Slavery vs War on Drugs


I don’t see a big difference…do you?

20 thoughts on “Slavery vs War on Drugs

    • Thanks for the videos. This is now on my list of places to avoid in Amerikkka! Heaven knows what the shape of that ugly ass building really represents. Are the many black inventors who have contributed to modern day living represented to the same extent as the entertainers and sportsmen? is the true history of the African presence in America, from as much as 3000 years ago, represented? Half a billion dollars supposedly spent so you know they expect us to be grateful and satisfied with their version of history. All those donators need watching too.

      • @ steppin’ razor:

        Thanks for watching the videos. My sisters and I went to the museum two weeks ago. The shape of the museum is based on an African king’s crown. I have to admit that I did not see anything about African-American inventors. And I didn’t see anything about our 3000-year history in this country.

        However, there is stuff about lynchings, MLK, Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, etc., in there.

        I do agree that we have to watch who sponsors the telling of our history.

  1. This is nothing new. The fact that you have to remind or put on people’s mind this post and or the pic being shown is problematic.

    How can we lose generation after generation mentally when there hasn’t been a decade since we touched “Turtle Island” that everything you see going on in the US/world concerning black folk has not ceased. Pick one decade where we weren’t targets b/c of our skin color. I’ll wait…

    And when I say mentally, we still (not I) are practicing our oppressors religion. Our children should be allowed to fail or not be bitched at for not making A’s/a 4.0 in “American History.” We lead them to slaughter by allowing them to brainwash our future.

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