Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 20(Roland Martin)


This video is very disturbing to me.  Roland Martin is supposed to be a respected journalist. Many black people watch him on TVOne.  Many black people trust him to bring them important information to the black community. Dancing with Hillary Clinton?? Teaching her how to do “the wobble”?  This is pathetic!  This is buffoonery to the highest degree. This man looks like s damn clown buck dancing for Clinton like that.

This is a very sad pattern for our people.  Roland Martin  kind of reminds me of those old Shirley Temple films back in the 1930’s.  Temple used to sing and tap dance with Mr Bojangles all the time.  Why are we always singing for these white folks?  Why do we love to sing and tap dance for our oppressors? It’s like we are scared to tell them the truth about themselves.  These people need to be put in check. This is the behavior of dysfunctional people. We need to confront these racist people for their racist behavior.  Not sing for them.  If I was face to face with Clinton I would give her an earful.  But I can guarantee you I would NOT be dancing with her.  This is bad look for you Roland.  You went out like a damn buffoon! I will never forget this foolishness.

10 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 20(Roland Martin)

  1. I sure wish I could dance like Bojangles but I sure as hell wouldn’t be doing it for no white folks… lol

    On a serious note

    • Roland is a clown. This man is supposed to be a respected journalist. Does he know how stupid he looks doing this? Dancing like a modern day slave for these white folks! It’s behavior like this that makes people look down on black people. Could you imagine a white newscaster like Walter Cronkite doing this?? Of course not! Martin went out like a coon!

  2. Somone should tell him that even a week ago an white racist female cop in cold blood she killed an unarmed black pastor man! And this clown is dancing as if nothing had happened with “Most evil woman alive is next to him!”

  3. I knew “a bit” about Roland before his performing his coon dance for Clinton. Bill “Bojangles” Robinson performed and tapped in the 1930’s. This is the so-called NEW millennium folks and black people are STILL coonin for these sub-humans? WTF is wrong? They have NO identity connected to their own black culture and as another poster put it, “they are afraid to displease their white masters.” Roland, Blige and Robinson are just a few of the many coons that our black people have amongst us.

    But hold on to your seats, it is only going to get WORSE. All of the evidence that keeps our people oppressed is IN. Believe that.

    • I hear you Epi. I actually have more sympathy for Robinson. He was dealing with racist white folks back in the 1920’s. There was so much overt racism black people had to do whatever they could in the entertainment business. No matter how degrading or demeaning. If they wanted to work in Hollywood they had to take whatever job white folks gave them. At least Robinson was dancing in a film. Martin was conducting an interview with Hillary. That’s why Martin is worse in my opinion. It wasn’t even the proper setting to be doing this. That’s why Martin is a damn coon!

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