What do Jesse Williams and Colin Kaepernick really have in common?


Colin Rand Kaepernick was born on November 3rd, 1987 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His mother, Heidi Zabransky Russo, gave birth to him when she was 19 and living in poverty. Colin’s father, an African-American man, was not in his mother’s life when he was born.
After Heidi gave Colin up for adoption, he was placed with Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, who had previously lost two sons due to their children’s heart defects. And until age four Colin lived in Wisconsin, until the family relocated to Turlock, California.
After Colin’s family settled down in Turlock, he began playing youth football at age 8. By age 9, Colin was the team’s quarterback. Once he was in high school, Colin excelled academically and athletically. He maintained a 4.0 GPA and was nominated for all-state citations in football, baseball and basketball in his senior year. After receiving an athletic scholarship from the University of Nevada, Colin began excelling amongst his sporting collegiate peers.
Colin earned the Western Athletic Conference’s (WAC) Freshman of the Year award, and as a sophomore, became the fifth player in NCAA history to pass for 2,000 yards and to rush for over 1,000 yards in a single season. Colin graduated from Nevada University in 2010, with a bachelor’s degree in business management. And while attending college, he became a member of the ‘Kappa Alpha Psi’ fraternity. And I’ll tell you why that’s important later.

Fast forward to April 29th, 2011. On this date, the San Francisco 49ers selected Colin in that year’s NFL Draft season.
And in August 26th, of this year, before a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, Colin refused to stand for America’s National Anthem. During a post-game interview, he was asked why he didn’t stand, and stated: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and (are) getting away with murder.”
And in keeping with this theme, on July 4th of this year, I wrote about the actor Jesse Williams and the infamous speech he gave at the 2016 BET Awards. And anyone who remembers Jesse’s speech, can pretty much recognize how his sentiments were the same as Colin’s.
So it seems like a new breed of Black Nationalist has come to the fore. Cause as more of these half-bred, olive-skinned Black men talk like revolutionaries, the more I hear spokespersons for the Black ‘conscious’ community say these types of brothas can get this message out better than a ‘pure-bred’ Black person can. And this is due mostly to their skin color. Cause not only will brainwashed Black people be more receptive to their message because of their complexions, but non-Blacks will as well.
But before we accept these ultra-light, latte-skinned brothas as the new pro-Black vanguard, I’d like to give you the straight dope on who they’re really reppin’…
Now, if you’re a Black man or woman reading this, you should already know that celebrity is a white fascist construct used as a means of population control. Period. So when stars sing, dance, act, excel at sports, etc., this is just the medium for their brainwashing message.

So what does that mean in regards to Jesse and Colin’s messages?
Well, to clarify that, let’s fit their diatribes into the context of the white fascist agenda.
Now, the white elite want contemporary Black men to be either one of two things: One, a homosexual. Or two, a man who’s married, mating and having children with a non-Black woman. And if you’re in the latter category, white elites know your offspring will have less of the genetic power that you, a pure-bred Black man, already has to breed them out of existence. And I’ll state again, as I’m writing this, white birth rates have been falling below replacement levels for more than a quarter century.
So long story short, Colin and Jesse have been tasked to convince Black America that the realest Black power, is in being half-white.
Now you might be pursuing your lips and thinking, bruh—that’s more of that conspiracy theory non-sense…besides, why the hell would white fascists choose an actor and an athlete to get out that message?
Well, one very telling clue is in Colin’s fraternal affiliations. Remember I told you that Colin was a member of ‘Kappa Alpha Psi’? Welp, I did a little digging into who other members of that frat were, and these are just a few of the names I came up with…

Cedric ‘The Entertainer’ Kyles John Singleton—movie director of ‘Boyz n’ the Hood’, ‘Rosewood’ Sam Greenlee—novelist who wrote ‘The Spook Who Sat by The Door’ Tavis Smiley-TV show and radio host Lawrence Brownlee—Opera singer Montel Jordan—R&B Singer (song:‘This is how we do it’) Marvin Sapp—Gospel singer Tom Bradley—Mayor of Los Angeles Michael B. Coleman—Mayor of Columbus, Ohio

Adrian Fenty—Former Mayor of Washington D.C. Johnnie Cochran—Defense attorney (Yes, O.J.’s lawyer) Eddie Long—Pastor of New Birth Missionary Church Wilt Chamberlain—NBA Hall of fame player Archie Alexander—Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands

But the names that struck me most were these two: Reginald Lewis and Robert L. Johnson. Here’s why…

I remember reading about Reginald Lewis in his autobiography, ‘Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?’ He was the Black man who held the title of CEO of TLC Beatrice International. And this was the first Black-owned company to have more than a billion dollars in sales. After I finished that book, I beamed with pride at how Reggie overcame so many obstacles to accomplish what was pretty much a superhuman feat in the business world. Cause a Black man in America was never supposed to be able to manage that successful a business. I still hold his accomplishments in the highest regards, but now I see how his fraternity helped him maintain his business without white fascists destroying it. However, Reggie did die of a sudden brain ailment. Just like Johnnie Cochran and Khalid Muhammad. Coincidence?
Robert L. Johnson, who founded Black Entertainment Television (BET), is noted as becoming America’s first Black billionaire. And a few years back, I remembered hearing he was the only Black member of a hyper-exclusive investment firm called the ‘Vanguard Group’. This firm is the largest provider of mutual funds in the world, and it manages 3 trillion dollars in assets. And while doing some research on this company, I noticed its Wikipedia page held a link for an ‘anarchist’ political group, who also used the name Vanguard. This isn’t coincidental, and let me explain why…
Now, for those who are unfamiliar with the anarchist’s philosophy, let me give you a bit of a primer as to what this actually means.

‘Ordo Ab Chao’ is a motto followed by white fascist freemasons at the 33rd degree level. And this is said to be the highest level of freemasonry, but there’s actually a 33 and a third degree level reserved for the most elitist white masons. Now, this motto is a latin term meaning ‘Order out of Chaos’. So what that means is simply this, in order to control any organism or organization, its best to destabilize the intended target, by throwing it into a state of chaos. (Look up the ‘Hegelian Dialect’ sometimes)
Case in point, several years ago, I was in a 7-11, and after I told a white clerk that they were out of coffee cups, he got pissed and walked off in a huff to get them. After he got the cups, he made a gesture towards the soda fountains and asked: “I wonder why the smaller drinks are more expensive that the larger ones.” To which I replied: “Well, call up your regional manager and ask them.” Now, telling me that he recognized this was his feeble attempt at showing me he was supposedly smarter than I was. But unlike him, I understood why the smaller sized sodas were more expensive that the larger ones. I just didn’t want to tell him right then, cause I only wanted my coffee so I could get the hell outta’ there. 
But, what this inbred failed to realize is, the larger sodas are less expensive ‘cause white fascists running the medical industry know that the increased sugar content in them will get the working classes sicker. Thus, they’ll make more money. See, these trailer park types don’t want to think their people are as intrinsically wicked as they are, ‘cause that would reflect badly on them. It’s bad enough this clerk was a nearly middle-aged white guy working at a 7-11. And I’m always mystified when I see a poor white guy in America. I’m like, how the hell does that happen?
But back to Colin and Jesse…
Black men especially should take note that Barack Obama, Jesse Williams and Colin, all have white mothers. From this, elites are telling us directly that we should be with white women. Cause remember, as Black men, we’ll always be more of a threat to white fascism cause not only do we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, but the elites know that the nature of a woman, especially our women, is to seek out some sort of security or stability. So 9 out of 10 times, they’ll conform to the white fascist status quo. 
Now, putting this into the context of Colin and Jesse’s messages, says they’re white fascist freemasons who are intent on keeping the Black family destabilized. And they intend to do this by influencing Black men and women to date, marry and procreate with anyone but another ‘pure-bred’ Black man or woman. So they too can produce another militant, half-bred celebrity…like Jesse and Colin.
So if you’re a Black man or woman reading this, a Black man especially, and you’re thinking that Colin and Jesse are really down for the Black Diaspora, you now know the game they’re running on us for their white fascist handlers. And as a Black man or woman, you should understand why it’s imperative that we choose a right-thinking Black person to date, marry and procreate with. Cause every aspect of the white fascist social order is fighting against the birth of ‘pure-bred’ Black children. Ya’ know, the ones who’ll have the most power to breed their white asses out of existence.

Article written by MontUHURU Mimia   

56 thoughts on “What do Jesse Williams and Colin Kaepernick really have in common?

  1. I don’t know how I feel about this. I would like to think that when your are mixed race, in this case black and white. They may have faced what most mixed race people face, your not white, or not black enough. I call bullshit on that. They probably dealt with their own racial issues, and this has caused them to speak out on the issues. This make me feel like the message this post is sending, if you’re not all black (which most of us aren’t if you really think about) then your words should fall upon death ears. After the NAACP was founded by white and black people, so back then maybe we should’ve just not let them help us because they weren’t 100%. But maybe I read that wrong.

    • What are you talking about, the NAACP was made by whites and mulattoes. They never even allowed mulattoes to be leaders of the NAACP until the 1980’s. Do mulattoes when they speak on white issues, such as Obama, get recognised as white leaders? Fuck no. Why do people always want to defend when mixed people assume been black then claim to speak for black people. All that has happened since these two is more talk of ‘colourism’ (not even racism) and people buying a NFl players shirt which no doubt helped the rich white man who owns the team Kaepernick plays for and put the terms on Kaepernick’s contract. Nobody is saying you have to be 100%, most ordinary people seem to know nothing about biology yet want to speak on ‘100% Afrikan DNA people’ and ‘there is no such thing as race’ which shows they really need to take a goddamn seat. Don’t speak on what you don’t know.

      Kaepernick and Williams can speak on whatever they want to, but they need to stop claiming to talk for black people. If a random ass white guy starts speaking on blacks issues, they are still not black, neither should mulattoes with a parent who is not black. Why is it that Jesse William and Rachel Dolezal both claimed to speak for blacks, yet Dolezal is in the wrong even though both of them have a WHITE MOTHER.

      • Wow you said a mouth full. We can simply agree to disagree. I don’t think they feel as though they speak for all black people, but they are bring light on a serious situation. I get it their moms are white. So people may view them from a different light. I’m sorry you feel as though I don’t know as much as you do, but there is no need for your to get defensive. You can simply explain your point in an educated way. To me it doesn’t matter who is speaking out on the social issues we as black people face day to day, as long as they are bring positive attention to the issues to effect change then they are good with me.

        But hey let’s be real grown and disagree versus attack each other because I don’t agree 100% with this post. I agree to a certain extent.

      • I wasn’t even asking you to agree with me I pointed out these people are causing havoc amongst black people, some of whom can’t decide whether they are black, some black people are not listening at all because they aren’t black, some a drifted off into colourism debates, some are buying Kaepernick shirts yet won’t buy nothing from a black owned shop, some black people are looking at this as all 100% entertainment, some black people are joining BlackLivesMatters because of what these two have spoken on/funded them. Where is the positive attention and changes you speak off? Please expand on what you are talking about. I am not been defensive it was a logical breakdown of what they are not black, why they can’t represent blacks on black issues and why when they open their mouth they speak immediately as a mixed person on the outside looking in KNOWING black people’s mulatto saviour complex.

        On a side note Jesse Williams in particular is decisive what was his need to side with black woman, especially when his mom is white and wife is mixed just like him when the issue he was speaking on was police killings of mostly black men.

      • Change never comes over night, but hopefully change will happen. If we keep speaking out and we change things starting from the bottom in our own communities effecting legislation from the bottom to the top we will see change. More educated black people getting into office and fighting for us.

        In all actually if you look at the numbers more whites are killed by police. But that’s not to say that blacks aren’t getting killed also. Google it and look at the numbers, but then again that could be lie, depending on how you view it. Black people getting killed by police is more shown on TV than anything. I have talked about this on my podcast with my cohost.

        Police are killing people with no just cause. That needs to stop.

      • I have no idea what you are talking about. The narrative hasn’t even changed, it is still the crap that is spewed by mainstream whites. I said look at the behaviour, you totally ignore that. Blacks are not changing nothing, talking is rubbish if the socialisation doesn’t change and Jesse Williams is exposed that, the whole colourism shit exploded again peoples conversation not police killings which is something that had been spoken about before. No change in talk, no change in how blacks should approach the problem. As for politics, most black politicians are negroes not about to do shit. The worst part about your political argument is that most blacks don’t know shit about politics and aren’t putting money where their vote is. The fact you mention that blacks are killed less by police than white s shows even what most blacks are speaking on has NOT changed, lack of change equals nothing happened. So I’m not sure, even with a difference of opinion, how you defend these two.

      • I agree talk is just that talk. We need to act and do things that evoke change. Exactly, my point we need tl educate ourselves politically. The only time people paid some attention to an election was when Obama came on the scene. That was only because he was black (biracial). If we spent more time learning and not watching LHH, Power and all those other show we would be better off. You can pick apart what I’m saying but you have to admit that black people need to educate themselves in all aspect, political and all to be able to effect change. Most of politicians are other races we need to see more color that will effect change for the good of our people. But maybe I missed a point you are speaking on. What behavior would you like me to look at?

      • Once again YOU have to change the narrative. Not the media, not some mulattoes, not someone outside of the group. People outside can instigate change in how you speak, what the goals are, what the intent is behind the action but they are NOT to be recognised as a member of the group. Obama is mixed, STOP defining him by what some redneck white racists would say, the same ones who negroes go off about been racist, can’t listen to them. The politicians need to be paid, where are blacks talking about creating pressure groups from grassroots, talking about lobbying, pooling money to fund election campaigns, targeting and backing politicians regardless of race as long as the make specific promises that would help black people in what ever locality. That’s how the narrative changes, that when talking makes a difference.

    • I didn’t write this article. But I posted it because he brought up some valid points. He’s a critical thinker. Something many black people lack these days. The most important thing in life is being able to tell what is real from the unreal. There’s been a lot of racial tension as of late. And I think much of it is orchestrated. I have funny feeling that Colin may not be genuine. I have suspicions of anyone who makes it big that has Greek fraternity affiliations. Many of these movements(BLM) are funded by whites and are therefore not legitimate. Why would Time magazine put him on the cover?? Time is owned by Zionist Jews that are anti-black. Are they down with black liberation?? Are they for black power?? Hmmm…..highly unlikely. Therefore you must always give a side eye whenever your enemy looks like they are “down for the cause”. NAACP??? That organization was started by whites(Jews). They put biracial people in power over black people. Much like they did with the HBCU’s. So by having whites and mulattoes in power over black people….what did it get us? They gave us integration,civil rights and decades of poverty. The NAACP wasn’t a black organization to begin with. Marcus Garvey’s movement was the only real black movement. But it was sabotaged by W.E. Dubios. Dubios even called Garvey an ugly gorilla. I believe he was told by his white masters to disrespect Garvey because he knew Garvey truly wanted to help black people. And the NAACP does the opposite. I hope that gives you more clarification.

      • It give me some clarification of the differences of opinions. Just makes me wonder. I still have mixed feelings about this post, I agree on some aspects of it. But I don’t want to flat out say that I have an issue with biracial people speaking out on injustices of black people. If they have shady doing, yes I will give them the side eye. Like when white people say, “but I have black friends”. As I said to the prior reply to my comment, I just want to see change and I don’t care who pushes it as long as it for the right reason. Just my opinion.

      • I understand what you mean. The issue is very complicated and can get touchy at times. I think most of my subscribers want to see black communities improve and our quality of life. We just want to make sure that people who claim to speak for us are genuine and have the best intentions. And we don’t want to our emotions to be manipulated by them or the media

      • I agree with that, but I don’t think they speak for us, just adding to the voices that have been already speaking. This are celebrities who don’t have to say anything, but they do and when they do their character is called into question. If they are doing it for all the wrong reason, it will most certainly come to light.

        I think that this is why people are delayed in speaking out. Isaiah Washington just called for a boycott form work, school and etc. And the first thing I heard was where was he will Trayvon Martin and so and so forth died.

        Its almost like damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Black people are the first to tear another black person down when trying to speak out. Its sad, we need unity.. as at the end of the day if you had any black in you, no matter how it was cute, you were called and treated like a n***a. You know?

      • Well unity is definitely needed. I post about it all the time. But we all have these different opinions so many times we can’t get on the same page. Even thought we are all oppressed and face racism…we have different ideas on how to defeat it. The ultimate goal is liberation and real black power. But the sad reality is we have black people who truly don’t want racism to end. That’s why I get attacked on my blog by other blacks. They like this racist corrupt system. And I want it to END. So unfortunately we have enemies within our own race. And they have to be weeded out.

  2. You might wanna rethink been proud of Reginald Lewis. What he did was great, as a businessman, as a opportunist, great message of what could be cone. Too bad he never passed on shit to black people. Imagine $1 billion dollars and a major food label under black people’s belt. The moves that could be done to empower the community economically. He died his Filipina wife took every penny and ain’t done a damn thing for the community where her husband is from and he is the one who had collected the wealth.

    Whites make sure this is a rare occurrence and if they do mate with non-blacks that it remains within their group by training their kids not to seek some mulitracial future but to assimilate back into the overall white population.

    • Yes I agree. I didn’t write this post. Another brother wrote it. I just liked some of his points. All that wealth could’ve went to black people. But of course this fool married a Filipina woman and she’s sitting pretty. Lewis was smart in some ways…but he should’ve married a black woman. He went out like a chump!

      • Who you marry is a political issue. You’re making a statement with the woman you marry. All this talk about “love is blind” and “love has no color” is ridiculous. When I see a black person married to a non-black person I know they must have a certain mentality. I have seen this crap so many damn times. I remember when Soul Train creator Don Cornelius died. His white wife took most of his wealth. These dumb ass negroes just don’t get it,do they? *sigh*

      • The worst part is negroes will lie all day, swear up and down you are hating, jealous, wish you could get what they have, but they ignore the fact in countries with this many whites and the media promotion most black people who turn their noses up to the their interracial relationship have experience within their own family of negroes doing the same. Worst part is looking in my family you see the end result with some distant relatives who moved to the countryside or have bred with whites ages ago and the grandchildren and the fact their is barely any blacks around. These idiots wanna get upset in their old age as these see the physical trace and with that the importance and memory of that individual fading and the community they are from becoming irrelevant to the descendants. I’m just like you made your bed, sleep in it.

      • Nope. The mum moved much of the operations of Beatrice to the Philippines and allowed Chinese and Filipino Chinese people to run the business, funding Filipino children through university in the US. She also set up a school in Reginald’s name, filled with Asians.

        The eldest daughter Christina married a white Jew called Daniel Helpern who is helping to gentrify blacks in Atlanta.

        Committee set up by presided over by her husband. http://www.atlprogress.org/initiatives/westside-future-fund/

        The younger daughter called Leslie also married white marrying a European Canadian called Gavin Rodney Sword.

        An article with her husbands parents a uni loan set up in their memory. http://thelewiscollege.com/014/canada-supports-tlc/

        Reginald Lewis was a top draw negro. Asians and whites managed to get something out of him but he never left nothing for blacks.

      • What the Hell??! I can’t believe this! She set up a school for Asians?? This is crazy. But you see how they look out for their own? Even thought she married a black man she didn’t set up anything for blacks. She still stayed true to her roots. That’s what we need to be doing. All other races look out for their own people. But black people want to unify with all racial groups. We will never make any progress that way. We have to be race FIRST. It’s the only way we will survive as a people. Why can’t ignorant negroes understand this? His daughters are a disgrace! All his hard work and the millions he made…mean nothing. His life was meaningless to the black collective. They should put up a statue of him on the Philippines because his life meant more to them than us. What a damn shame!

      • My bad, it was a university set up by his wife in the Philippines. This was to further the Chinese diaspora’s grip on the nation. It is called The Lewis College of Sorsogon, the only school in America named after the guy is a government school in Baltimore and we can all see it ain’t teaching black males anything when you look at the state and mindset of the city.

        This goes to show you that other races understand interracial sex and marriage well unlike pale skin thirsty or nut anywhere, anytime negroes. Even people who would be considered bedbucks and bedwenches by blacks are able to get something (most times) out of black people. Whether it be a fetish fulfilment, acceptance in a community when they are rejected by their own, to promote their mixed kids as a standard of beauty black beauty (reinforcing black female slef-loating), introduce non-black reasoning into black-only spaces, in the case of negro basketballers and footballers; money and media validation and in the case of businessmen access to resources. As Loida (Reginald’s wife) has exposed, even though her kids are clearly not trying to integrate into the Asian American or Filipino community through their descendants she still managed to provide tangibles for her people. It get deep you know, it makes me angry and frustrated when you see there are ZERO tangible benefits from interracial mixing/marriages because of negroes low as self-confidence, yet other races can ravage black people using this. The frustrating part is how negroes STILL advocate this shit, especially where you mulattoes everywhere like in New York, you got Dominican mulattoes who can’t stand black peoples guts and never want to integrate their community with blacks yet idiots STILL approve of trying to turn black America into Hispaniola.

      • That was on point! A beautiful breakdown of the braindead negroes out here. The interracial game is being played on us very well. At least the other races play to win. They always get something out of marrying and having babies with rich blacks. We just want acceptance from other groups so damn bad. Why is that? Why do we want love from our enemies? Why do we feel the need to be loved by them. I remember Amos Wilson once asked..”What if they never accept you?” That’s what we should be asking ourselves. Will we just wallow in self pity. No way can we go out like that.

  3. They care only half-White out there! Half-White and black,and half-White and Asian! I noticed they don’t want only keep blacks separate from other blacks,but also blacks from people of colour! Why they spread and teach people of colour to hate blacks?Because,blacks and people of colour are the majority in the world,this is mean kill out white race! Teach black men and men of colour to love Albino female for keep white power,and dislike melanated women! Kushite I would like if you talk about why Albino female/male choose as mate partners very dark black people?

    • I have done a few posts on the mentality of white women. They are very interesting creatures. The whole interracial propaganda is just a way of undermining black love and black unity. I will do more posts on them in the future.

  4. Colin made the front cover of Time magazine lol. Colin is running a game because he never did call out his biological white mother out when she was disgusted that he didn’t honor the national anthem. Also he haven’t called out the wrong doings of white people on how they have did serious destruction to BLACK AFRICANS.

    What’s Colin next step after kneeling down on one knee.? What message is he trying to get across? One thing for sure he’s not making any big moves. If he really want to make some moves he could have gotten a lot of black male athletes together to start their on black football
    league. Are have every black male athletes in professional or college to go on strike not play or entertain these white folks.

    But at the end of the day white people being entertain & making money off of this Colin situation. Colin have to keep his name on the media as well especially in sports because he’s no longer the star quarterback on his team.

    • You’re right,I didn’t hear him comment on what his biological mother said. I find that kind of strange. But I wanted to do this post because I fear the powers that be use celeb/athletes many times to get a rise out of black people. They are used as agents many times to make us think they are speaking out against black oppression. We must always keep that in mind. The racist white media looks to play mind games with us.

  5. He never said a thing when he was the starting quarterback and now he’s a leader or some sorta role model in the black community? Where was he on Ferguson and Baltimore? I call bullshit. Now I don’t necessarily disagree with his protesting the national anthem, but I certainly don’t believe his motives are genuine. It’s a way for him to generate publicity for himself and make more money for the white man. I show no favor for Colin.

    • @ Ro’Shumba Mo’Nique
      100% Agreed!!!! Since he no longer the starting quarterback he’s trying his best to generate publicity. Also awhile back he was posting pictures of clubbing or social functions on instagram but all of sudden he making post of Malcolm X, Black Panthers and other black conscious leaders.

    • Yeah I hear you. Now all of a sudden he has an awakening. He’s doing interviews with a big ass afro.lol I know we all grow in our consciousness when we get new information. But for me it was a slow progression to a higher consciousness. This just seems contrived to me. It almost comes off like blackface to me. And the national anthem was written by Francis Scott Key. He was a racist white man that I think owned slaves. Either way that song is NOT for black people. It’s an insult to our ancestors. So while I don’t disagree with hi not standing for the anthem……I question the motives. It’s getting WAY too much attention. Which is why I think it’s being orchestrated to create more racial animosity and tension. And it seems to be working.

  6. Colin Kaepernick currently has the number one selling jersey in the NFL. Nuff said. “Thank you Kaepernick for generating revenue for us! Good job, boy!” says the NFL ‘owners.’

    • @ themelanatedman
      100% agreed with your statement, furthermore he stated he will be donating the money from the jersey to black organizations which will probably be control by whites but black faces as the poster child.

    • Yeah you’re right! I see black people buying the jersey to prove they’re some type of militant.lol Like it’s a real statement being made. It’s really laughable. The NFL is raking in the CA$H!!lol

    • I never really understood the fascination with these Greek fraternities. Especially when you have black colleges that are supposed to be about black history. Why not have African-centered fraternities. We all know many Greeks were homosexuals in ancient times. That’s why they’re called Greek freaks! If these guys had more pride they would realize hos silly they look following the culture of Europeans. All these fraternities remind of the Boule. These organizations help black people become big name singers,politicians and athletes. But they are sworn to secrecy. They are used as tools against black empowerment. Not sure if you saw my post about The Boule. Be sure to read it when you get a chance.

    • Yes I know a lot of people believe that. I used to believe it myself. I think people believe it because they can see the black features in many biracial people. But it’s still a watered down version of blackness. Another reason I think people promote the “dominant gene” theory is because they want to mate with other races. This way they can say that the babies are still black. I could be wrong .

  7. Here we go again really I can’t stand with idiot woman Christelyn Karazin!
    This foolish, she is self hatred black men,definitely she hates herself, otherwise you will never throw yourself in the arms of your arch enemy!
    Why still trying to have kids and breeding with whites? Like asking a cat and a dog to mate with each other when you know already that you can not do it because against nature!
    The major of whites don’t like blacks,why you literally want to throw in a pit filled with lions, when you already know that they’ll tear you to pieces?

    There is something broken in their souls, that they behave in a way so sick!
    If you notice there is something broken in their souls, that they behave in a way so sick!
    You can believe,now in youtube you can find these craps?Really I am done! Trully disgusting!

    • These videos are SICK! Christelyn Karazin is brainwashed clown! Just a self-hating black woman with no self esteem. The other videos are very disturbing. People who crave mixed raced babies are deranged in their thinking. These videos make me want to puke!

  8. Kushite what her white partner is trying to tell her,he doesn’t want his kids look like N@@g,her white boyfriend is cleary racist! But because she is self-hatred,she pleased his racist mind!
    If you notice the majority of whites have very dark skinned partner,
    really I don’t understand these racist,if black skin disgust them,why they don’t stay with their white partern and live us alone?

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