Devils Among Us: James Marion Sims


Some of you may not be familiar with this devil.  His name is James Marion Sims.  He is known as the “father of modern gynecology”. This so-called doctor performed painful experiments on black women.  He claimed that they could endure more pain because of their race!  This creature was disgusting!


Here’s a great video by Dr Joy DeGruy.  She goes into great detail about this sick monster. They don’t teach much about him in schools nowadays.  They never want to tell you too much about how badly they treated us.  They like to bury a lot of their evil his-story.


17 thoughts on “Devils Among Us: James Marion Sims

  1. @ Kushite Prince:

    Thank you for this post. Here is a video about racist medical experiments; it includes this monster:

    Enjoy! 😀

  2. I agree with Original Woman, she took the words right out of my mouth. I hope he is burning right now in the 9th circle of hell.. evil bastard

  3. Don’t forget about Sarah Baartman a was an South African black woman who has been humiliated,abused for her buxom! She died poor and alone, abandoned by everyone! I watched her movie but believe only one time I watched, because is something humiliating and awful, I do not understand how she was able to withstand all the abuse!! These devils abused her body in a way degradande, kept her locked up in a cage as if she was an animal, where the public men and women touched her body!
    There were scholars who wanted to analyze her and touch especially her private parts! After her death, they have not left her to rest in peace! They dissected her body as if she were a lab rat, have export her genitals in glass containers!
    Believe me only who is strong of stomach and spirit can see a movie!
    Truly disgusting, for them black women have never right to have respect because we are not to be considered human beings, we are animals for them!

  4. Great Post!!!! James Marion Sims harm too many of our black female ancestors with no care in the world. I read Medical Apartheid its a great book to read. Also the book inform us on how white people use to go by black cemeteries to dig up black bodies to study on. Many of the bodies weren’t return back to there graves.

    Addie Mae Collins was one of the 4 little girls killed in the Alabama church bombing well we already know a sick white person stole a child’s body from her grave. This is how sick these devils are.

  5. I got to get myself ready before I read about his experiments. I never heard of him before so I will have to come back on this one…

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