teyana Taylor
  5. Nandi Mngoma
  6. Lesliana Pereira
  7. Nomzamo Mbatha
  8. DeWanda Wise
  9. Simone Missisk
  10. Lerato Kganyago


Most Outspoken Mulatto

1.Colin Kaepernick

2.Jesse Williams

3. Zaza Ali

4. J. Cole

5. Barack Obama

Favorite Sellout Buffoon

1.Kodak Black(watch the video)

2. Roland Martin(Buck danced with Hillary Clinton)

3. Lil Wayne (said ne never experienced racism)

4.Mary J. Blige(singing to Hillary Clinton)

5. Stephen A. Smith(always defends white supremacy,attacks black people)

Biggest Interracial Sellout

  1. Tika Sumpter(white baby daddy)
  2. Eddie Murphy(white baby mama)
  3. Alfre Woodard(white husband)
  4. Nate Parker (white wife)
  5. Charles Barkley(white wife)

Tomi Lahren...jpg

Most Honest White Supremacist

1.Tomi Lahren

2. Hillary Clinton

3.Donald Trump

4. Ann Coulter

5. Sean Hannity


Best Impersonation of a Black Person

  1. Shaun King
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Iggy Azalea
  4. Rachel Dolezal
  5. Robin Thicke



Biggest threat to Black Liberation and Unity

1.Interracial Marriage

2. Feminism

3. Homosexual Agenda


5. Negrophobia(Black self hatred)

6. Fake Black Leaders

7. All of the above


Lifetime Coon Achievement Award: Morgan Freeman (Honorable mention: Charles Barkley,Don Lemon and Jesse Lee Peterson)



92 thoughts on “Kushite Kingdom Awards 2016

  1. First of all, let me say what a wonderful job you’ve done in putting together this awards, I love that image that you used Halima and Shomari from Blood of Titans, nice touch. I also wanna say how humbled and honored I am to have been considered for this prestigious Award, I am at a loss for words. And to everyone else, mille felicitacions. Merci beaucoup

    • Thanks Warrior. You recognize that pic? It’s actually a variant cover. It’s by one of my favorite comic book artist Mshindo Kuumba. That brother is really talented. You deserve all your nominations. I appreciate the award you gave me. So it’s only fitting that I return the favor. You always have good posts and informative videos. Your subscribers appreciate your hard work and dedication.

    • It’s okay you don’t have to be secretive about it.lol Like I said it’s all in fun. You can name more than one person in each category. Just list some of your favorites in the comment section. You have quite a list to choose from. You can also name anyone I didn’t mention as well.

  2. Thanks for the mention & (((HONORED))) to be included in these 1st Kushite Kingdom Awards! There’s also a (((WEALTH))) of referential information here to be added to my reading list! Let me take this moment to give KushiteKingdom the props it so deserves in bringing attention to issues concerning our lives & keeping & bringing knowledge beneficial to our people & movement at the forefront of its cause.

    Raising arms & balling fists!

    Antioch Hades

    • Thanks a lot. I really appreciate that. Coming from you that is high praise. Your blog is under appreciated in my opinion. You have a wealth of information. And you’re unafraid to speak your mind. I admire that about you. And I hope others do as well. More people need to check out your blog. They’ll be glad they did.

  3. Haha this made my day! Thank you so much! It’s an honor to be nominated in TWO categories amongst so many great bloggers. I greatly appreciate you and your blog.

    I think my favorite category is Best Impersonation of a Black Person. Hilarious! Especially Robin Thicke being on that list. I love it.

    • Actually you have three nominations. You have the most of anyone. It’s very deserving though. You have a great blog and you have a great sense of humor. You always leave great comments. You have been a big supporter of this blog. You deserve some recognition. I knew you would find the categories funny.lol You can leave any nominations in the comment section. You can name more than one person in each category. I just want to get an idea of everyone’s favorite bloggers. You can also name people not on the list. Thanks!

  4. I am at a complete loss for words! WOW! I even see my name! Gosh and golly gee! But there are just SO many for me to vote for, I want to vote for them all. I love ALL my fellow Black bloggers, Prince!

  5. @ Kushite Prince great post

    You should have added The negro honorary self hate award nominees

    Thelma O’khaz
    Vybz Kartel
    Michael Jackson
    Lil Kim

    P.S. For the biggest interracial sell out you should have added Usain Bolt, Reggie Bush, & Simone Biles.

  6. Nidotopian Warrior
    Diary of a Negress
    Black Man-Black Woman Relationship


    Allyson Felix AND Lebron james[cuz he’s my birthday twin!]

    J.Cole[who knew?]
    That Sotomayer guy..what’s his 1st name?
    biggest interracial sellout: all of the above
    Hitlery since she’s on her way back to the white house
    best impersonation of a Black person: Barack Obama!

    Thanks for doing this, KP. I had fun with it!

  7. Thank you so much, Kushite…for mentioning me. I’m humbled. I just came over to see what you were talking about today and stumbled on this. I really just try to speak the Truth to people–even when it hurts. We’ve been bamboozled and it’s time for our people to WAKE UP. I just hope that I’ve enlightened and educated those who truly had no clue what’s been going on while they sleep.

    • You have great information on your blog. I always learn new things when I visit. You’re doing a great job educating your people. I appreciate that you speak your mind all the time. We need more people like you in the struggle for real freedom and liberation.You deserve some recognition. And I just want you to know your hard work is appreciated. And it’s not in vain.

  8. I am CTFU about most outspoken mulatto! That has me in tears for some reason! But i do appreciate that I even made it to yours and Nido’s list. It’s an honor! I am glad that you did this as well because there are some people that I need to catch up that you introduced me to. Your work is always appreciated god!

    • Thanks Cliff. I always appreciate your input. Glad I could make you laugh.lol You deserve some recognition for the hard work you do on your blog. You have a great blog. I’m also glad I could introduce you to some new bloggers you’re not familiar with. Be sure to spread the word about other black bloggers that are fighting for truth and justice.

      • Wow! I appreciate those words especially coming from you. I’m trying to put in enough work to keep up with you. Your work is always appreciated. You always put me up onto someone or some new information. I have seen on other blogs widgets (I think they are) that post other blogs that that blogger may follow or like. Have you ever thought about doing that? Your site and diaryofanegress’s site seem to be central to a lot of progressive, forward thinking black people. You have the power to bring even more of us together!

      • Thanks man. We all have to do our part in this struggle. Thanks for the kind words. I think you’re talking about the blogroll. Thanks for the idea. I share my posts on Twitter as well. I try to get my message to as many people as possible.

      • No problem bro! You deserve the accolades. I will follow suit and become more active on social media! I have to in order to reach the masses! I know its something that I need to do but I have been so opposed to social media for so long. The people are the ones that are missing out in my opposition because I am not reaching people that I could be. Thanks for that as well.

      • Thanks Cliff! We’re all in this together! We have to just use social media to our advantage as best we can. It’s still a great way to connect to like-minded individuals.

  9. My list:
    favorite male blogger: Nidotopian warrior
    Favorite female blogger: Shelby Courtland

    Favorite male post: Black man- black woman relationship (hate to vote my own but hey lol)

    Favorite female post: locked, stocked and ready to roll

    Best looking female blogger: Kelley

    Best athlete: LeBron James

    Best beautiful black woman: teyana Taylor

    Most our spoken mulatto: Jesse Williams

    Biggest coon: Stephen a. Smith

    The rest….. Charles Barkley, Donald trump, Rachel dolezal, all of the above

    • Come on man! How you going to vote for yourself.lol It’s all good though. Those good picks. Lebron did his thing this year for sure. Kelley and Teyana Taylor are great picks. Both are very beautiful women. Stephen Smith is always a great coon in my book.lol Great picks all around. Thanks for the feedback.

  10. Oh Kush,when it comes to sell-outs,you forgot my favorites,Jesse Lee Peterson and Larry Elder. And your girl Christelyn Karazin is bragging about that new commercial that has about 10 black women and white men as couples.I’m not to crazy about Jason Whitlock either.

    • Is Larry Elder still around? Elder is probably worse than Clarence Thomas.lol Elder used to have a radio show in Los Angeles. I used to listen to it to get the sellout perspective. I swear that man wants to be white.lol I gave Peterson a honorable mention. Karazin is good pick too. I get the feeling she really hates black men. She has a an anti-black love agenda. She’s pathetic! Jason Whitlock? I forgot about that fool. Thanks for reminding me. He’s a damn fool too!

      • Dr.Umar told Peterson that he and Elder is the reason he exist.I think Elder has a radio show on Sirius.I watched some of his debate with Roland Martin on youtube, When Elder said that blacks need to comply with cops request, I thought black people in LA was going to strangle that fool.That is funny how unarmed black men can get shot and killed, but just this week,3 wm shot at cops with 2 of them being fatally, and the cops barely returned fire.I didn’t see the blue lives matter protesters,but I guess blue lives only matter when unarmed black people get killed.GOD BLESS

  11. Here are my nominees:

    Nat Turner Award – favorite male blogger -Melanated Man

    Harriet Tubman Award – favorite female blogger – Original Black Woman

    Favorite post by a male blogger – An Ode to the Lost Child – Nidotopianwarrior

    Favorite post by a female blogger – The White Bitch by Truth Angel

    Favorite Musician – United Front

    Most beautiful female blogger – Kelley

    Best athlete – pass

    Most beautiful Black woman – me LOL

    Most outspoken mulatto – pass

    Favorite sell-out buffoon – Mary J. Blige

    Biggest interracial sellout – ALL of them!

    Most honest white supremacist – Donald Trump

    Best impersonation of a Black person – 1-5

    Biggest threat to Black Liberation and Unity – 1 and 2

    There, I think that about does it Prince!

    • Thank you! That’s a good list. Looks like Kelley is getting a lot of votes around here. It’s cool though,she’s quite the beauty.lol And of course you voted for yourself as well.lol Nidotopian Warrior and OBW are also good picks. There are so many good choices to pick from. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  12. Iggy Azalea she is classic white woman desperate to seek famous and privilege with black men,after stealing and appropriate of black culture she goes back with black dollar in white community!
    There are so many of them out there,but people never learn the lesson!

  13. Eye Am A Bit Tardy For The Party….My Good Brother Kushite, Eye Am Truly At A Loss Of Words. Very Humbled & Honored That Eye Made The Cut For A Nomination. Thank You A Million Times Over! As Synchronicity Would Have It, Eye Have Turned Over In My Head This Same Blogger Award Idea—So Glad A Great Mind Pulled It From The Etheric Reservoir & Made It Happen! Also, That Set It Off Kushite King & Queen Image Up Top Is Boss…Not To Exclude The Wonderful Categorizations….Awesome!!!!

    • It’s okay Wyzedome. Better late than never.lol Your nomination is very well deserved. You’re in good company. Glad you liked the King and Queen picture. Yes it’s a very impressive piece of artwork! I thought it was fitting for this post.

  14. Kushite you know it doesn’t bother me so much that these white trash whores wanna be black women!
    I like see white women how they deform and practice self-harm on their pale bodies because they are so desparated to be us (black women) more they do botox injection, more they age in a miserable way,and more these things make me happy!
    White women are standard of beauty but are the first group of women that don’t accept aging!

    • They age horrible! Many look like wrinkled up prunes by the time they hit 40! Black women look good well into their 50’s and 60’s. It’s a known fact that black people age the best. I’ve even heard whites and Hispanics admit it.

  15. ****Hand claps with standing ovation**** Thank you, thank you, thank you, Prince. I am sooo honored. I’ve gotten TWO mentions! lol. I need to try to start back doing more post (maybe at least one a week). I’ve been soo busy, that’s why I’m late to the party. Great post, I’ve really enjoyed this virtual awards ceremony!

    • Well it’s about damn time! Coming all late.lol I’m just messing with you. You know you’re one of my favorite bloggers. You always have great posts and you give your honest opinion. I respect that about you. You put in a lot of hard work and it is very much appreciated. And you have always been supportive of my blog. I don’t take that lightly. I’m glad you like the post. I know you’ve been really busy. But when you get a chance,be sure to tell me some of your favorite categories and your picks. I’d love to hear your opinion.

      • I sure will comeback and give more details and opinions later about my favorite categories et al.

        Thank you for you continued support and encouragement. I consider you like family because you were one of the first bloggers I followed when I first started frequenting the blogosphere about 3 years ago.

        I very much appreciate your insight and education and have I learned so much info from your blog. You do such a great job on explaining the ugly, weird and creepy ways of this crappy society and peoples. You have been one of the many people who have been an inspiration on my journey to the truth. As Always, Thank you!

  16. Okay here’s my list of favorites:
    Harriet Tubman Award-Favorite Female Blogger- Me, of course, Trojan Pam, TruthAngel, Diary of A Negress, Roshumba, Cree7, ShelbyCourtland, Tired Sista, Kelley
    Favorite Male Blogger: Nidotopian Warrior, Black My Story, Amos Magazine, Moorbey, AND YOU. lol
    Favorite Post by a Male Blogger: ALL
    Favorite Post by a Female Blogger: ALL
    Most Beautiful Female Blogger: Kelley and Me, lol.
    Best Athlete: LeBron and Serena
    Most Beautiful Black Woman: All of thee above
    Most Outspoken Mulatto: Zaza Ali
    Biggest Sellout: KODAK BLACK (the coon of the year)
    Biggest IR Sellout: Nate “Rape” Parker (sellout of the year)
    Most Honest White Supremacist: Donald and Ann
    Best Impersonation of a Black Person: In order from 3 to 1: Iggey, Kim K., and the winner is……………………Rachel Dolezal!!! (I hate this sorry bitch with everything within me)
    Coon Lifetime Achievement Award: In order from 3 to 1 , OMG this is hard…..and the winner is……..Jessie Lee, Charles, and Don (all of ’em run neck and neck) Morgan Freeman ain’t got nothing on these three, imo, lol.

    • Thanks for the nomination.lol Of course you would nominate yourself. It’s okay since you deserve it. I like all your nominations,hard to argue against them. There are so many great bloggers to choose from. I’ll be glad when you’re back to posting on a regular basis. I always enjoy your posts. Don’t be a stranger. Always glad to read your comments. Much love to you sis. ❤

      • Thank you! As always my pleasure. I would love to get back to posting at least one post once a week on each blog. I’m not able to post everyday like I once did. It’s work blogging, lol. Then with motherhood and building my business, which are full-time jobs themselves, blogging takes a back seat.

      • Yeah. I’ve been a mother since 2002 to a now 14-year-old, lol. I thought you knew cause I’ve mentioned it a couple of times before on various blogs.

        “That’s good to hear though. I bet you’re a wonderful mother”

        Lol. Well, I am the best mother I can be. lol Motherhood itself is a major sacrifice and challenge, especially if your child is special-needs. However, I have a great support system.

      • I don’t know why I don’t remember. Not sure if you’ve mentioned it on my blog. I have no doubt you’re a great mother. You are a very intelligent woman. And you have lots of wisdom you can past on to your child. And I already know you’re a very loving and caring person so your child is very blessed. I know being a mother is a big challenge. But I know you’re strong enough to take on the task.

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