Azur-De Johnson


Azur-De is known for her work on Cartel (2012), Somebody Help Me 2 (2010) and An American in Hollywood (2014).  She has also appeared in films such as Diamond Dawgs, She’s Not Our Sister,My Sister’s Wedding,An American in Hollywood,Save Me from Love and 5th of July.


2 thoughts on “Azur-De Johnson

  1. Kush. Did we just become best friends? She tough and been on my radar for a minute. For those who seek black talent outside of (what’s considered) mainstream these are the diamonds you’ll find.

    She’s one them I hate to find out she in a relationship, even though I don’t know her. Then be mad at whoever breaks her heart. LOL. I LOVE my sisters. Black is dynamite, ain’t it man!!!

    • Thanks Nat. I first saw Azur back in 2011. It was in the film She’s Not Our Sister. many people are not familiar with her because she does a lot of those straight to dvd black films. I have a few of those dvd’s. That’s where I have found some of these sistas that don’t look very familiar. Many of them are talented and very beautiful. Many are more attractive than Beyoncé or Halle Berry. They just aren’t big names yet. So I think they deserve some shine they will never get from the white mainstream media.

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