Bruklin Harris(Fine Sistas from the 90’s)

All Star Summer Press Tour

The first time I saw Bruklin Harris was in the film Juice(1992) with Tupac Shakur.  I always thought she was beautiful and should’ve been a bigger star. Bruklin Harris was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her real name is Idina. She was born on September 20th and began acting in films in 1992. She’s been in films like Dangerous Minds(1995)Girls Town(1996) and A Map of the World(1999). She co-starred in the controversial film “Zebrahead” as the character Nadine. She is well-known for her excellent characterizations and distinctive features. Her name is a unique phonic play on the city of her birth.


2 thoughts on “Bruklin Harris(Fine Sistas from the 90’s)

  1. I remember her. Another gorgeous sista who was part of the black 90s rennaisance. She looks west indian.

    Im gonna go rent juice now!! Hehe

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