Tracy Camilla Johns(Fine Sistas from the 90’s)


Tracy Camilla Johns was born on April 12,1963 in Queens,New York.  She is most known for being in three Spike Lee films.  She was in  She’s Gotta Have It(1986) , Mo Better Blues(1990) and Red Hook Summer(2012).  She is also known for a famous stripping scene she did in New Jack City(1991). According to Spike Lee she has since left acting and is now a Jehovah’s  Witness.


14 thoughts on “Tracy Camilla Johns(Fine Sistas from the 90’s)

  1. I dont remember her in Red hook summer!!

    Tracy is beatiful and no doubt if you’re a 70s baby, you remember her from new jack city.
    Either way, I always pegged her as biracial. She is phenotypically black, but in hollyweird thats alwasy something to be noted and analyzed since they always have an agenda.
    I enjoyed red hook summer and will watch it again b/c of her.

  2. She beautiful. This is the only movie I’ve remember seeing her in, until you all mentioned the other movies above. It’s been awhile, lol. I’ve always wondered what happened to her and why I haven’t seen her in more movies. She should’ve been in more movies.

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