Angell Conwell


Angell Conwell was born August 2,1983. Born in the tiny town of Orangeburg, South Carolina, Angell Conwell began her journey at a very young age. After winning countless awards locally, she signed with Wilhelmina’s Kids Division in New York at the age of 10. Always one to challenge herself. She begged for her parents permission to audition for August Wilson’s highly acclaimed, “Fences”. After landing the role she realized, pursuing an career in entertainment was exactly what she would set out to do.

At age 11, Angell and her mother, with only enough funds to stretch a couple months, temporarily relocated to Los Angeles for pilot season. It was quite a eye opener for her. After a very trying season, on the exact day she was scheduled to move back to Carolina, she booked the CBS pilot “On our Own”. Although, the pilot wasn’t picked up to series, the network noticed this vibrant young actress and soon called her back to Hollywood to audition and eventually star as Meshach Taylor’s daughter on the CBS show “Dave’s World”.

Over the years, Conwell has guest starred and recurred on dozens of hit shows, NYPD Blue, City Guys, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Moesha and 3rd Rock from the Sun,Family Time to name a few.

At 17, John Singleton cast Angell in her first silver screen role as Kim in “Baby Boy” sharing the screen with Tyrese, Taraji P. Hensen & Omar Gooding. Immediately after, she began filming the Lions Gate comedic remake “The Wash”, and MGM’s highly controversial but wildly popular “Soul Plane” alongside Kevin Hart, Sofia Vergara, & Monique.

Next up for release is National Lampoons Sex Tax: A Comedy Based on a True Story about the first government owned brothel; written and produced by Hollywood vet David Landsberg.

11 thoughts on “Angell Conwell

  1. Mighty Kushite warrior. I know it’s your blog and I have much respect for you for it, but enough already of the sistas! Put them in a calendar for 2017 and offer for purchase to those who would drool over unobtainable fantasies. Let’s get back to the cerebral.

    • I understand Razor. I’ve put over 20 posts of these fine sistas. I guess you’re suffering from beauty I had a lot of these in my draft section for 5-6 months. I wanted to clean a lot of them out. But don’t worry the next post wont be a gorgeous woman. Not sure how many brothers will like that

  2. She use to play on the soap opera “Young In The Restless’ she played a lawyer. She’s a good actress. She kind of reminds me of Nona Gaye daughter of the late Marvin Gaye.

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