Luke Cage: Hero for Black boys?

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Last week I heard some co-workers talking about a new Netflix show,Luke Cage. It was two black co-workers going on about how it’s a show with a black superhero kicking ass.  I already knew about the character because I used to read the Luke cage comic book as a kid. I don’t have Netflix but I’ve seen the show advertised on television a few times. For those that don’t know,Luke Cage first appeared in Marvel Comics back in 1972. He was also known as Power Man. The basic story on him is he is a black man living in Harlem.  He was  wrongly convicted and unjustly imprisoned, was altered in a failed prison experiment that granted him unbreakable skin and superhuman strength. His skin can resist high-caliber bullets, puncture wounds, corrosives, biological attacks, and extreme temperatures and pressures without sustaining damage. With his street smarts, and unending determination to do right.  Luke was also a member of The Avengers and the Leader of Thunderbolts for a time.


I’ve always said that white superheroes were an extension of white supremacy.  Which is why white Hollywood finds it important to give the masses heroes like Superman,Batman,Iron Man,Captain America and Thor.  They all represent white power and authority.  Which is why they always win in the end.  It’s also to show white dominance over other races.  So as teenager I liked reading comic books like the Black Panther and Luke Cage.  Most children like to see an image of themselves in a strong and powerful position.  But we have to be mindful of the image that Hollywood gives us of black people. There’s a few reasons why I don’t think this is a positive character for little black boys to admire.

The  show stars actor Mike Colter as Luke Cage.  As well as actors Alfre Woodard,Mahershala Ali,Rosario Dawson and Simone Missick.  The trailer looks pretty good.  It has some nice action scenes and a cool hip hop soundtrack. But one of the things that always disturbed me was Luke Cage was always fighting in the hood.  That’s nice that he was fighting all the drug dealers and gang leaders.  But he was using all that super strength and bullet proof melanin skin against other black people.  Why not use all that power against the racist power structure?  Why not expose the racist cops that kill black men,women and children?  I know that drug abuse and crime is a problem in many of our neighborhoods.  But it seems like they’re giving us an image of a powerful black man but he doesn’t really use it to free his people from racism and oppression.  It’s almost like he’s just doing the dirty work for the powers that be but doing nothing for his people in a poor community.


And of course he must have a white girlfriend right?  I will admit they did keep it true to the comic book.  In the comic book his girlfriend is superhero Jessica Jones. They have a daughter together. She has her own show on Netflix as well. Jones is played by actress Krysten Ritter.  Many of the sex scenes between them  are quite graphic. But this theme goes in line with the Hollywood agenda I have covered many times before.  Hollywood is scared of black love. They don’t like to promote it at all.  They rather show a big strong dark skinned black man race mixing with a white woman and make biracial babies.  The thought of two black people procreating scares the hell out of the white power elite.  The want us to dilute our beautiful melanin and black genetics. It’s obvious with by all the rap music in the soundtrack they want to market this to young black boys.  But this is not a show for black children.   We want black superheroes that are proud of their African heritage and culture.  We want heroes that marry black women and use their powers to protect their communities.  What good is all that power if it’s not used for the good of your people? It would be better if Luke Cage went after  people like Donald Trump,Hillary Clinton or Bill Gates.  Or used his power to fight the European and Asian power groups.  Taking out small time drug dealers is not making a big impact.   A black superhero should represent Black Power.


But we shouldn’t be surprised after  looking at Mike Colter’s real life wife(above).  I guess that’s why he was perfect for the role.  It shows the type of mentality he already has. Black people are so desperate for a hero many will accept a hero in any form. It doesn’t matter if the image or message is not productive for our people. The bottom line is this show is giving us the same old big Black Buck stereotype.  Just a Buck for hire.  Nothing more…nothing less.  I would advise black boys to go read about real black heroes like Nat Turner,Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X.  This show has nothing to offer you.

65 thoughts on “Luke Cage: Hero for Black boys?

  1. Damn KP I swear I could have wrote this post myself lol. Me and the wifey were watching this show this weekend. I’m not going to lie, the show is done pretty well and I kinda like it. There are a few trinkets I catch in the show using that THIRD EYE. I agree with you 100% on the post though. Why does Luke Cage have a Caucasian wife in the comics? The games they play smh. My wife was watching the Jessica Jones series too and saw the sex scenes between Luke Cage and JJ; She thought he was going to break Jessica Jones in half with her frail self. It figures your boy Mike Colter is married to a Caucasian women as well, same goes to Alfre Woodard married to Caucasian male. My wife was so hurt when she found that out too; me too! They’re clueless, but I guess they gotta do what they gotta do to “make” it. I will say there is a sex scene between Luke Cage and Misty Knight in the first episode though, I was shocked by that..

    • Thanks MM. The show has been getting decent reviews. I heard that Cheo Hodari Coker was the producer. Coker used to write for Vibe and Rolling Stone magazine. He’s a big hip hop fan. And has produced shows like NCIS:Los Angeles and Southland. So I knew the production would be pretty good. A friend of mind as watched a few of the episodes. He told me about the love scene with Misty Knight. But that was one love scene…we all know he ends up with his “true love” Jessica Jones. And many non-comic books fans may not know but Misty Knight ends up in a relationship with Iron Fist. Who is a white superhero. Do you see a pattern here?lol Yes we all know about Woodard’s white husband. Isn’t kind of interesting that Colter and Woodard are both married to white people. But my main issue is that this show is marketed to young black boys. And many of our children just want to see someone that looks like them that is powerful and kicking ass. I understand that. We as adults can see pass the negative racial propaganda in shows like this. But children usually can’t see pass it. Their brains are like sponges. They soak up ALL the images. And there are some images in this show that I don’t think is good for them. Here’s a comment by Coker about the fear of the show show being too political:

      It’s very hard to miss the Black Lives Matter parallels with Luke wearing the hooded sweatshirt. Was Marvel completely cool with that, or is there any corporate fear of like, “Don’t be too political?”
      Not really. Ultimately, they trusted me, and that’s really the most important thing. There aren’t a lot of black showrunners. There are even less black male showrunners. They’re even fewer black male hip-hop showrunners. The thing is that this was written in early 2015. Black Lives Matter hadn’t really emerged in the public consciousness so fully at the time as we were making this. It’s only topical from the standpoint that people are so aware of all these different elements that are happening that now, all of a sudden, it stands out. That was never really the intention. The thing I always say is like this, “We didn’t mean to be this deeply social show, but we wanted to tell a realistic depiction of the black experience.” Luke Cage is a black superhero. He’s not a superhero who happens to be black. The themes are universal, absolutely, but at the same time, it’s what I feel as a black showrunner. There are those showrunners that say, “I’m a showrunner first. I’m not a black… ” I resent that, because you’re saying that race defined me. My whole thing is look, “I’m black when I wake up. I’m black when I go to sleep.” It’s not the prism through which I look at every aspect of the world. I love drama of all types, and I’m just as influenced by Woody Allen as I am by Spike Lee, but at the same time, I’m not going to shy away from who this character is and what it represents and the possibilities of it.

      • They can make black superheroes, doesn’t mean their BLACK. Black isn’t just the color of the skin, it’s a state of mind, a way of living. Be Black, Live Black, Think Black Always!

  2. @ Kushite Prince
    Thanks for the information. Luke Cage all day everyday fighting in the hood were most of his people live but could not find one single black woman to date so he got a white woman. I guess all the black women were taking I don’t exist lol.
    But all these show are predictable with black characters we are weak inferior links in white supremacy power structure.

    • Cage does have a love scene with the black character Misty Knight. But I get the sense she may have been just a “quickie” for the moment. Since I know from the comic books he ends having a child with Jessica Jones(white woman). This is just another way to promote more interracial sex for the black masses. I’m getting really tired of it. It’s almost on 75-80% of most sitcoms and dramas. There’s definitely an agenda to downplay black love. It’s pretty obvious now.

  3. I have noticed that the figure of black men is always present in the billboards, television advertising, on movies ecc, always they put next their sides white women!
    You never see black women on movies,in the billboards,television advertising always you see white women as girlfriends, wives, heroines on movies and so on! They always want us to remember that 90% of women living in the world are whites! When in reality the 95% of women living are blacks and women of colore!
    If you come in UK and you will see the hight rate of interracial that you will remain so shocked that, I think, that you will book the fly ticket for the same day for US! LOL!

    • Yes I have noticed that too Nubian. They do that quite a bit. The interracial agenda is always in full effect. They never miss a chance to erase the black woman from the picture. They hate her because she is the original woman and the REAL standard of beauty. I have subscribers who live in the UK. They tell me the swirling is everywhere out there. Unfortunately if they come to the United States they will be in for a rude awakening. the racial mixing is heavy in the west coast states like Nevada,California,Texas and Washington. But it’s on the east coast too. It’s spreading like wildfire! And we have to get our people to realize we should be reproducing with black people. All this race mixing is genocide and self hatred. Nothing good will come from it.

  4. Another glorified Blaxploitation flick. I have heard the buzz surrounding it for some time now and I kept telling myself, I gotta check it out but I never actually got around to it, I guess it was a sign. And now I read this article I’m thankful I didn’t…..

    You’re right, we need superheroes who best exemplify our unique African history, culture and consciousness, not these glorified athletes and circus freaks who entertain the masses and play second fiddle to these white overhyped, underwear models. Which is why I am working on creating a superhero narrative that our people really need.

    • That’s so true Warrior. I don’t mind a black superhero if it’s done right. I just see this same lame as narrative over and over again. They either play second fiddle to the white hero or they don’t come as lame stereotypes. The white guy always has the center stage for the most part. And why is Cage with a white woman anyway? Could imagine Superman with a black woman? No way! White folks would lose their minds! They know that interracial love doesn’t represent white love and white unity. So a black woman as a love interest for Superman wouldn’t to But I did hear that biracial actress Zendaya may play Mary Jane in the new Spider-Man film. And I have heard some white comic book fans are upset about that. And she’s just biracial. Could you imagine if she was played by a black actress like Keke Palmer. White folks would go crazy!!lol I’m glad to hear you’re working a superhero. We need one we can truly look up to. Not some ass-kissing hero or sellout. A real hero black children can admire.

      • Yeah those are probably the two most popular black heroes in the Marvel universe.. I think its cool that at least Black Panther is a King in his homeland. And Storm is seen as an Africa goddess. Although she did hook up with the white X-Man Forge for a short while. And Panther used to flirt with Susan Richards from the Fantastic 4. They were attracted to each other but never hooked up since she was married. But I’m glad that Storm and Panther eventually got together in the comics. That was a perfect match. In the Panther film I believe the love interest is Lupita Nyongo. People are really excited about it. I hope it turns out to be a decent film.

  5. I was excited hearing about it so I checked out the first episode and liked it. Now that I know it’s gonna play out, I’m good. I take that shit personal!

    • Sorry to burst your bubble You can still watch it if you want to. I know sometimes people have guilty pleasures. I know you’re an adult and smart enough to see the propaganda in it. I’m more concerned with young black boys watching this type of show. With all the rap music in it and guest stars(Method Man) I can tell it’s geared towards them. Hollywood is very slick with their agendas. They know our children want to see themselves as heroes. But of course racist Hollywood has slip something negative in there. If it’s not interracial sex it’s some homosexual angle. As a matter of fact,I’m waiting for a gay character to appear. Only a matter of time right? But you can watch the show…you have my

  6. Damn son! Forget about Woodard murr’d to a plantation owner. Cage (in real time) too? Had not peeped Jessica Jones but I’ve been telling anyone who will listen to watch this show until I read your post. “Now I gotta call off the wedding.”

    Kush, much like Ghost/Power, who had this Fine, Beautiful Dark skinned sista in Naturi, Cage in this series goes to a light skinned Latina in Rosario Dawson after Misty Knight. Misty Knight the hook-up. Misty Knight the plug.

    It got real corny in the last episode of the Cage Netflix series w/talks of coffee and kissing this broad all in front of Misty and at the police station, no less. You had perfect scenery/opportunity in Georgia by the lake to “make moves” but the show made it a point to show his upgrade to Misty @her job, no less. The last 10/15 min of the very last episode had him looking real corny w/the ladies.

    Misty Knight/Simone is really gorgeous and talented but gets the one night stand treatment in the script!!!

    I’m all for people watching TV as long as you “can handle watching TV.” I know you of all people, Kush and the commenters here overstand when I say…

    • So he hooks up with Rosario too?? Not surprised. You’re right about the show Power. Ghost had a black woman(Tasha) that stood by him and held him down while he built an empire. But he still has a thing for his teenage crush,Angela Valdez. He couldn’t get over that Puerto rican ass I guess. But that shows that the Latina is seen as an upgrade from the black woman. Now Cage is doing the same thing?? That’s bitch ass Hollyweird for you. And it reduces Misty Knight to a booty call. Just a “hit it and quit it” type of thing. Very disrespectful to the sistas out there. Yes Mike Colter’s wife is a cave woman in real life too. And an ugly one at that. I swear you can’t make this stuff up brother. And I agree that Simone is beautiful. I’ll have to do a post on her soon. Here’s a video of her with producer Cheo Hodari Coker.

      • They have dark-skinned Latinxs. U needed to fill that quota? Let’s get Amara La Negra in this piece!!! Then she one of the few Dominicans (publicly) repping her Afro/African (Caribbean) status.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        The movie “Cadillac Records” was a disrespect toward black men as well as the lead character Etta James. I read the book “Rage To Survive: The Etta James Story” and the only ace of men Etta James dated was only black men. She never did have a sexual relationship with her white manager. They just used the false interracial story to sell to the masses especially black women.

      • When it comes to making a character gay or adding an interracial relationship in a film… doesn’t have to be true. They will make it up if it fits their agenda. I put nothing pass those nasty butt pirates in Hollywood.

    • Yes I know Verbs very well. He’s been to my blog a few times. Sometimes we agree on certain things and disagree on others. I hadn’t seen that post though. He believes that most black women are useless,man-hating and too masculine. Although that may be true about some….not all. I just can’t see myself laying with a cave woman. So no matter how hard it may be to find the right black woman. I don’t want any mixed race babies. That’s just NOT going to happen. That’s self suicide in my opinion.

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  8. Kush,I used to read Luke Cage as a kid,because my brother was a comic book addict.I haven’t seen the series yet,but I do remember Mike Colter from an episode Law &Order Criminal Intent.I also read Black Panthers as a kid,and they had a cartoon Black Panther that I liked.The interracial agenda they are pushing is about destruction and money.Black women:90% of black men marry black women,but the media hypes bm/ww because it garners the most attention. Bm/ww genre in porn can carry the whole industry,despite bm facing unheard of racism.Remember,the Oriental woman is the wm baby now.Also married ww who cheat on their husbands,75% cheat on them with bm,and another genre is growing with the Queen of Spades,so the interracial agenda is on full blast.On the show Supergirl,Mechad Brooks was romantically involved with Supergirl and another ww,who btw is married to Channing Tatum.When Supergirl is dating a bm,you have to know that wp have lost their minds.

  9. @ Kushite Pince
    You know there coming out with a Iron Fist show. Iron Fist woman Misty is going to look better then Luke Cage woman Jessica on the television show.

    • Yes I know. I mentioned it to Warrior earlier. This interracial thing is totally insane to me. I think I may have t do a post on the effect of propaganda in comic books. It’s very prevalent right now.

  10. I do not accept or support any Black man that is not married to a Black woman and has BLACK CHILDREN. Tired of this IR Psy-ops bullshit. Enough is enough. It’s time to evict these mutha’s from our communities.

      • We’re in a genetic war, Kushite. White people know their population around this world is dying out. I’ve spoke about this. The IR agenda is to increase their population, as has been the practice each and ever time throughout history, each and every time they’ve had a population decline. Our genes are dominant; they are recessive and can’t reproduce themselves. They’ve come to their end genetically and need us to save them. HELL NO! You know how disgusting white women are but because of decades/centuries of brainwashing, the white woman has been marketed as the “most desired” and many Black males internalized that. She is the matriarch of White Supremacy. But why can’t they stay married to them? Do Black men wonder? They are not genetically compatible and depraved in nature. It’s oil and water. The Black Womb-man is the only woman that can satisfy a Black man physically, spiritually, and mentally. A white woman can’t even sustain white population; how in the hell can she make any impact on a race like ours. It’s insanity and needs to be called out. Love ain’t got a damn thing to do with it! It’s all about white genetic survival.

  11. The only black super hero I can thjnk of was the alcoholic Hancock who in the end didn’t get the girl. He was able to save her but couldn’t have her. All he did was cause trouble,drink, and lose in the end.

    • Hancock was horrible. It had so many negative racial stereotypes. Not only was Hancock portrayed as a drunk but he was irresponsible. And he also had to go to jail to be redeemed. His powers weakened anytime he got near Charlize Theron(white woman). Which is saying that the beauty and presence of a white woman makes black mean “weak”. That film was garbage! I couldn’t stand to watch it again

  12. Kushite did you read this news about this season?
    White people are complaining because “Luke Cage” is racist season lack of diversity,and all starring a predominantly black cast, WTF?
    I am not interest to see this season,but what their damn business to throw their innocent,fake white tears? They are more upset to see blacks all over than police brutality!
    How many times they promote only all whites starring? Everywhere in TV, Internet,social ecc, you can see only DAMN UGLY WHITE FACE!
    I think they should be happy there is one Becky, she has sexual relationship with the black main character!
    If this season the majority of cast member are all blacks,they could put at least a black woman as girlfriend no this Becky!

  13. Wow @ his wife. His face is full of pride too. I notice with these brothas who have white wives, they have this look of pride and achievement in their faces, because they’ve got this white woman. She is giving this dumb nigga self worth. With black couples, the man usually has a look of contentment,or more like he is standing next to an extension of himself; black couples are at home with each other. Thats the best way I can describe it. Its something Ive notice how these black men are so “proud” of these white women.

    I have netflix and I didnt dare watch this luke cage series. I dont trust ANY entertainment about black people, that was produced/directed/edited/written or any other creative control primarily by whites. You already know there is fuckery afoot, so dont even bother. The sad part is, you know many clueless black parents will have black babies watching this, internalizing this image of the strongest smartest handsomest black superhero going with this pasty pale succubus.

    • You’re right KJ. Many of these Uncle Tom Negro stick their chest out when they’re with their white wives. Walking around like they got a pot of And the sad part is this cave woman is ugly as hell. Looks like a blonde Deep down these guys know they have sold out their people and diluted their African gene pool. Check out this interview Colter did last week on Wendy Williams when he talks about his wife. He seems a bit uncomfortable to me. He doesn’t seem at ease. He starts talking about they were together when he was broke and they been together many years. He has guilt all over his face.

      • Well that was awkward…..he was uncomfortable the whole time, and couldnt connect with the [mostly black] audience at all. And yeah, I peeped the steelo. He felt he needed a reason for being with her.
        And he really told on himself with the “she was with me when I was broke” anecdote–that is a very common code used by coons about why they date white women. The implication of course is that black women are golddiggers, or dont want brothas who arent ballin (when actually the opposite is true).


      • Yes you saw that too!!lol He wanted to show that his white woman was down with him when he had nothing. I guess that means they are loyal right? These guys kill me. His words are all coded. I’m glad you could see through this too. It’s so obvious brother.

  14. Not interested in him or this show. But this is what happens when you don’t own, control, finance, or distribute your own artistic works.

    Real black only for me, thank you.

    • I know what you mean Reality Check. You and I have discussed this before. We know to control our own. Otherwise you have others controlling your image and it’ll always be from their perspective.

  15. Qnubian,I don’t worry about what white people think.They want to run Nate Parker’s through the mud,but yet have said nothing about the recent rapes by wm,who btw have not been sent to jail.You also seen FOX CEO Roger Ailes get a 40 million payout after being accused of sexual harassment.Wm are using ww as a last resource, but their interracial agenda will not work either.The Bible says the top will go to the bottom and the bottom will rise to the top.Blacks will rise when they tell both the Democrats and the Republicans to jump off the cliff,and start building their communities.Stay strong Q.GOD BLESS

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