14 thoughts on “Our Fight for Freedom(For the Sistas)

  1. Sad to say there are some brothers who are of the belief that we don’t need black women……. Well I say different

    • Just as we have some black females that we need to thin from the herd, we also have some black males that we need to thin from the herd. Oftentimes, these brothers and sistas ARE brain-washed and do not see these spiritless and soulless whites for what they are:subhumans. But allow these sistas and brothers to continue thinking that whites are “a cut above the rest.”

      They have not had their “ni**ga moment yet.” And trust, I have seen many had their asses handed back to them. Including the ones that are sleeping with these sub-humans.

    • Feel good indeed! The mother is the first educator of the child. She lets her child know by her love and nurturing that he is a precious jewel. We have lost confidence in the importance of the family unit and the distinct roles both mother and father have to play. Destruction of family values has been insidious but hailed as a breakthrough for feminism. This is the way of the white world and we black people have all fallen for it too. It all began with fathers allowed at the birth of their children cos what do all men do in the delivery room? Cry! in the animal kingdom the male has to be protecting and providing for the family, but new fathers are starting out weeping and weak. With women forced to contribute to the household income they then give up their children to be raised by wolves. Those with mothers who did their job well in those early years will be able to navigate the lies, the negativity and oppression of the education system and show some of the lustre of their worth. In the above video, there were 9 kids and the mother was home schooling while the father went out to work. This is how a brother uplifts his woman and his family! This is how our people will gain our freedom.

    • Thanks Courtney. I have met some black people who have Native American ancestry. Some black people claim it but it’s just a way to deviate from their blackness. But I also have heard that many Native Americans don’t accept mixed race people into their tribes. At least the ones who have some African in their bloodline.

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