Pan African Proclamation of 2016

RBG Man...

Hotep family! It’s your brother KP.  I hope everyone is doing well.  I enjoyed my little break from posting. I thought this would be a good post for my return. Here at Kushite Kingdom I have always promoted  the idea of being Pan African. As well as covering topics like Black consciousness,economics,African culture and Black liberation. In exposing the lies that we are told about our history, I’ve tried my best to wake up my people. Many of us get so much disinformation in the media we are very confused.  That’s why I do my best to get out important information to my people. Even if I offend other races in the process. Offending people is not my concern.   If I was scared to offend others I would’ve stop blogging a long time ago.The survival of my people is my main concern.  I have always believed  that black consciousness was a spiritual path based on health,wellness amd knowledge of self. Black consciousness is appreciation for our African heritage,our people and families. And real  power is about determination and self control.  You can call this a proclamation,manifesto,mission statement or public declaration.  But I just wanted to list some ideas and things we as black people should be doing if we want to survive as well as change our mindset.  We have a lot of work ahead of us.  But together we can do this.  I’m sure some of you will like some of it…and others will disagree.  But that’s okay. I’m open to any suggestions anyone may have.

Pan African Flag..

  1. Promote Black Love
  2. Reject ideologies that have European origins
  3. Do not celebrate European holidays(White Gods)
  4. Learn a trade or skill to empower your people
  5. Teach African culture and Black History to your children. And how it can be used as an instrument of Power
6. Study biology and genetics. Learn about your African bloodline.
7.Accept the harsh reality that biracial people are not black
8.Realize that you must sacrifice so that others can be free
9. To live with honor and integrity
10. Must understand that healing means we no longer allow trauma to control our lives
11. Do not engage in sexual activity with non-blacks
12. Stand for justice and equality
13. Learn about great African heroes such as Marcus Garvey,Nat Turner,Queen Nzinga,Shaka Zulu,Thomas Sankara,Steve Biko,Harriet Tubman,Dutty Boukman,Patrice Lumumba,Martin Delany,Edward Blyden,Alexander Crummel,Assata Shakur,Mansa Musa,Malcolm X and Jean Jacques Dessalines. Appreciate their greatness but also learn from their mistakes.
14. Read The Blueprint for Black Power by Amos Wilson(then get all his books)
15. Read The Destruction of Black Civilizations by Chancellor Williams(then get all his books)
16. Read books by black scholars such as John Henrik Clarke,Queen Afua, Kwame Ture,Marimba Ani,Jewel Pookrum,Dr Sebi,Umar Johnson,Llaila Afrika,Bobby E.Wright …among others.
17. Reject European standards of beauty and uplift African Beauty
Black woman..
18.Trust your ancestors and your instincts
19. Support Black businesses
20.Learn how to fish and hunt
21.Grow your own food
22.Learn to speak and write an African language
23.Learn how to read a map and use a compass
24.  Don’t be violent towards black homosexuals,transgenders and lesbians. Live and let live.  But realize that it is not conducive behavior for African people.
25.Understand that homosexuality,bestiality,lesbianism and pedophilia is sexual perversion.
26. Do not be slut or whore.  It is very self destructive  and shows your immaturity. This applies to women….and men.
27. Assume that all non-blacks do not have your best interest in mind.
28. Brothers: Do not display a misogynistic mindset. Hating and despising black women shows ignorance and no growth as a man.  You must learn to respect your woman. Let sistas express themselves although it is okay to disagree at times. But give sistas their space.
29. Sistas: Do not be a man hating feminist.  Do not put down or degrade your man. Use words of encouragement to uplift your man.  And realize that men want to be leaders. Every gender has their role and should compliment the other gender.  A relationship is a partnership that both can benefit from.
30.  You must realize that the masculine principle  and feminine principle compliment one another. And that black men and women must work together to strengthen the family unit.

22 thoughts on “Pan African Proclamation of 2016

      • We are one killing a way from a major riot. I’m serious. What’s happening in Charlotte is a precursor to a bigger response. People have had enough of this shit. Celebrities, athletes, business people, regular people, WE ARE TIRED! White people are a problem and HAVE TO BE DEALT WITH! BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. The revolution will be televised.

      • Yeah I know what you mean. Black people are getting really upset. In many ways a lot of this maybe orchestrated. I feel the powers that be want us to get upset to their advantage. We have to be smart and strategic in our planning. You don’t tell everything over the internet. White people own and control Facebook,Twitter,Wordpress and YouTube. They watch everything. I want black people to keep that in mind. We can not fall for their traps. They could want Martial Law on the masses. We have to use our critical thinking skills at all times. And not be easily manipulated through our emotions. This is what they want.

  1. I have lived my life as a Nationalist for quite some time and everything you’ve prescribed, falls under the tenets of my southern heritage, of which, I am most proud. I totally agree with this standard and agree that it must be implemented as a remedy to grow and advance as a people.

  2. Greetings God Kushite, Respect n Love 2 U and yours! I have never commented b4, wot I will share is…U have sum reely good, valid points my dear Souljah, we do need a guideline. Eye 2 am on a mission 2 gain moor knowledge, right knowledge…Eye am ever blissful, grateful and humbled 2 know such creative beings such as yourself, but myself have been procrastinating and stunted sum wot by da ills of this plane, no one 2 blame but myself, it’s a constant battle my brotha, but yet “Still I Rise” (Rest In Power Maya 💖) Eye wanted to 2 let you know, eye def feel ya & will do my part and WILL most def get back on track! Thankh you for your continued bold, deep rooted, helpful efforts in shedding da light. Eye pray you get all the resources, time, love, support and encouragement you need to fulfill your dream, 2 make it happen Captin…oh is that you and your beautiful famlee in the pic? Gorjus famlee 👍🏾 Melanin Up…ahaa ✌🏾️👑💖 Di one Goddess Yume -X-


    • Thank you for the kind words Beverly. I’m glad you enjoyed the list. I know it can be a real struggle in this racist society we live in. But I think it’s important we pull our resources together and work as a team. We need to operate as a family unit in our communities. No that pic is not of me. It is model Tomiko Fraser and her husband. And yes I agree,it is a beautiful family. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Statement number seven I 100% agreed. The one drop rule have cause so much confusion our people can’t tell the differences from whose a Black African & Non Black African

    • Confusion is their best weapon. We need a clear definition on who is black and who is not. We have too many mixed/biracial people standing in place for blacks. Other racial groups have a clear definition who belongs to their group. I think we need one too.

    • Thanks Onitaset. That’s the idea. I shared it on Twitter. Hopefully others will share it on Facebook,Tumblr and Instagram. You are more than welcome to share it with as many people as you like.

  4. Great list:

    1. I only promote African love on my blog: [].

    6. I’m a full blooded African male and only believe in black love and black couples. We are alive because of black love.

    11. Agree.

    13, 14, 15, 16, currently doing.

    17. Agree.

    22. Can speak 3 African languages besides my native language, Xhosa (Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, King Shaka Zulu etc., should come to your mind 😂).

    28. Agreed. In fact, black women are the greatest thing to ever happen. The destruction of black women would spell the extinction of black males. We should all work toward the complete empowerment and total liberation of black women. Power to the ladies!

    >>>>Exit the stage>>

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