Black Men who do NOT date interracially!(Great video)

This may be shocking to some people.  But there are black men who don’t date other races of women.  This is a great discussion between three black men.  They give the reasons they don’t date other races.  And also what they love most about black women.  Check out the video and let me know what you think.






36 thoughts on “Black Men who do NOT date interracially!(Great video)

  1. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. I heard about the episode of Iyanlya featuring “men” who don’t date Black women. I didn’t watch because… what for? I think it’s part of the agenda to make us feel unworthy and ugly, which is so far from the truth! I know it may help some people and families, but Iyanla’s show is aways perpetuating negative stereotypes.

    Anyway, back to this great video. It had a slight pornographic influence on me! I’m patiently awaiting my king that thinks like this or is open to thinking this way. It makes me so proud to be a Black woman, from a Black woman who will create and mold more Black women and men with this mindset.


    • Thanks Kelley. This shouldn’t even be a big deal. These men are normal black men. When you are well adjusted and have a good self image you want a woman to reflect that. Black men loving black women is normal. It’s just that the media wants to promote a gender war and divide us as a people. This works to the advantage of a racist society. I’m glad you liked the video. I figured you would love it. 🙂

      • Yea I see Black love daily but not when I turn on the tv or youtube. It’s sad that people are so heavily influenced by these images and not thinking on a deeper level to why they’re being shown so often.

        Again, thank you for sharing! I’ll be reposting soon 😉

      • I know what you mean. The white-controlled media likes to create a false reality for black people. You’re right,people need to think deeper and realize the deception in their faces. You have to ask yourself…..why do they want me to see my people in a negative light? Why do they want me to be with other races? Why do they show biracial women as the standard for black beauty?? Once you realize the answer to these questions all other things will make sense. Repost??? Be my pleasure.

      • You said it! We are not digging deep enough. Like when we were talking about Luke Cage; watch it, but know that it’s more than entertainment they’re trying to feed us. And the confusion of what is Black is perpetuated by celebrities who are clearly biracial and multiracial. I just want people to think.

        And look out for the post. I’m calling it “porn” to get attention

      • @Kelly 100% agreed
        I see black love on a daily basis but on television or social media websites they act like it don’t exist.

  2. This is a breath of fresh air, great to know that there are still brothers out there that haven’t lost their minds

    • Yes there are a lot of brothers like this. I have met black men that don’t date other races. Some have told me they find women of other nations attractive but would never want children with them. The media doesn’t want to promote that image though. They want the masses to believe all black men hate black women and want mixed race babies. That is just not the case. Many black men may have their issues with sistas..but still marry them the most.

    • @Truthangel07
      I 100% agreed with your statement. I also notice the black men I do know that date interracially are in or constantly have fail bad relationships with their non black women, but would swear up in down that dating a non black woman is less stressful then being with a black woman.

      • Those men have failed relationships because they are living a lie. They thought the grass was greener but never took the time to look to see the snake crawling in it.

      • Kush, if you show this to Christelyn Karazin, she might tell you that is not the case.But do remind her,that her agenda is backfiring because wm/bf marriages is down 10% in the last 2 years.Tell bm and bw who think like them,that their Wheaties moment is about to visit them.That opioid addiction for wm is just wiping their population out,all I can say is for Christelyn and Tommy Sotomayor is to hide their valuables.GOD BLESS

      • Christlely eds to watch this video. It would probably put her ass in shock!lol Her brain would explode. Black men who love black women???? NO!! That’s not possible! BOOM!!!! LOL!!

  3. Black women are Mother Earth. These negative thinking black males should be “thinned from the herd, there are black females that have nothing for them. Enough said.”

    • Very good point Epi. The black man and woman are natural partners. All this interracial crap is garbage for the mind. I like the things these brothers said on this video. These are very intelligent men.

      • @Kushite Prince 100% agreed.
        I can’t wait for the black revolution to start because these interracial loving negroes are in for a rude awaken especially with their mulatto offsprings. The homes these sellouts use to run too in the black community will no longer accept them or their mulatto offsprings when endanger. These interracial dating negroes are traders that can be easily spotted out.

      • Thanks Shanequa. That’s why I wanted to post this video. I wanted people to see that most of us still love black women. Don’t get it twisted. We can’t let the racist lying ass media brainwash us with their lies!

  4. The sista ended this dialogue on the perfect note, that brotha said “I want my kids to look like ME”. And he said love your genes!!
    They are talking alot of sense in this video. Its nice to hear. Soothing really, to hear some levelheadedness. There was alot of self love in the room. I needed to see that right now. Thanks Kush 😊

    OAN, that Iyanla clip is actually funny as hell. I dont watch her show, I dont watch cable period, but I did see the clip. Her show seems to be on a jerry springer jenny jones level, I cant take it seriously.

    • So true KJ. Iyanla is over the top at times. She’s a part of the racist media. You’re right,she’s giving off Jerry Springer She has stopped to a new low. Thanks for the comment.

    • Showing their ass? Thats just business as usual. I wonder if she was one of those “all lives matter” people, lol. She’ll get her skymiles, and thats about it. Delta’s CEO is racist. That was proven during the dallas shootings, and the murders of Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling. The funny thing is, soooo many black people were talking about “delta just lost my business”, etc. Guess doc didnt get the memo. But I cant help but wonder if everyone still remembers their outrage.

    • Yeah I heard about this. This is really said and typical. A person could’ve died just because they didn’t believe a black woman could be a doctor. How stupid does that sound?? But surprising in racist Amerikkka.

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  6. Prince. I enjoy reading this blog. You and Negress have opened my eyes on this Caucasian filth being shoved down our throats. I’ve learned so much. After the rape of African women by whitemen and Asian men, it would be DUMB for black people to fall into the arms of either the fox or the wolf.

    As for me, I won’t fall into the trap of white supremacy. It’s goal is to divide and conquer through interracial dating/marriage. This is not a new thing. It happened to Egypt. It happened to South Africa and Latin America. The goal is confusion and disunity among African people. I totally identify with the African woman, no matter what. She is my reflection and a true ALLAY. Other women don’t even measure up to HER — she is the Queen Bee and the most COVETED prize in the UNIVERSE. When the African woman is irreplaceable, other women become irrelevant to conscious African men who KNOW their HISTORY and how it relates to us in the PRESENT.

    • Thank you Nkomo! That was a beautiful comment! I’m glad I could awaken your consciousness even more. I’m glad you learned something from my blog. That’s always been the purpose of my blog. Thanks,I appreciate that.

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