Kushite Kingdom takes a break….but I’ll be back


What’s up subscribers? Sometimes we all need  a break. Just a little hiatus. We can get caught up in so much social media(YouTube,Facebook,Wordpress) we forget about our real lives.  I don’t want anyone to think I’m ending my blog.  It’s not the end,it’s just a break.  I may pop by and “like”  a post or may even comment if I’m in the mood.   But for the most part I just wont be putting up posts for awhile. I got some things I need to deal with involving family and friends.  Feel free to leave comments on my most recent posts.  I’ll answer them when I can. I appreciate all  the comments I get whether they are positive or negative. A lot of time is involved when posting all the time.  Just this year alone I’ve put up 183 posts.  I just need a break.


Sometimes it’s good to unplug for awhile and clear your thoughts. You guys take care. I’ll be back. Peace. KP

32 thoughts on “Kushite Kingdom takes a break….but I’ll be back

  1. You know what they say, heavy is the head that wears the crown 👑. No problem mate we’ll see you soon

  2. Yes, it has been a long, hot summer! We all deserve a “mental” break to collect our thoughts and to re-group. We’ll leave the light on for you!

  3. Good for you KP. Balance is everything. We receive so much from you and don’t give half as much back, so yes I understand. Take your time bruh and know, You are appreciated.

    • Thanks Sunshine. That’s very sweet of you to say. It’s nice to know my posts are reaching people. And all this information I put out is not in vain. I always appreciate your comments and insight. Thanks Sunshine. 🙂

  4. Have a good one. Keep throwing out good information, opening peoples minds, a person like that deserves his breaks but just know that when you back in the game more hard hitting facts and knowledge shall touch peoples minds.

    Hope you come back refreshed, reinvigorated and rearing to go. For now enjoy your break too much social media is unhealthy I’ve been told may times and you understand how to deal with that. As we say in the London, safe.

    • Thanks,I appreciate that. Like I said we all need a break sometimes. Sitting in front of a laptop too much is not good for you anyway. Sometimes it’s good to step away from all this social media.But I think I’ll be pretty refreshed when I get back. And when I do…I’ll be ready to open more minds.

  5. Kushite! Did you hear they killed Dr. Sebi yesterday?!!! He was in police custody at the time. These people are truly evil.

    This is a great loss to the people. I give up on humanity.

    • Yes I heard about it. It’s really sad. When I heard he was in police custody that sounds very suspect to me. It seems all the great teachers are being taken out. Sebi could cure cancer,AIDS and diabetes. That made him a very dangerous man. This is a huge blow to the holistic community. May he Rest in Power.

  6. Yeah. You have to re-wind sometimes. Been there. And the universe has some more knowledge that you must receive and you have to be in the proper place to get it. Peace, man… See ya when you get back.

  7. Hey brother. I really wanted to talk about the Rio Olympics. WTF was with those three ‘shims’ coming 1,2,3 in the women’s 600m! Not even trying that hard to look like anything other than dudes with their manhood taped down! Making a complete travesty of the race (and not just the athletic). And then there’s Bolt. Everything there to show that he is owned as an illuminati pawn. He’s already done the ‘dude in a dress’ when advertising Branson’s Virgin Media and now with all the one-eye poses and 666 I can only surmise that he is a sellout cnut. What do you and others out there think?
    Hope you have enjoyed your break.

    • I only saw a few events in the Olympics. I caught a few of the US men’s basketball games. They pretty much dominated everyone and took the gold medal…as expected. And I saw Usain Bolt win a few races as well. Yeah I saw a picture of him in a dress so I knew he had sold out to the racist homosexual agenda. I did notice something interesting involving the 666(Beast) numerology. In Bolt’s last three races he was in lane 6…which makes up 666. You can come to your own conclusion about that. Unless it was a coincidence. I love the bodies of many of the track and field women. Those black women are in great shape. Just as long as it’s not too muscular and manly looking. But I have no issue with women who work out and stay in good shape. That’s what we as black people should be doing anyway. We need to take better care of our health.

      • Sorry the race was women’s 800m. Please google for the fugly photos.
        Winner Caster Semenya of SA is actually a proven hermaphrodite. The 2nd and 3rd placed, Niyonsaba and Wambui, are fake as f**k. Their medal wins serve two purposes: to make true fit and healthy sistas feel that black equals not feminine, and to subliminally further the transgender agenda. Puppets and pawns everywhere which makes an Olympic medal win meaningless. We KNOW we are physically dominant but we are also intellectually and morally dominant. This is the message we need to spread and for a start refuse to participate in their charades and stop worshipping false idols.

      • I see your point Shanequa. Like I said,a woman can be in shape and still look womanly. I don’t like when women go overboard with the muscles. Like the women bodybuilders. They hit the gym too much and end up looking like men. I like women that are soft and feminine,but that’s just me.

    • Hello Epi. Most likely next month I’ll put up a post. I know people have been wondering when I was coming back. I’m glad people care enough to ask. At least I know I’m reaching people. Thanks for asking.

  8. You’ve left me in confusion and fire, night and day I am dreaming of your return. The longing is torturing me and I won’t rest until you are once again amoung us Kushie Bear

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