Are Europeans a virus on the planet?

This is a very powerful scene.  It’s from the show Dinner in America. It’s not very often you hear this type of truth on television or film .But it does make me wonder about how whites operate on this planet.  They don’t seem to be able to get along with other races very well.  They have committed genocide and enslaved millions of people.  Pretty much everywhere they go.  Why is there behavior this way?  Are they some type of virus?  Are they a disease?  I’d like some feedback from my subscribers.


This is an old picture.  I think somewhere between 1910-1920.  It is a horrifying sight.  It is a group of white men preparing to lynch a little black boy. This is pure EVIL.  Only a savage animal would do such a thing!

How sick is this?  This video shows Europeans putting Africans in zoos.This proves they see us as animals. Can you show me evidence of blacks putting whites in zoos?  I think not.  But we are the savages right?  We are the inferior ones right? This is beyond disgusting!





When white people talk about their contributions to society they always bring up white inventors.  They like to say that the it would be a horrible world without them.  Well I’d like to show a list of some of their other contributions to society.

  1. Cherokee Trail of Tears
  2. Japanese American Internment
  3. Phillipine-American war
  4. Jim Crow
  5. The Genocide of Native Americans
  6. The Trans-atlantic slave trade
  7. The Middle Passage
  8. The history of white American racism
  9. Black Codes
  10. Slave patrols
  11. Klu Klax Klan
  12. The war on drugs
  13. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  14. How white racism grew out of slavery and genocide
  15. How white people still benefit from slavery and genocide
  16. White anti-racism
  17. The southern strategy
  18. The rape of enslaved black women
  19. Madison Grant
  20. the Indian wars
  21. human zoos
  22. how the Jews became white
  23. white flight
  24. Red lining
  25. Proposition 14
  26. Homestead act
  27. Tulsa Riots
  28. Rosewood massacre
  29. Tuskegee experiment
  30. Lynching
  31. Hollywood stereotypes
  32. Indian appropriation acts
  33. Immigration act 1924
  34. Sundown towns
  35. Chinese exclusion act
  36. Emmet Till
  37. Vincent Chin
  38. Islamaphobia
  39. Indian boarding schools
  40. King Phillip’s war
  41. Bacon’s Rebellion
  42. American slavery compared to Arab, Roman and Latin American slavery
  43. History of the gun
  44. History of the police
  45. History of prisons
  46. History of white suburbia
  47. Lincoln’s racism and anti-racism
  48. George Wallace Governor of Alabama
  49. Cointelpro
  50. Real estate steering
  51. School tracking
  52. Mass incarceration of Black men
  53. Boston school riots
  54. Man-made Ebola and AIDs
  55. Church bombs and fires in deep south to Blacks
  56. Church shootings
  57. How the Irish and Italians became white
  58. The perpetuation of the idea of the ‘model minority’
  59. Housing discrimination
  60. Systemeatic placement of highways and building projects to create ghettoes
  61. Medical experimentation on poor, especially Blacks including surgical and genealogical experimentation
  62. History of planned parenthood
  63. Forced Sterilization
  64. Cutting children out of pregnant Black mothers as part of lynching
  65. Eurocentric beauty standard falsification
  66. Erasure and eradication of all achievements of Ancient Africa and Kemet
  67. White washing of history and cultural practices

Very disturbing in my opinion.  So..what do you think?


46 thoughts on “Are Europeans a virus on the planet?

  1. Wowwww, I wonder how staged that scene was; man it seemed so real. But anyway, I hate no man or woman and wish no ill will against no one, but it’s really hard to argue with historical facts. Granted some of the atrocities that have occurred to the melanin-dominant can be partly blamed on our ancestors due to being naive, ignorant, and arrogant. And it has just carried on through the generations. So I won’t put ALL of it on them. Nevertheless some things just don’t mix, like Europeans and melanin-dominant people. That’s my take.

    • I have heard this argument before. That African people were naïve and ignorant. I have heard whites say that African people wee primitive therefore they deserve to be enslaved. I always think to myself…if Africans were primitive then whites are clearly the most savage and barbaric. Their record speaks for itself. I think in many ways the Africans were too accepting and saw Europeans as fellow humans and didn’t think they would do something so dehumanizing(human zoos). But does that make Africans bad people? Does that make them evil because they were accepting? I don’t think so. If a baby plays with a scorpion because they think it’s a cute pet….is the baby bad? No it’s not. But it will definitely get stung. And afterwards it would not be wise to play with a scorpion again. I think we as black people should be able to look at this list and come to a simple conclusion. With age comes wisdom. I think by now we should know the difference between HUE-mans and “mankind”. You must have HUE to be human. You and I discussed this before. They are clearly different than us.

      • Yeah most of us refuse to learn that lesson for some reason. The majority don’t operate beyond the material realm not having a clue about the metaphysical knowledge, thus why the cycle continues. Is it possible or even feasible for everyone to be awake at that level though? I dunno…

      • That’s the big problem. And that’s why I appreciate all my fellow conscious bloggers out there. It’s up to us that have the knowledge to educate our people who are still asleep. I’ve had people come on my blog and tell me they never knew about the Boule,secret societies,man made diseases etc… So I feel good knowing that I’m reaching people in Africa,London,Jamaica, Brazil and so on. I know my work is not in vain. And I accept the fact that everyone can’t be saved. I love my people and I want to see us rise as whole. But I realize some black people want to stay ignorant and love being mindless zombies. I can’t help people like that. Unfortunately they will be left behind. Like I said….you can’t save them all.

    • Africans weren’t the only group accepting of Euros. Pretty much every group that came into contact with Euro welcomed them and the Euros raped, killed and stole from them so this just pretty much speaks Volumes on what kind of devils they are. They lack empathy and are barely human. Just think, their first instinct when they meet a stranger is to rape them and act on it. What other group did that? When Africans and other groups outside of Arabs interacted, there wasn’t a problem so is really the naivety of Africans or the savageness of the Euro?

      • I agree that Europeans are a little uncivilized, the problem I have that for some reason the majority of us still fall for that okie doke. So forgiving and accepting smh. Same shit different millennium, you know what I’m saying? I don’t understand THAT! When I figure that out I will have some peace. Lol

      • Well hey everyone else has said it for me so….lol…no sense in beating a dead horse. We know the deal hehe

      • Black people treat White people like infants, victims and its sickening. Always giving second chances to these people even tho they never change. I blame it on the church and wanting white validation. Its unfortunate many Blacks cant see through white skin. This is something I will never get because White people dont impress me at all.

  2. They are like the aids virus, which is ironic since they are ones who created it and anyone who gets into bed with them, well you don’t need to be told what the outcome will be

  3. Kushite you left out a few of my favorites,so let me help you out.Embargo on Haiti.Denied Black Cuban slaves the right to sign peace Treaty with Spain.Escalated the Dominican Republic racism towards Haiti.CIA bringing drugs to black communities.Poisoning our food and water.Selling illegal arms to Iran to finance and overthrow governments in Central America.Illegally overthrew Iran Prime Minister,over BP flap with England.Overthrew de Allende of Chile.Used black servicemen as guidea pigs to bring syphilis and gonorrhea back to our neighborhoods.Still raping the African continent of their immense resources.Apartheid in South Africa. Still funding terrorists group in the Middle East,while claiming trying to defeat them.Creating grandfather laws to not give blacks their full rights.They claim to fight for our rights,but during the Civil War, put in laws to not fight alongside blacks.Gave black men inferior weaponry,while putting them on the front line in Argentina’s fight for independence.Corrupt police officers shooting unarmed black men in Brazil,which is even higher than US.Even worse police brutality against blacks in Portugal.GOD BLESS

    • Thanks SevenKing! That was a great addition. I don’t know how I forgot about the embargo on Haiti and the grandfather laws. Thanks for adding to the list. Just more evidence to add to the disgraceful list.

      • Kushite, did you hear that the first Aids case was originated in New York, and not Africa as we’ve been previously told.I keep looking towards my Heavenly Father.I try to send money to black causes,so my next donation will be to Haiti.GOD BLESS

      • Yes I di hear that awhile back. Not surprised though. They tried to say it originated in Africa to make it seem like some disease-ridden continent. Just like all these other man made diseases like Ebola,swine flu and the Zika virus. Just racist white media spreading propaganda. And I agree,we should be sending money to our brothers and sisters in Haiti. They really need help down there. But don’t send money through Red Cross. They are a racist and corrupt organization.

  4. I appreciate your post,white people ain’t human!
    Because to be human is to feel remorse for the horrors, compassion, all those feelings that make you human! But they are not human!
    Their DNA are closer to apes and beasts, for this they are able to interact more with the beats that with human being unless their love does not turn into abuse!
    Do you know their answers? I? I am not guilty of the crimes of my ancestors, all that has happened in the past does not concern me!
    Naively they believe to be God, and arrogantly believe that their actions are in good faith!
    It’s funny white people have been everywhere in the world,and today most these Country love them! Kushite white people are psychopaths!
    They invented AIDS,in laboratories the pourpose of kill black race!
    They invented Ebola, in laboratories and after they have tested on African Countries for kill African people!
    Their decline of birth rates It is due to the fact that Mother Nature is tired of them! The planet Earth itself is shouting for their purge from this world forever!
    White people are genetically and morally incompatible with this Planet!

  5. This reminds me of a book called “Germany’s Black Holocaust” by Firpo W. Carr. This is an excellent post, keep it up brotha thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Tareau. I knew this post would be a bit controversial. But it’s a subject we can no longer ignore. We have to really look at the behavior of these people. There is a clear pattern. I’ve been meaning to get that book by Firpo Carr. I really want tot get it. I heard it exposes a lot of things that were hidden during that time period.

    • You are so right Angel! Once again Williams was right. That’s why I think everyone needs to read his books. I have learned so much from his amazing mind. His books are very educational. And thanks for that link.

  6. Kushite Prince, No this is actually EASY. Our people lack a social theory. That’s why we keep falling for the tricks and deceive. I’m not a lover of violence. Sure. You can save money on explosives and bullets. But at the end of the day, the price of FREEDOM IS DEATH.

    We have to admit that American Blacks’ perceptions of reality have been altered to an extent that they don’t even recognise their own enemies. For example, a black person is killed in America. Black people appeal to the compassion of the very people who enslaved, raped and hanged their ancestors on the trees. Nobody talks about armed STRUGGLE. Every black person is AFRAID of SACRIFICE — Death.

    Our behaviour and actions keep white people firmly in power. They dare to bully us because we are defenseless and lack basic survival instincts. And this goes both to continental Africans.

  7. When you look at those pictures, you understand how they are devoid of emotions! They can see emotions only through drugs, blood and alcohol!
    Nothing more! When they are drunk, male or female, they shout and rant
    like beats, on those occasions they show the best of themselves,dump the Neanderthal in them!
    Those who are staying in relation with these beasts, deserves to go away with them!

  8. That Dinner In America Clip Is……THE EPITOME. It Is The Realest 2 Minutes Online….Joe Morton Is The Reason Why Eye Watch The Show Scandal…Much Is Said About Olivia Popes Shenanigans, But Nobody’s Paying Attention To The Black Man Who Is That Thing That “Goes Bump In The Night”…..Thank U KP!!

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