Nat Turner was a real Black SuperHeru!


Nat Turner was definitely a real superhero.  Or should I say Heru?  He had the strength and power of his great African ancestors running through his bloodline. He wanted to see his people get true freedom and was willing to sacrifice his own life in the process.  Superman,Batman,Thor…all fictional!  Nat was a real person.  He loved his people enough to give them the inspiration to know they can fight against their enemies and there’s no need to be scared.

Nate Parker...jpg

Yes I know the film The Birth of a Nation comes out today. I know it’s an important story to be told. But don’t be fooled by actors in films.  Many of these actors are fake ass negroes. There are also books out there spreading lies and disinformation about our brother.  Nat was not a degenerate homosexual and never lusted after white women.  These are all LIES!


So forget about fake ass heroes like Luke Cage.  The racist media likes to give you sellout coons to portray our heroes.  Don’t fall for this trickery.  Just know that Nat was the REAL DEAL.  Thank you Nat for your sacrifice.  You will never be forgotten for what you did for your people.  Your legacy will live on. May you Rest in Power brother. Ashe’

36 thoughts on “Nat Turner was a real Black SuperHeru!

    • Hey Sunshine! Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in awhile. Thanks for the link. People have different reasons for not supporting he film. Some don’t like the director Nate Parker for being found not guilty for rape allegations. Others don’t like the fact that there are many fabrications in the film. Some feel it will be watered down. Some don’t like the fact that Nate is married to a white woman…etc. Take your pick. Although I do sense a double standard regarding his rape allegations. Director Woody Allen married his step-daughter which I find disgusting! Director Roman Polanksi raped an underage girl back in the 70’s. He had to flee to Paris to avoid prosecution. But was still given a honorary Oscar from the Academy. And director Bryan Singer(X-Men) is accused of having sex with teenage boys. Singer is an open homosexual as well. But he’s still working in Hollywood and doesn’t get the scrutiny that Nate is getting. I’m not making excuses for Parker I’m just saying I notice a double standard when black men are accused of wrong doing.

      • Yeah, Hollywood is a sick sex cult full of pedophiles, sadists, rapists, homosexuals, and racists.

      • They run the entire industry. That’s why it’s so funny to m when they talk about homosexuals being an oppressed group. What a joke! LOL!!! Hollywood is full of

      • Hey KP! I’ve been incognito for good reason. I wasn’t going to the movies anyhow bc nuts be shooting them joints up and I don’t want to be reminded how my great grandmothers were raped by the white man and his mf’n sons either. IJS

      • Yeah I now what you mean. A lot of our people are just mentally worn out with slave films. Seeing all that abuse constantly starts to mess with your mind. I also heard in the film they left out Nat shooting white women and kids. But I think that’s because his wife is white so he probably didn’t want to depict that. Another coon move if you ask me.

    • @MrsSunshine79
      Thanks for the link to the article. Nate Parker did a shitty job of how he portrayed black women as being helpless victims. I knew for a fact the movie with be water down & inaccurate. Furthermore, white america would have never release this film if it told the actual truth. As the article stated Nate Parker & his homeboy pimp the black community especially off of there historical suffering.

      • Was that you? No doubt Shanequa. There is a name for a person’s ability to have sound intelligence about a situation and simultaneously be ignorant about it, I just can’t remember what it’s called right now. But you do remind me of how in about 1980 when we first heard of AIDS as a deadly epidemic for gay men in San Francisco that was sodomizing in public hot tubs. Looking at the images of sick and dying gay white men on the news when we first ever heard of AIDS, my grandmother looked at the TV and said “the white man done found a way to kill off black people” and she had absolutely no knowledge or factual evidence about AIDS. None of us did. She just knew it and didn’t live to see how the African is the poster child of AIDS these days. The nature and history of the beast and its black minions predict for sure and it’s frustrating to ponder what the sane hu-man like you and me can actually do about it other than utilizing what KP provides as a forum and medium for which to at least put a mirror to the face of anybody who works against black African empowerment.

    • I’m following that train! I don’t do the “idiot box” much OR movies, so this is a no-brainer for me to not go see this movie.


  1. Yes Nat Turner was a real hero, amoung many others, these are the heroes that our children need to be educated about, to be inspired by… And speaking of Sellouts, did you know that in the Justice League cartoons, Green Lantern John Stewart was romantically involved with Shayera Hol aka Hawkgirl, before becoming involved with Vixen but still secretly had feelings for Shayera. Also Victor Stone, aka Cyborg was also romantically involved with a white girl named Sarah Simms. But that was in the comics. Another sellout was Kaldur’ahm aka Aqualad from the Young Justice cartoons was romantically involved with Tula, white Atlantean girl until she was stolen away by Tempest, a white boy…

  2. @ Kushite Prince

    I find this quite hilarious the original “Birth of a Nation” film was about the klu klux klan and a black man raping a white woman. Now we have a slave revolt Birth of a Nation” film that two black male directors have accusations of raping a white woman.

    • You know what Shanequa? A friend of mine brought up this same point last week. It’s starting to make me wonder. Is it possible racist Hollywood is playing mind games with us? Did they purposely want Nate Parker to star in this film for that very reason? There’s a few odd connections I realized. First the story is about Nat starring Nate. The name similarities jump out at you. The slave revolt was in Virginia. Nate Parker was born in Norfolk,Virginia. Hmmmmmmm……it does make you wonder. But the name of the film is the most odd to me. Why not call it Nat’s Revenge. Or Slave Revolt…or Turner’s Rebellion? The named it The Birth of a Nation to connect it to the old racist film from the past. I think it’s a way to subconsciously connect the rape case to the “black brute” stereotype from the old film. Hollywood does things according to symmetry and similarities. I have noticed this in other films. I don’t think this could all be a coincidence.

  3. Film historian Charles Woods, aka The Professor, breaks down the depiction of the slave rebellion in Hollyweird. Very insightful,

  4. I am a respectable woman and but I can’t tolerate certain attitudes!
    We were returning from a flight from Italy to London, close to my husband was sitting this Becky!
    I didn’t understand the situation well in practice this Becky was flirting with my husband in front of me!
    She began to laugh with him,my husband was embarrassed about the situation! She didn’t notice my presence and than she tried to touch my husband’s arm!
    I saw with my own eyes, the way she behaved! When she became aware of me, I gave to her one terrific look! After that her smile died in front of my icy stare!
    I can’t tolerate this shit! She was enough lucky, otherwise she would return to her home with a black eye!
    White women think to have right to have such disgusting behavior because white supramacy gives them the opportunity to do!
    I saw some many times in work place, how these whores behavior with married men! Innocents? Really? Fuck off bitches!
    I am not their mothers and anyone,but if they don’t have control of their actions,sooner or later the punishment is around the corner! If if they get beaten up by someone, it’s because they asked!

    • I know what you mean Nubian. I have heard similar stories about white women. They are very bold aren’t they? It’s because this racist society uplifts their beauty so much. It’s make them think that every man(regardless of race) wants to sleep with them. It’s made them delusional. But they better be careful. They can get themselves hurt flirting with the wrong

  5. I am sick and tired about white cave bitches lie and act like victims!
    Everything they do in this racist society, they manage to get away!
    You know their problems? They can’t keep their legs closed!
    Typical behavior of white whores! They deserve to be hit in the face!
    Kushite there is difference to be bold and to be whores! These women are depraved,women with brain will not flirt with married men! They can’t stay alone,they need someone their sides,this is why, they run behind all men regardless of race!
    I am tired,of we black women should be impassive, and let it go everything,
    all attitudes or something that these bitches do! Excuse my language, but I’m tired of these white bitches!

    • @ Qnubian 528:

      Yep! That IS how the cave women work! I have evidenced this as well. Matter of fact, I was engaged in a conversation with someone else and this one particular sub-human butted in on the conversation and I immediately said to her, “I’m not talking to you and I did not ask for your opinion.” Lets just say that she is now aware that I give less than rat’s ass about your feelings and WHAT you think and she makes it a point to try to not be in MY circumference.

  6. *********Birth Of A Nationa Spoiler**********
    I went to take my mother to see “Birth of A Nation” because she want too see the movie. Well, the real Nat Turner and his crew killed white men, women and children too, but Nate Parker only showed them killing a couple white slave owners/capturers. What happen to the white women and babies dying? But Nate Parker made sure he showed black women and children hanging from trees. In the movie it was a young black male teenager that snitch on Nate Turner but later became a young man that fought in the civil war. Furthermore, Nate Turner turn his on self in when whites were looking for him & killing innocent black slaves. Also Nate Turner slave mistress was crying at the end of the moving when Nat Turner was being lynch trying to give the image of there were some good caring white people.

    • P.S. The only reason Nate Parker wanted to kill the white man is because his wife was brutally beaten & rape. Also he didn’t like the mistreatment he was receiving as a slave himself.

    • Nate Parker made sure he didn’t disrespect white women & children being brutally attack but showed no respect to black women & children. Nate Parker didn’t want to disrespect his white wife.

      • I agree. It prevented him from being truthful to the story. Since he loves that white vagina so damn much! He is a coon! I should’ve known this film would be crap! Nate sold out…but Nat never did!

    • Really??? Can’t say I’m surprised. I heard that one of the conditions of the film was they told Nate Parker he couldn’t show the killing of white women or children. And also NO whites could be shown getting tortured. Also we must keep in mind that Nate has a white wife so he probably didn’t want to depict white women getting shot. There are many fabrications in this film. From what I’ve heard there was no black kid that snitched on Nat. That is completely made up! And Nat didn’t turn himself into the slave patrol mobs. This is what happens when whites buy the rights to OUR stories. We must do independent films without their involvement otherwise the TRUTH will be buried. They will always distort the truth for their own benefit and disgrace the memory of our heroes. Thanks for the heads up. My suspicions about this film were correct. I knew once whites were involved the film would have LIES in it.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        That fat coon Roland Martin twitted on twitter that he’s tired of hearing black women not going to see the movie because Nate Parker has a white wife. One thing for sure there were black men going in on Roland Martin for his dumb statement

  7. Kush,I’m not surprised what is in the movie.One person told Truthangel, that the only slave movies that wp want to see,is the movies that don’t challenge their authority.Danny Glover wanted to make a movie about the Haitian slave revolt which is more epic,because that slave revolt succeeded.Danny Glover was told by white investors that he would not get financing for his film,because there was no white heroes in the movie.Kush,I wonder how long it’s going to take wp to figure out that blacks don’t see them as heroes.GOD BLESS

  8. Also,Kush a lot of people don’t know this,but the Original Roots was aired,because they had to have wp look sympathetic to ease their guilt.But when I see what Nate Parker and Bill Cosby are going through,but former FOX CEO Roger Ailes can sexually harass women, and get a 40 million payout in severance pay,it just boggles my mind how wp can’t say that isn’t white privilege. But retribution is on the way GOD BLESS

  9. @ Everybody:

    What do you think of this?

    This video is an hour and a half long, and it contains some profanity. Enjoy! 😀

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