Patra(Fine Sistas from the 90’s)


Reggae singer Patra was really big in the 1990’s.  She was a big in the dancehall scene and a huge sex symbol.  Her real name is Dorothy Smith.  She was born in Kingston,Jamaica  on November 22,1972.

In a 1994 essay, Patra wrote: “I am a country girl. I grew up in the church, which instilled morals and values in me. I was raised by my mom along with my four brothers–I am the second child. My father died when I was three, so my mother has been my example of a very strong Black woman, and I know that I have her strength.”

Patra first began singing in her church choir and later tried her hand at deejaying. At age 15, she began to realize that music really could be her life. “I always enjoyed music, but up until then I didn’t really think about my goals,” Patra explains. “In addition to many Jamaican artists, I listened to Tina Turner, Patti LaBelle, Sade and Alexander O’Neal. And Michael Jackson, of course–he really taught me how to dance!”

Patra first made her mark in the U.S. with two notable guest appearances, dueting with Mad Cobra on a track called “Really Do It” and adding her wicked ragga-rap to Richie Stevens “Body Slam.” But the American audience got its first taste of Patra’s true gifts with the Epic Records Group re-lease of her underground 12-inch single “Hardcore.” In October, 1993 came the debut album Queen Of The Pack, and the single and video “Think (About It)”–which teamed Patra with Lyn Collins and the P-Funk Horns for a dynamic dancehall update of Lyns 1972 Top Ten R&B smash.

Each of Patras next three videos–“Queen Of The Pack,” “Worker Man,” and “Romantic Call” (featuring Yo-Yo)– became a Top 10 favorite on The Box. At the 5th Annual Caribbean Music Awards (held March, `94 at the Apollo Theater in New York), Patra was named Best Female Artist for “Worker Man.” At the 13th Annual International Reggae Awards in Chicago, she walked away with Best Female DJ and Best Crossover Song (for “Family Affair,” from the Addams Family soundtrack). In Canadas Reggae Music Awards, Patra was again named Best Female DJ.


By July, 1994 Patras Queen Of The Pack had spent 13 consecutive weeks at #1 on Billboards Top Reggae Albums chart–the longest run at #1 in the history of the chart. The following December, the album was certified gold for sales of more than 500,000 copies. In addition to her own album, Patra embarked on successful collaborations with C&C Music Factory (“Take A Toke”) and Gurus Jazzmatazz II set (“Young Ladies”), as well as joining in the all-female superstar recording “Freedom” for the soundtrack of Melvin Van Peebles film Panther.

“Jamaican dancehall music has its first international queen of the genre,” wrote Vanity Fair, “and her name is Patra!” In 1995, she rules once more with Scent Of Attraction.

12 thoughts on “Patra(Fine Sistas from the 90’s)

    • Yes Patra is a true Goddess! A living legend. I love that Romantic Call video. It’s cool to see Tupac Shakur riding with her in the car. Brings back good memories. I miss the 90’s. I really miss music from that era.

      • Music was at its pinnacle in the 90s and it kept going strong until maybe 2005 or so then it went downhill

      • That’s true. there so many good rappers and r&b groups back then. You had Tupac,Biggie,Nas and Wu Tang Clan. You had girl groups like TLC,Xscape,SWV,EnVogue,Brandy,Monica and the late Aaliyah. A lot of great music being made during that time period.

      • Don’t forget about Allure, they were hot with that song All cried out, you also had Deborah Cox and Tamia

  1. Patra is beautiful.Kush me and the guys at The University of Memphis used to go Crazy over a Patra video.When BET used to have Caribbean Rhythms,we went crazy over the host Rachel.Former BET hosts Jaques Reid and Ananda Lewis used to have me running to the TV as well.GOD BLESS

    • Yeah Patra is still gorgeous. I remember watching those videos on BET back in the day. My cousin and I used to watch Caribbean Rhythms too. Yeah I though Ananda was cute too. I had a friend that met her back in DC at a party. He spoke to her….and she blew him off! He said she was so stuck up. He felt really let down. But that was back when she was the hot thing on BET. I bet she would be happy if anyone even recognized her right

    • Romantic Call was one of her best! yeah the video was point! It’s cool to see Tupac and Yo-Yo in the video. Brings back fond memories. Patra was all that. She still looks amazing today. She really stays in shape!

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