Devils Among Us: Biggest Slave Owners


  1. Col. Joshua John Ward of Georgetown, South Carolina: 1,130 slaves.
  2. Dr. Stephen Duncan of Issaquena, Mississippi: 858 slaves.
  3. John Burneside of Ascension, Louisiana: 753 slaves; Saint James: 187 slaves. Sugar plantations.
  4. Meredith Calhoun of Rapides, Louisiana: 709 slaves. Sugar and cotton plantations.
  5. William Aiken of Colleton, South Carolina: 700 slaves.
  6. Gov. John L. Manning of Ascension, Louisiana: 670 slaves. Sugar.
  7. Col. Joseph A. S. Acklen of West Feliciana, Louisiana: 659 slaves. 6 cotton plantations.
  8. Gov. Robert Francis Withers Allston of Georgetown, South Carolina: 631 slaves.
  9. Joseph Blake of Beaufort, South Carolina: 575 slaves.
  10. John Robinson of Madison, Mississippi: 550 slaves.
  11. Jerrett Brown of Sumter, Alabama: 540 slaves.
  12. Arthur Blake of Charleston, South Carolina: 538 slaves.
  13. John J. Middleton of Beaufort, South Carolina: 530 slaves.
  14. Elisha Worthington of Chicot, Arkansas: 529 slaves.
  15. Daniel Blake of Colleton, South Carolina: 527 slaves.
  16. J. C. Jenkins of Wilkinson, Mississippi: 523 slaves.
  17. J. Harleston Read of Georgetown, South Carolina: 511 slaves.
  18. John Butler of McIntosh, Georgia: 505 slaves.
  19. Charles Heyward of Colleton, South Carolina: 491 slaves.
  20. Alfred V. Davis, Concordia, Louisiana: 500+ slaves. 4 Cotton plantations.
  21. O. J. Morgan, Carroll, Louisiana: 500+ slaves. 4 Cotton plantations.
  22. Levin R. Marshall, Concordia (2), Louisiana: 248 slaves. Madison (1), 236 slaves. Cotton.
  23. D. F. Kenner, Ascension, Louisiana: 473 slaves. Sugar.
  24. R. R. Barrow, Lafourche, Louisiana: 74 slaves; Terrebonne: 399 slaves. Sugar.
  25. Mrs. Mary C. Stirling/Sterling, Pointe Coupee (2), Louisiana: 338 slaves. Sugar. West Feliciana: 127 slaves. Cotton.

This video pretty much speaks for itself.  It shows some of the biggest slave owners in America. It shows how America was built from the blood,sweat and tears of black people.  And they wonder why many of us are still in poverty.  What would you expect??  You work for hundreds of years with NO payment. Reparations should have been paid a long time ago.

12 thoughts on “Devils Among Us: Biggest Slave Owners

    • Ys it’s hard to look at sometimes. But the truth must be known. We must acknowledge the evil we are up against. And I don’t think they’ve changed one bit. Although they try to tell us they have.

  1. It’s funny all the time they said,Black people are lazy,criminals,
    they never contributed anything to society,white people have built America! Really? WTF! The most lazy people in this world are “Whites!”
    They never contributed anything so important to this society! Only things they contribuited were massive genocides of entire civilizations!
    The things that make us different and better than them, we have a psychological force that they will never have,imagine if the things were the other way, you believe me, if they were slaves they would not be surviving today! You know why? Because they are weak!

  2. So many of us are still branded – with their surnames. Not such a bad thing if the name used with this list leads one to reveal specific things about our ancestors and their actual enslavers/owners. At least black folks named Jenkins, Brown, and Robinson know that at some point in history, the ancestors could be traced back to Mississippi on one of these plantation farms. Thank you so much for posting KP.

    • That’s very true Sunshine. We still have their surnames. It’s a sad reminder that we were once the property of these evil bastards. It’s an unsettling truth. I’m glad you found it informative.

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