Clinton vs Trump(Dog poop or rotten eggs)


The TRUTH has never denied the seeker……it is the seeker who has denied the TRUTH.

15 thoughts on “Clinton vs Trump(Dog poop or rotten eggs)

  1. Did you hear that white supremacists are threatening open war against blacks if Donald Dump doesn’t win the election

    • Yeah I heard about it. I think they’re just blowing smoke! Those fools aren’t going to do a damn thing! But I’m ready if they want to kick something off! I’m not scared of no damn rednecks!

  2. I had this feeling of there not being no presidential election then thinking Donald Trump winning this election now I believe Hilary Clinton will win. Like Bill Clinton put many black males in prison now it will be Hilary Clinton attacking black females. Black people are in for a rude awaken

    • Shanequa,you are correct,Hillary is going to be hell on black women,but it is up to black men reach down and pull bw up when she does her dirt.I’m ready for that job.But don’t fret,when Hillary does her dirt,she will only get 4 years,and then for the first time,blacks are going to tell both parties to go to HELL.But that is when the fun starts.Hillary doing her dirt will force blacks to do what they should do,not spend money in white communities,Africa no longer giving white countries their immense resources,which in turn will make wp more angry at us.I can’t wait for that day. GOD BLESS

  3. Reality check, the USA has been chosen for demise,and you’re fooling yourself if you think it’s coming back.Actually,Hispanics are going to be the biggest beneficiary of a Hillary election.I’m not worried about black people at all.Blacks will be in bad shape if they expect any political party to help them.Who is the maddest right now,it would be white people, and they are strategic ingredients all the time. WelI I ask you Reality Check,how is those strategies working out for white people.GOD BLESS

      • As the Bible says, the Top will head to the bottom, and the Bottom will head to the top.There will be a new political party in 4 years,after Hillary is defeated,they will irreversible destruction to this country.This party will try to give white people everything they ask for,and in the process destroy everything.White people will again blame blacks for their increased crime rates,drug use,suicide rates,even though most blacks will have forsaken the political system.Blacks will get their wake up call when Hillary does more for Hispanics,Orientals and Syrian refugees than blacks.Hillary will implement laws that will hurt black women,and the Republicans will pass these laws,all the while protesting how wrong Hillary is.Blacks will have their share of problems for sure,but we will be fine,because as of now blacks are going to school,committing less crime,spending less money in white communities,investing in our neighborhoods,opening up more businesses globally,and blacks will lead the world in traveling internationally.So I’m very optimistic about black people as long as we know to keep GOD first,something that most whites don’t care for at all.

  4. Two cheeks of the same arse! The American election is a two-ring circus. There is no such thing as democracy! American people are already so overburdened with choices of junk on the supermarket shelves or choices of TV channels that they are actually grateful they only have to choose between the lesser of two evils for president! It’s going to be everyone catching hell from now on, only for once being white won’t save y’all LOL!!

  5. More than one presidential battle, here it seems the battle between a woman domone thirsty for blood and a depraved maniac man,who likes kiss little black girl on her lips! The picture It makes you writhing stomach!
    African American will no be safe in the hands of these demons!

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