Tales of Buffoonery:Episode 22(Simone Biles)


The Olympics in Brazil this past summer was a huge success for gymnast Simone Biles. Biles was the Olympic individual all-around,vault and floor gold medalist.  I’m sure she was in inspiration to many young black girls around the world.  But she said something this past summer that I found a bit disturbing.  Something that should go in the buffoonery category.  When she was asked who she would like to play her in a biopic about her life…she said biracial actress Zendaya Coleman. Why?  She looks nothing like Zendaya.


Why would a dark skinned girl want a biracial woman to play her?  This makes no sense to me.  But the crazy part is you have black girls who actually agree with her.  This smells like self hatred(anti-blackness) to me.  This is the type of colorism no one wants to address.  And shows the problem of wanting biracial woman to represent black beauty. This shows me the type of mentality that Biles must have. She must have a very poor self image to want a woman that looks nothing like her to be in her biopic.  If she was truly proud of her appearance and self image she would’ve said actresses like Keke Palmer or Imani Hakim. This is a bad reflection on Biles for saying this.


And if that wasn’t bad enough,this past summer she announced that her celeb crush was actor Zac Efron. Zac Efron???  Are you serious Simone?  Efron  even flew down to Rio to meet her during the Olympics.  Isn’t that sweet?  This girl is so lost. I realize that she’s only nineteen years old.  She’s  still a young woman. Hopefully as she gets older she will become wiser and realize the error of her ways.  Until then,she’s in the buffoonery category.


68 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery:Episode 22(Simone Biles)

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  2. The left side is Zendaya’s mother? Oh,Lord please have glory!
    This is girl,she grew up with the mentality ok “I am dark skinned girl,no anyone find me attractive, I am look like men who guy want date me?”
    She knows already that black guys will never date her, so she has already started to have “Blue Prince Syndrome!”
    She believes what media and white supremacy taught her mean “hate your dark skin and love light skin!”
    Kushite don’t get me worng, but some people should grow up,in front of whites “YOU ARE N@@G!”doesn’t matter which shade you have,that’s whites see through their eyes!
    I saw so many times people more dark than me,they treated me with distrust and often rude,because I am light than me,to let you know the end I am still a black person! But they treat whites as “GODS!”
    At the end I don’t hate these people,I don’t blame them for their behaviour!
    Whites want us believe that light skinned people have more privileges, just to confuse our mind and put us against each other!
    Only us we have this kind problem,just because one of us have different shade is war! Truly disgusting misbehaviour!

    • Yes I now what you mean. I understand she is a young woman. But this behavior must be called out. This reeks of self hatred. Therefore I can’t let it slide. That statement was stupid by Biles. The anti-blackness needs to STOP! She made a buffoon statement.

  3. @ Kushite Prince
    “Why would a dark skinned girl want a biracial woman to play her? This makes no sense to me.”

    Look around there’s a lot of anti-blackness among this society especially among the BLACK AFRICAN communities. When young & old black women see light skinned or biracial women get prides over them it sends negative messages. Society have condemn blackness to everything negative especially using images. Dark skinned women is look upon in society as unattractive, masculine, loud, asexual, over-sexualized, ugly kinky & nappy hair, & etc.
    Every race of women have been put on a pedestal but the dark skinned black woman. When black women see images of black males with light skinned, biracial or non black women it makes them feel devalue. We live in a society that constantly telling black women that something is wrong with them 24/7. When a young black girl or woman see all of these images they feel life would be much better if I was light skinned, biracial. or a non black woman. Some black women feel by being light skinned or biracial they have a better chance of easily getting a man especially a black man. With all of these negative images I can see any spiritually broken down black woman to have low self-esteem about herself.

    Simone Biles is highly white identified to the fullest, you can also tell she didn’t grew up around her BLACK AFRICAN people. I blame her grandparents for that situation. She been around white people for so long she assimilated into their culture mentally. I like her as being a black female gymnast but she is clueless about racism as well and shitty toward Gabby Douglass. Too me Simone Biles have through Gabby Douglas under the bus while she be a pet to her white homegirl gymnast Aly. You can also tell the other fabulous 5 team members don’t hangout with Gabby. White America feel more comfortable with Simone Biles because she’s more white identified then Gabby Douglas. When Gabby called out racism while being in gymnastics, white people were upset. Simone been thrown under the bus by white people but she can’t even recognized it. Simone Biles made a statement that she doesn’t see herself as a racial pioneer for gymnastics: I feel like I’m Just Me. A white female gymnast Carlotta Ferlito made a racist remark ‘Maybe next time we’ll paint our skin black so we can win’ toward Simone Biles. Simone just brush the comment off.

    • To echo your comment about her being white identified, she refers to Brazilian Gymnast Arthur Nory as her “Brazilian Boyfriend”


    • We should learn to take the Art Of War more seriously. 33 Strategies Of War mentions that it is the strategy of one’s enemy to induce self hate, and doubt.

      We should not take this personal, it is a war. Let us not respond with emotions but with logic and strategic planning.

    • I think you’re right Shanequa. Biles is very white identified. I have seen this a lot with many black athletes. They want to be accepted so bad by their oppressors. They think white and want to date white. You’re right about Gabby too. She seems to be kind of an outcast in the group. But it all starts when black children are young. They need to be taught self esteem and black pride. It needs to be instilled in them early on. That way we don’t have to deal with a black adult with self hating,anti-black views. We have to reverse the negrophobia mentality.

  4. @ Kushite Prince

    Off topic but need to be post. Arab rapper French Montana make a mockery out of black lives matter. What’s even more sad he makes his money off of black people and have sexual relationships with black women.

  5. Kushite one thing that piss me off the arrogance of whites,because in their racist mind,they think,you know why,” blacks are ugly!” when a white person date us,we should feel flattered because with white genes they can fix our defects!Some black people have these kind minds,and is so sad!
    Today despite I am not longer single,I don’t fear to show white men to stay hell away from me!

    • You’re a smart woman QNubian. But you’re right about how whites think. They feel that if they ate you they’re doing you a favor.lol They think they’re upgrading you. I don’t think that way. They believe we all have low self esteem. They’re really off base with that type thinking.

  6. Whites are defects, I’ve said that many times over. They hate us because of their true origin – that they are inbred albinos.

    This is a war my people. Strategic planning is what we need.

  7. Many Black parents within the last 30 years, seemingly have undergone some type of detachment from their culture. How do you raise children to know and respect their culture when the images they see in the media; and those that aren’t respected or celebrated at home, don’t reflect that?

    • That’s a BIG part of the problem. We are reproducing self-hating black people. Many of our children are growing up thinking they are inferior. We have to teach them early so they don’t turn into another Simone Biles.

      • And that’s a good thing. That’s why it’s important that bloggers like you,TrojanPam,Warrior,OBW,Tired Sista,Blackmy Story nd Diary of a Negress keep spearing important information. We have to keep our people conscious in this racist matrix we’re trapped in.

      • We’ve been in a War, Kushite. I recognized that decades ago. I’ve always been conscious–even when I was a child. No one had to beat me upside the head to know there was something wrong with white people. Their actions and behavior exposed that. Psychological warfare is real and has been waged against our people for 5 centuries. Why? White people know where we come from. They know what our ancestors did; and they fear a Black Messiah rising up. There is a tremendous amount of power in us and we are spiritual beings trying to fight a spiritual war. Everything happening is metaphysical and we have the power to change it. That’s why we must get through to our people consciously. Finally! There are signs of that Awakening occuring and white folks are scared to death. They know their time is up and their treatment of our people has been witnessed by Almighty God–whom they hate. His wrath is going to fall on them like fire. This is the TRUTH!

      • AMEN!!! You said it! They are terrified that we will realize our true greatness. That’s why they lie to us in films and television shows. They know our true POWER!

  8. You know kushite that piece of crap Brazilian Gymnast Arthur Nory,he was famous for video of racist joke that went viral to his black teammate Ângelo Assumpção! These the posts!
    Because Brazil is racist country, they chosen white gymast Arthur Nory for the Olympics, and they have left out black gymast Ângelo Assumpção!
    This girl doesn’t know what kind of person she is embracing,she is cleary self-hatred,she is waiting of her prince charming, to fulfill her desire, erase all traces of blackness inside her!
    Why give value to a biracial person? Because she wants mixed kids!
    These people can sleep forever, even if whites call them Nword, they happy about that! Pure sickness!!

    • Thank you for reminding me Nubian. I remember hearing about Nory’s racist comments. I’m sure Simone knows about it. But she doesn’t care. She is so damn whitewashed she doesn’t care if this goofy ass white boy insults her people. She is so in love with the idea of a white prince coming to save her. That’s why she said actor Zac Efron was her celebrity crush. So I’m not surprised that she still sees Nory in a positive light. Simone has no shame. *sigh*

      • @ Kushite Prince
        My male cousin was married to a Mexican whore/drug user who was completely trash. The sad part about this fail relationship they end up having children. His ex-wife have told their children several time to don’t date black. Well his daughter is following her mother’s message by dating nothing but Mexican men. What’s so sad his daughter had a child by a deadbeat Mexican man in which the relationship fail now she’s dating another Mexican man. Furthermore her father is now dating a biracial woman whose half black & white. This young woman father told her she needs to stop dating Mexican men an find her a black man. The question of the day is, “how can another sellout tell another sellout to date black when they aren’t doing it.”

      • Do they have a son? I betcha ya biffy he’ll tell his son not to date a black woman. This is typical (and hypocritical) of black men like him. Tell the daughters to stay black, while the sons can date the rainbow.smdh.

  9. *****SMDH****I was sooooo dissappointed in Simone Biles for stating that she would want Zendaya to potray her in A biopic….. and Gabby Douglass was right there agreeing with her, I saw the interview video.Two dark skin young women co-signing their erasure. Chrissie did a video about it. Well, that’s the video above right?

    This is the very thing that Black Women like me are fighting against, we’re fighting (mostly all by ourselves) to retain the image of the black woman in her original image, to stop the erasure of black women in pop culture.

    Simone is happily co-signing her own erasure like a lot of Black Women. Black Women complain that Black Men uphold white supremacist beauty standards when they do too. Kola Boof did a post about this very subject on her facebook page. It’s bad enough when soo many black men do it, but it another added insult to a major injury when Black Women do it. Many Black Women are realizing the sad truth that Black Women help contribute to theirr own demise. Then these same black women will turn around and get mad at light/white/bright women for “taking” black men “taking away their glory” taking away their crown.”

    Furthermore, they wonder why Black Women stay loosing in the game of life, why we stay at the bottom of the social ladder ****sigh**** It’s Black Women doing shit like this that makes me question why I’m Fighting Misogynoir cause if Black Women contribute to their own demise, happily then what’s the point; it’s just a lost cause.

    • @ TheOriginalBlackWoman
      I agreed with everything you stated because black women always opening the doors for biracial women but it isn’t return back. if you go to a lot of these social media pages dedicated to biracial women they only advertise light skinned with wavy, straight, curly hair and racially ambiguous women, they wouldn’t dare put a biracial dark skin woman on there page because its cater to women who look like them. if you go to a lot of these social media pages dedicated to black women the page includes biracial women.

    • Biles was stupid for that comment. She wants to erase her own likeness because she is filled with self-hatred. It’s sad that there are black women that think like this. And she’s only 19!! This is why we have t expose this type of thinking and call it out. That’s why I thought this post was important. It’s important that little black girls understand this is NOT the type of mentality to have. We want young girls to love themselves and have pride. Biles is making our work harder for us our here.

  10. I didnt follow it, but apparently there was alot of animosity that played out between simone and gabby douglas. It were obvious to those who followed the gymnastics category. Plus America turned on gabby for not being the happy negro, and simone was besties with the alledgedly racist jew Ali Raismen. Even going so far as to say she was more proud of Ali (who only got a silver) than she was of herself (she won golds). Ali gave a generic response, which kinda confirmed what everyone had been saying about the two. People were saying also that the whites pitted the two black girls against each other (the old “one negro at a time” rule), combine with the fact that Simone is a coon……it was a mess.

  11. Simone Biles is officially self-hated indeed! There are so many comments about black women they are going into overdrive because a white guy choses a dark-skinned black woman! They like this gesture, but they do not see that all a trap! What make differen a white man appreciate black beauty than a black man appreciate white beauty? What would be their message?
    Betray your people and choose your oppressor because appreciate your black beauty? Brainwashing is a dangerous disease that eats your bones until it gets inside your soul!
    Malcolm X said “to teach a man to hate himself is more criminal than teaching him to hate someone else!”
    White people have been always obsessed with us,some black people mistake obsession an admiration but it is a debauchery!

  12. IR is going out of the control LOL! In reality racism is alive and kills,only in the fake IR movies and vidoes whites and blacks are living in harmony!

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