5 thoughts on “Shantall Hylton

    • I know! Isn’t she stunning? It’s good to see you around these parts again.lol I know you’ve been really busy lately. I’m doing a Kushite Kingdom Awards post. It’s just for fun but I’m sure people will get a kick out of it. Stay tuned!

      • She’s very stunning!

        I’ve been busy lately, but I gotta take time and come check in at least once a week. I wasn’t on in the last week or so much because I’ve just survived Hurricane Matthew. That storm did a number on the Carolinas, especially NC. A lotta of people (I live in SC) lost there homes and property to mostly flooding, however as for me and mine we are safe, though some suffered minor to moderate damages to houses and property. I was without lights for 2 days some more than 2 days. I’m just glad everyone’s living and still have most if not all their property (my car experienced minor water damage from a flooded parking lot I live in an apartment complex). Some people lost everything. Living in SC I’ve survived Hurricanes before but Matthew was by far the worse.

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