Adrienne-Joi Johnson(Fine Sistas from the 90’s)


Adrienne-Joi Johnson was a big sex symbol in my neighborhood.  A lot of brothers fell in love with her when she was in the film House Party.  AJ Johnson was born on September 3,1963.  She has been in films such as House Party(1990),Dying Young(1991),Sister Act(1992),The Inkwell(1994),Two Shades of Blue(1999),Baby Boy(2001) and Skin Deep(2003).

Honors graduate of Spelman College, the all-female college in Atlanta, Georgia affiliated with the all-male Morehouse College. She was a former Miss Morehouse while a coed at Spelman. She’s a fitness trainer and also was  Flygirl on the comedy skit show  In Living Color.

35 thoughts on “Adrienne-Joi Johnson(Fine Sistas from the 90’s)

  1. I never knew what the AJ stood for. She’s a bad sista who has not aged from the 90s. She has always been a dancer too, I think she was one of the original fly girls on “in living color”. That explains her dancers physique.

    She is an inspiration to me because I am going to fat right now. I see she has a channel, I am gonna subscribe. lol

  2. I always thought AJ was beautiful. I’m an 80s baby so I remember seeing her on tv as a little girl. By the time I hit my teens (mid to late 90s), I don’t remember seeing her that much. However, she still looks great.

    Speaking of the 90s, did you watch Michel’le’s Surviving Compton: Dr. Dre, Suge Knight, and Michel’le, it was great. If you haven’t, you need to watch it. Michel’le’s career should have went further than it did. Dre did her soooo wrong. If he wasn’t an abusive, misogynistic asshole, they could’ve been one of hip-hop’s power couples.

    • I have always loved AJ. She has always been gorgeous to me. No I didn’t see the tv biopic. Everyone has been talking about it on social media. I have to check it out. I’ve heard about Dre beating up women fifteen years ago. It’s nothing new with him. Of course the left all that out of the Straight Outta Compton film. But I bet he’s not too happy about this film coming

      • Yes, Dre was a raging savage. It was a dayum shame. Just think, if he had of treated that woman right they could have been a very powerful hip hop couple/ royalty. Suge, omg, I don’t know what to say about him. He “saved” her from Dre’s ass, but he ended up fucking her over bad too.She went from the skillet to the frying pan. smh

      • Yeah it was a really sad story. Dre looked worse than Suge. Who would’ve thought?? The media portrays Suge has the big bad menace while Dre is the great mastermind producer. They both did her wrong though.

      • I saw at the end of the film she dedicated the film to that Jewish crook Jerry Heller. He might’ve been nice to her. That’s cool but he still was stealing money from NWA. That’s why Ice Cube left the group. But those evil Jews are so corrupt in the music industry but they make it seem like only Suge was a bad person in Straight Outta Compton. I’ve heard that Interscope president Jimmy Iovine is really evil. But they do their dirt behind the scenes.

      • I’m not surprised at what Heller did. Nothing about the industry surprises me anymore. I don’t know much about what happened within NWA, never was a great big fan. My cousin told me that Heller wanted to sue them about the movie Straight Outta Compton; something about how he was portrayed.

      • Yeah he was upset. But I’m not surprised. Most of these old crooked Jews don’t like to be exposed. He didn’t come off looking that bad in my opinion. Suge Knight came off worse in my opinion.

      • Tairrie B???? Oh my God! I haven’t heard that name in You went way back. Yeah I remember that story. I think it was back in 1990 or 1991. I think Dre was drunk and punched her in the face. I think he punched her twice if I’m not mistaken. I believe it was at some awards show. This dude had a real problem with drinking and hitting women. When you think about him roughing up hip hop journalist Dee Barnes,Michelle’ and Tairrie B too?? He was acting like a damn fool! Truly pathetic beating up women like that!! Shameful!!

      • Yeah, he punched her (Tairrie B) twice in the face at a party for calling him a faggot on a diss track. A track called Ruthless Bitch (1990). Here it is:

        I’m just learning about all of this now. I was only 9 (1990) and 10 years old (1991) when all this stuff happened, so I didn’t even know half the story until now. People talk about his wife being white, light, and damn near white, (i.e. beating up BW and marrying up light/white women) however I’m seeing this nigga didn’t give a fuck about what color a woman is, he’ll be her ass. Like I said a equal opportunity misogynistic asshole.

      • Yeah he’s lost it. He’s no role model in my opinion. His headphones Beats by Dre has a whole different meaning. I haven’t heard that song in years!lol Yeah Dre did not like that! lol Plau I remember my man Tupac called him a fag too. It was in the song Live and Die in LA. He said ” This is California Love part 2. Without gay ass Dre.” RIP Tupac.

      • Well, I heard he is on the DL. He won’t admit it, thus he takes his suppression of his true sexuality out on women. smfh. I’ll admit snowflake Tairrie B went in as well as 2Pac , lol. There’s a video (I don’t know what the song is called) in which Emeniem said something like “You gonna take advice from someone who beat up Dee Barnes” I’m surprised he didn’t punch him in the face (as far as we know), lol.

      • Eminem gets a pass from Dre. Eminem is just being funny right?lol He’s a white man so he probably has different level of respect for him. Dre is the worse. He’s a sellout coon,woman-beater and closet homosexual! The lowest of the LOW!!

  3. Here’s another video portraying some of the memes in response to the movie. I’m laughing my black ass off right now at these memes!!!!

    Although I get disgusted with black twitter a lot of times, niggas be coming through wit some funny shit in response to certain events.

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