Eugena Washington

Eugena Washington...

Eugena Washington was recently named Playboy’s 2016 Playmate of the Year. She is the 57th bunny to grace the cover and the third black woman to be named Playmate of the year. Her career began in 2006 when she appeared during season 7 of America’s Next Top Model and finished in the top three. The Palmdale, Calif. native first appeared in Playboy’s December 2015 issue as Playmate of the Month. Now, she’s got the illustrious adult magazine’s top honor.


“It’s a great time for this. The world is changing. I hope this brings different eyes to the magazine and new audiences,” Eugena told Playboy.  “This is a story and a chapter in my life to build around. I’m enjoying the ride, and right now I’m doing whatever I want to do, day by day. That’s how I live. That’s what my life is about. As long as I’m doing what I want to do, I’m happy. Right now, being a part of Playboy is what I want to do.”


3 thoughts on “Eugena Washington

  1. You may think me OTT but I am not impressed by anyone appearing in a rigged reality TV series such as Next Top Model. They seem to revel in humiliating the contestants to see how far they are prepared to go to ‘make it’. Holding poses in freezing conditions, shaving their heads to make them ‘edgy’, nudity etc. All very pathetic and hardly what we need to expose our young women to as a career option, no matter how beautiful they may be. The other thing to note is that there are girls, and boys, groomed from childhood to become mind controlled sex kittens who are promoted heavily to pervert the thinking of the young. All those Disneys like Selena Gomez, Bieber and Miley Cyrus built up their fan bases with impressionable girls and look at their disgusting trashy ways now! I am therefore saying that Miss Eugina is easy on the eye but Playboy is a low point in her career that is nothing to admire. Also very telling how in the words appearing as direct quotes attributed to her, that she says twice how she is doing whatever she wants to do. Not good. Satanist mantra is ‘do what thou wilst’

    • I don’t think you’re over the top at all. That’s actually a very good breakdown. It shows that many people will do whatever it takes t make it big. They will sacrifice it all to see their names in light. All morality and dignity goes out he window! The thing you have to keep in mind is that Eugena is not even that BIG of a star. Can you imagine what the millionaire Hollywood celebs have to do to get to that level? Trust me,you don’t want to know.

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