Obama shows his true colors!


Don’t get mad at me!  I’m only keeping it REAL!

17 thoughts on “Obama shows his true colors!

      • Black people didn’t hold him accountable, Kushite. Most were too frightened to criticize him because of the historical implication, being the “first” Black president.

      • Yeah I have heard some theories about if an emergency happened the election could be stopped. And then Obama would get a third term. That is a very scary thought. But to be honest,Clinton or Trump cant be much worse. Obama didn’t do anything for us so you know they wont. There’s no one in the running that will improve the lives of black people. We will have to do it ourselves or it wont happen at all.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I have this feelings no election this year and more chaos especially with BLACK AFRICANS being attack.

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