Will you go see Birth of a Nation?


I know this might not be a popular viewpoint so let me state that this is simply my position. I do not condone, nor can I excuse the actions of Nate Parker when he was a younger man. As a survivor of sexual assault I understand first hand that it leaves scares that one must learn to live with. I can only hope that he has learned how devastating his behavior was, and become an advocate against sexual assault. I must say my concern is that personal issue with Parker threatens to take away from a film that we need to see. Too many of us have supported people that have done very terrible things in the name of being entertained. However, this isn’t just about entertainment but a story that needs to be told.

I personally find the timing of the Nate Parker story interesting. It came and caused some to say I won’t see the film because I refuse to support Parker. I truly believe this was the overall agenda of the media. Think about it… how many films do we have that depict the enslavement periods? We have quite a few, varying in accurately, but how many depict uprising? To many say we should move on from this period because it is in the past. We need to put slavery behind us we are told.

However, no one tells Holocaust survivors and descendants to move on. Yet the bottom line is there is plenty of accepted open dialog on the Holocaust. Germany has had to reckon with that history. Truth be told… the reason we can’t just move on is because America has never reckoned with the enslavement of black people. It has never been dealt with. Yes, we are aware it happened but the ramifications of it have never been dealt with.

Right now we have schools trying to rewrite history in an attempt to erase the evil of Americans past. Instead of facing where we have been as a nation… we are trying to wash it away. That is simply impossible. We need the arts (film, literature, art, music) to tell our story. It’s important that it be told all of the enslaved did not accept their condition lying down. It’s important for the very psyche of American born blacks to know yes we did fight back. The depiction of us in the world is not always accurate. It’s important that other people of color, as well as our African brothers and sisters, know our plight. It needs to be our story told by us.


This film is bigger than Nate Parker, and its need is great. I don’t condone his behavior as a man, yet I appreciate his courage to make such a film. As one who majored in English, and History, I will be going see this film at least twice. I will view it once for myself, and once to write a review. I support the telling of our stories. The voices of our ancestors have been silenced from us for far too long. We need to feel their strength and understand their sacrifice. I’m going see Birth of a Nation, and I hope many of us will be in the theatre to support the telling of our history… by us. Birth of a Nation releases in theaters nationwide October 7, 2016.

Article written by Christian Starr

38 thoughts on “Will you go see Birth of a Nation?

  1. @ Kushite Prince
    The movie looks very interesting to go see, furthermore I want to see it now. I wonder will the Nate Turner story be water down or not. I also question white people motives about this film because they have a agenda.The timing of this feel came right at a time of high volume of police brutality, racism, and protest. Also people are looking at the fact that he’s married to a non black woman an his wealth is going back into his wife community.

    • Yeah I’m kind of curious too. You know how Hollywood loves to water down our heroes. And there’s so much controversy about this film. It may make more people want to see it. And yes Nate is a coon for marrying that white woman. That’s a real contradiction in itself.

  2. I will not go see that movie. I know some of his story , and if i wanna know more , i’ll grab a book. Im tired of slave movies. Especially with the white wife thing. We know all those slave movies they financing are being made for a reason. We know a movie is never accurate. So it is what it is. They gonna make money off our watered down history…smh.

    • Yeah I know a t of people feel that way. The last few years they’ve been coming at us hard with the slave narrative. We’ve had 12 Years a Slave and the tv shows Underground and the Roots reboot. I have books on Nat Turner so I know the story pretty well. But I think people are interested in this because it’s a real rebellion that happened. Django Unchained was fictional but this one is real. I think that’s why there’s so much interest this time. I also think a lot of young black adults weren’t around to see Roots when it aired on television. It will be interesting to see of white people go see this film. I also agree that they love to water down our history. We’ll see what happens.

  3. Kushite,Gabrielle Union says she wouldn’t see the movie,because she was raped.My mother said it’s funny that people are bringing up Nate Parker’s aquittal,but in the last 3 months,there has been 4 white men who admitted to raping ww and been convicted of those rapes,and yet only one of those men got jail time,and that was for 3 months.GOD BLESS

    • I don’t know what’s up with Gabrielle. I heard she gets raped in the film. I know she was raped in real life over 20 years ago. I’m sure that was a horrible and traumatizing experience. Something that will stay with her forever. Which is why I find it strange she would want to relive that in a film. Maybe it’s somewhat therapeutic for her. As far as white rapists goes…it doesn’t surprise me in this racist system.

  4. Did Roman Polansky and Woody Allen get the same kind of backlash, boycott and media coverage for their indiscretions?

    • Very good point Mxolisi. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Roman raped a girl and Woody Allen is a pedophile. But they are still allowed to work in Hollywood with little backlash. Although Roman had to flee to Paris. But he was still given an honorary Oscar award from the academy. You know how the double standard operates in this racist matrix.

  5. I have written previously that this movie rendition was taken from the “promosexual/tragic kneegrow/white loving ” book co-written by James Baldwin and his butt buddy, William Styron. So he lost me on that. Then he decided to sell the script to Fox searchlight and its Zionist owners, for 17.5 million, instead of the 20 million that the black millionaire, Byron Allen was offering. So the shit gets piled higher and deeper. The drunken train he and his friend ran on that willing white trash, which turned into a expected rape allegation, that was used by the savage to denounce the movie, was not surprising to me. I expected some kind of effort to discredit the movie. I personally won’t see this movie, because of the association to Baldwin and Styron.

    I also won’t see the movie, because i am just about “slave movied” out. I still yet have to see the full Roots series…outside of the first episode. Plus, from what I heard of the movie, the whipping and raping image and humiliation of the characters, far out pace the actual rebellion and my “ignant meter”, while dormant, is still around.

    • So very true. That was my main problem in the first place. Why didn’t he sell it to Byron Allen? That was very strange to me. Then of course the Zionist media is going to demonize the film in the process. And like I told you before I heard the beating and raping images are very prevalent in the film. And it may outweigh the slave revolt scenes. Which doesn’t make sense to me since the revolt itself is the MAIN point of the film. But we know how racist ass Hollywood operates. But I do understand the “slave fatigue” a lot of people are going through. The black mind can only withstand so much of that imagery. I definitely feel where you’re coming from brother.

    • I’m glad someone feels me on James Baldwin pink man-meat loving azz! I nearly incited a riot last time I pulled the covers off that fraud.

      But sorry to burst your bubble, but Byron Allen is married to a white woman as well. So whether Byron Allen or Fox Searchlight makes no real difference to me- the profits still end up in white hands.

  6. Nurp! Won’t be going see it. I will see it though. Nat Turner one of my heroes next to Assata Shakur to deliver decent blows to white ran/racist government.

    Can’t support it because it still is another slave narrative. Now had this been the 1st slave narrative (and one of the few) before this onslaught of slave pictures I might have.

    Nate sold this for 17 million @Sundance. This film will gross hundreds of millions out the gate, billions when U think of future generation who’ll view this as well. So that 17 ain’t hittin’ on shit.

    Damn Kush! U ain’t have this many slave films @the pinnacle of the civil rights movement but a president born of a white woman w/darker hue….

    • Due to your screen name I know yo would have an opinion about this film.lol But I definitely understand what you’re saying. I have some of the same concerns. I don’t know if I’ll go see it. But at any rate,I’m sure it will be available at my local barber shop pretty soon.

  7. Hell naw ain’t going to see this! Thankfully, I can read about the story from more credible sources. I’m not putting any money into a white woman’s purse when a black woman’s purse wasn’t deemed worthy of this money.

    • @ TheOriginalBlackWoman
      The only & majority of the people who will benefit from this films are white people. the whole production to the film is run & control by white people. The black community will not because the true Nat Turner story will not be told.

      • Yes RC I know it’s not real. I know he’s acting. But I get tired of these damn images of strong black men in films….then come to find out he’s married to Becky. They do this on purpose. It’s a way to show the white audience that even though they may play a strong black revolutionary,it’s all an act. They don’t really mean it. It’s just a role. Kind of gives comfort to the white audience watching the film. I’m just tired of seeing this pattern so many times.

  8. @ Kushite Prince
    I did some more thinking of the movie “Birth of A Nation” and I will not see the film unless online or bootleg.

    Lets take a more deeper look into “Birth of A Nation” especially when Nat Turner was a terror for white folks. In white folks eyes he wasn’t consider a hero for there concern. Nate Parker can’t give us the real Nat Turner in the script because he written it to appease white folks and make them not feel bad. Also Nate Parker can’t portray the real Nat Turner because then his white wife and in-laws would not be comfortable. Even Nate Parker would be uncomfortable telling the real truth because it would force him to really look himself in the mirror and he wouldn’t do that because he wouldn’t like what he see.

    • That is a very good perspective Shanequa. If white people are funding a “black film” you know it’s most likely been compromised in some way. And Parker’s interracial family makes him compromised in a BIG way. You bring up an excellent point.

  9. Not supporting any Black men who are not married to Black women. I’m very serious. He lost many Black women like myself after I discovered a couple of years ago he was married to a white woman. That’s a breech as far as I’m concerned.

    • Thats my thing too. I cant take any “conscious” person seriously if they are married to an other.

      As for the rape, I read bits and pieces. I understand the victim committed suicide. However, no one seemed to care until he made this movie. Amerikkka can miss me with this faux outrage. Thats why I didnt pay too much attention when the story gained all this steam. Hollyweird used that young woman’s tragic ordeal for their own purposes, they could care less about her.

      Im really ambivalent about slave movies. I got sucked into seeing that garbage Django b/c it was portrayed as being about free slave who wasnt afraid of white men. But that movie had all kinds of white racists coded messages.

      • If you’ve ever read The Destruction of Black Civilizations by the late Dr. Chancellor Williams, he asserted that after much consideration of the facts he presented in that classic book as well as his experience as a Black man and history itself; Black people needed to separate or identity from White people–we are not the same. And Black people must stop imitating a sick, diseased, mentally unstable and psychologically disturbed, genetically flawed, defect. They are very sick people and we’ve become sick being too close. Black people must do what is intelligent and right for our own evolution. I don’t give a damn about the welfare of white folks. And we need to release them and allow nature to do what it must do.

  10. i don’t watch movies, period. Full of masonic imagery and predictive programming that makes my skin crawl. I therefore haven’t seen any of the whip-em and brutalize-em slave genre. Is there no limit to the humiliation of black people that won’t be detailed in lingering technicolour? We do not need to see this endless destruction of dignity to understand what went on. Would white people allow their history to be portrayed like this over and over? To me, this seems an integral part of the narrative. It mirrors the current situation for black people who have little control over their lives when they encounter the police (white=powerful) and can be disposed of on a whim with impunity (slave=powerless).
    For those who do decide to leave their homes, drive to a movie theatre and spend their hard earned dollars, please remember that Hollyweird is not about entertainment or truth.

  11. @ Truth Angel:

    “I agree with you whole-heartedly.” And the MORE that many of our black people “imitate” these sub-humans, the more that they become white identified. Good observation.

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