Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 21(Mary J Blige)

Recording artist Mary J. Blige has an interview with Hillary Clinton on Apple music.  It’s a real  embarrassment.  When I first saw this video a few days ago I was blown away!  Mary J. Blige has sold millions of records and has millions of fans.  Many people respect her.  But she really lost my respect and others after this.  She’s singing the song American Skin by Bruce Springsteen. She looks like a singing fool singing to this racist white woman.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t give a damn about the plight of black people. She doesn’t care about cops killing black people. The Democratic party has always taken advantage of black people.  They take our vote for granted because the Republicans are more overtly racist. But the Democrats are no better. Look at Clinton’s face while Mary’s singing.  She has that fake look of concern on her face. Clinton doesn’t care about black poverty,unemployment or mass incarceration. She is just listening to this fool to give the impression that she cares about our struggle. She is no different than Donald Trump.


I guess Blige wanted to imitate Roland Martin. In the last buffoonery post I showed Martin buck dancing with Clinton. This is what black people have to do now?  Is this the only way we can get politicians to listen to our problems? This is so damn disgraceful.  I bet Clinton had to hold in her laughter listening to Blige.  When will we realize that these politicians wont save us?  If a biracial President didn’t do anything for you…what makes you think Clinton or Trump will?  Come on black people!!  Wake up now!  Only WE can change our destiny.  All the singing,begging,buck dancing and clowning around will not save us.  And these white people don’t respect us when we behave like this.  Let’s not follow the pattern of people like Mary J. Blige and Roland Martin. We can do better than this.


41 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 21(Mary J Blige)

  1. I’m saddened and very disappointed because I was a fan as well! Mary seemed like a genuine artist who was true to herself and her music. But, they’re all actors, right?

    My sister was the one who introduced me to hear music when I was a kid. Mary will be here in concert [with Maxwell!] next month. And now we’re both like nah. We were really looking forward to seeing her but we’ve seen Maxwell twice in concert so we’ll wait til next time lol

    • @ Nidotopianwarrior

      Mary isn’t retiring that piss yellow hair she loves to wear. Since I’ve been listen to Mary’s music from her “What’s the 4-1-1” album days I have never seen her rock black hair. I haven’t even seen her wear braids.

    • They might have told her but I doubt if she would listen. Blige comes off as one of those type of people that does what they want. If she has her mind made up….there’s no changing it. But it seems like she’s been rocking that blonde wig forever. Time to change it up a bit.

  2. I’ve learned not hold “black celebrities” to a high standard a while ago so this type of behavior doesn’t shock me at all. I like Mary even though she’s shucking and jiving; she doesn’t know any better. No entertainer can be trusted when they’re promoted by the powers that be. Fame and fortune can truly blind and insulate the best of us smh #neverforgetthebuffonery

    • Yeah I see what you’re saying. But it’s still pathetic. Blige has been in the industry since 1992. That’s over 20 years of experience in the music/Hollywood industry. I find it hard to believe she hasn’t gained any wisdom in that time. She should know how crooked and racist these politicians are by now. She is just doing it to help Clinton win the election. Andin return Clinton might throe her some crumbs if he wins. Mary should know better by now. Doesn’t wisdom come with age? Or at least it should.

  3. Someone BLACK on Mary’s management team should have stood up an told Mary no. I strongly believe Apple set this up for publicity for the show & advertisement. Let’s face the facts a lot of our people are docile when it comes to racism.

    P.S. Mary’s look outfit look nice in the interview but that blonde wig was a no.

    • Yeah this was definitely for publicity. But it’s also an attempt for Clinton to get more of the black vote. Clinton is a scam artist. She doesn’t care about black struggle. This is just a way to make Clinton look more hip and down with black people. I hope our people are wise enough to see through this charade.

      • @ the Prince:

        Bingo! Politicians, both black and white, come to the black community when “they want something or want the black vote.” And sadly, thousands of our people will vote for Clinton AND Trump and they are both working for the same people.

        Daily, I wonder WHEN are our black people going to realize that these sub-humans do not give a DAM about black people? smgh….

  4. Coonheads to the left of me, coonheads to the right of me. Where, oh where are the REAL Black folks?! Mary J. Blige has gone beyond ridiculous. The only thing I can think of is that her divorce has blown her mind.

  5. Kushite,glad you are back.I say to you,as I said to others,it doesn’t matter to me who becomes President,because black people are telling both parties,you have 4 years to get this together,if they can’t,then blacks are going to tell both parties to go to hell.Kushite,we still have blacks begging Donald Trump for an apology for Obama birther issue.There is nothing I want from wp,nor do they have anything I want,because everything they own is falling apart. GOD BLESS

    • I hear you SevenKing. The time for begging is OVER. I don’t give a damn about an apology. Who cares! We know all these white politicians are racist bastards. They just tell us what they think we want to hear so they can get elected. They wont really do anything for us. They want to keep us oppressed at all costs. When will we realize that fact? How long will we stay asleep? And you’re right,this crooked ass system is falling apart. The sooner the better.

  6. I refuse to watch the commercial. Mary J. Blige is not very intelligent. Her Twitter comments are being blasted. The woman can barely spell or articulate her thoughts. Are we asking too much of her to discern how her attempts to expand into the mainstream have largely backfired on her image?

    • Blige is really tripping. I don’t know if it’s the fame and fortune. But a lot of these black entertainers get some fame…and just lose their minds! It’s like they have no common sense and don’t realize how stupid they look. They make their people look bad. Blige has been in the industry over 20 years though. She should no better than to do some of her latest antics.

      • They’re cut off from “real people.” Surrounded by “yes-people”, they don’t even know what is really going on. I’ve discovered that many celebrities are just plain stupid.

      • That’s true. Many are very ignorant. They have people kissing their ass all day. What they need is some good advice. Someone that’s not scared to tell them they are acting foolish. Too many “yes men” around is bad for a celeb with a BIG ego.

    • @ truthsngel07
      I strongly believe celebrities should just leave there social media pages for there public relation team to manage.

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