22 thoughts on “Africans have no Neanderthal DNA!

    • Yes it’s important to know your own history. And not let others tell it. This is why many of us have low self esteem. We are taught by this racist system that whites are better in every way. It’s all LIES.

      • I’ve always known white people weren’t what they claimed. The community I was raised in back home in Chicago was very WOKE; and there is a long history of Black nationalism in the city.

      • That’s good to hear. We need that type of mentality to spread across our cities. It’s important for the next generation of children. We want it to be easier for them coming up. We don’t want them to go through the same racist bullcrap we had to deal with. We should be educating them for WAR to be honest. That is what we are in at the moment. No time to sugarcoat it for the babies coming up. It’s better that they know early what they are going to be facing.

      • We’ve actually regressed, Kushite. Our people were on the right track for a while, but white folks figured out a way to stifle us. Integration was a strategy to stop Black Economic growth. Think about that. When this country was segregated, we actually had many more Black businesses. When segregation was struck down; our communities, slowly began to crumble, as those Black people who could, chose to matriculate to white suburbs–this created the ghettos we see today. Then jobs started leaving cities for the suburbs also. Economically, we have to follow the work opportunities to flourish. When those jobs left, particularly in manufacturing, this crippled the inner city even more. Poverty increased. What was the solution by the government? WELFARE. What is welfare? How many people have gotten rich from it? Whose on it? The destruction of the Black family was the product of this so called solution. The systematic removal of the Black man from the home, contributed to the crumbling families. Everything white folks have done has been to destroy us. It is now time to divest from an economic system that was designed to oppress our people.

      • You are so right Angel. I have gotten in arguments talking about integration. Our grandparents thought it would help us but it backfired. I know they meant well but it screwed us. It lost a chance to grow an economic power base. They whites that funded the civil rights movement knew what they were doing. That was the plan all along. Malcolm X was right,we should’ve just did our own thing. But the media portrayed Malcolm has a villain and MLK was the hero. MLK was a part of the black secret group Boule. MLK realized later on in life that he integration wouldn’t help us. But it was too late by then. And you’re right about welfare too. Welfare just makes you dependent on the government. They don’t want us to be self reliant and stand on our own. They want us to always need government assistance and rely on them. It’s just a different form of slavery…but still slavery in a sense.

      • Slavery continues, Kushite. But they just changed the way it’s viewed. It never stopped. Prison system, welfare system (permanent underclass), educational system (dumbing down children), low-wage jobs, destruction of middle class; all of this contributes to the “new slavery.”

      • Exactly!! This is what I keep saying. They just change the definition of things to confuse us. Just like that Black Museum a few days that opened. I saw Obama talking about all this “progress” we have made. What a joke!lol That museum means nothing in the larger picture. We are still an underclass,poor and getting killed on the streets. And he the nerve to have George Bush on the stage too?? That man is a racist devil! But of course black people think this museum actually means something. Good Lord! I wish black people would wake the hell up *sigh*

      • Satan is a master of deceit, Kushite. And white people are his high priests–many of them worship him, including the Elites. We are naturally a discerning, spiritual people, but many of us have turned away from God, the Creator; and stop living by his laws. We chose to follow and worship this depraved thing; and in doing so, we have inherited curses on our people. It is time to serve an eviction notice on this beast, get rid of the bacteria; and restore dignity to the people. Finally, many are waking up. God is stirring up his people like an eagle stirs up its nest. TIME TO EVOLVE from this negative state. A new change is coming for our people. I have hope.

      • Yep, you know since the year 2000 racially motivated violence has increased in the West. Notably in Germany, France, Canada and the USA. This is well known to government agents but I don’t see nothing done about it. The reduction in power, reduction in numbers have shown their impact on whites. Less jobs, less control over international politics, uncertainty in the near future of Western society. This has ordinary whites in fear and we see in literally EVERY pole in most Western countries is white believe their is more discrimination and open anti-white bigotry now than ever before. Foolishness of course, certain segments of non-European populations in most of these countries are mixing and integrating into whites yet the whites, even the ones breeding with non-Europeans are claiming victimhood. Projection and victimisation seem to go hand-in-hand.

      • They love to play victim. They are the biggest bullies on the planet. They don’t want the world to see them for what they truly are. This is why they use the media to demonize other racial groups. This is how the white mindset operates.

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