Alysia Rogers(Fine Sistas from the 90’s)


I first saw Alysia Rogers in the film Boyz N the Hood.  I thought she was so beautiful! I had a huge crush on her. Alysia Rogers is an actress and devoted mother. Her success has afforded her the opportunity to give back to the communities that have long appreciated her work, which includes donating time to speak to youth about gang violence, and rising above your environment. Alysia most memorable roles were “Damita” in Kid N Play’s “Class Act” (1993 ) and Shanice in “Boyz n the Hood” (1991), opposite Morris Chestnut,Cuba Gooding Jr and Ice Cube. Her latest film was Beyond Merritt(2013).


She’s well into her forties now but still just as beautiful. Proving once again that black don’t crack!  A truly ageless beauty!

8 thoughts on “Alysia Rogers(Fine Sistas from the 90’s)

  1. She has aged like fine wine. She is even more beautiful now than she was twenty years ago. I loooved her attitude in BITH!!! lol

    • Yeah I know. They deserve to have some shine. White Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with beautiful and talented black women. And they go ignored way too much. They deserve some recognition for their talents.

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