European Possession- Amos Wilson

The black man is re-created because he’s separated from his African self…that’s the process. You cannot be an AFRICAN and a SLAVE at the same time. You cannot be truthfully and pridefully an African and relate to each other as African people the world-over and be the dupes and subordinates of European [and other] power – it can’t happen. The ruling of Africans the world-over is brought through the process of FALSE INDIVIDUALISM and SEPARATING THE AFRICAN IDENTITY. The slave experience wasn’t just an exploitation of labor but it was ultimately a BRAINWASHING procedure. What is happening to the African during this process: why is the African losing language, culture, social organization, perspectives, religion, etc.? YOU WILL SEE AN AFRICAN BEING NIGGERIZED – BEING TURNED INTO A SERVANT! If you are at one with your identity, no other identity can be placed in you. It’s only when you become separated from your African identity that you leave a vacuum for another identity to be introjected and inculcated into your personality.

White Lies..

In order for the servility and inferiority complex, the loss of self-confidence and pride, the loss of a sense of mastery and collectivism, we had to first be separated from our African identity by the people who would use us. This was done by having us become ignorant of our African culture and by degrading and associating everything African and black with negativity. The associations to things African and black is such that many want to escape from things African and black. Through rewards and punishments, the Europeans [and Arabs] have separated the African from his identity. They’ve effectively loaded the African identity with negative associations that even the African doesn’t want to identify with it. WE GET INTO ABSTRACTIONS: “I’M AN AMERICAN; I’M A HUMAN BEING”–ANYTHING BUT AN AFRICAN! It’s this separation that provides the energy for others to dominate us and you’ll see it early in African children. WE ARE POSSESSED – ALIENATED! – Dr. Amos Wilson

26 thoughts on “European Possession- Amos Wilson

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  2. If you have a hair texture different,little bit light or light eyes, they tell you, “No, you are not black, you are MULATTO!”.LOL
    Black people are not gorgeous,because they are black! LOL
    If they see very beautiful black women, “No,she is beautiful because she is not black!” LOL
    Really I like how arrogant they are,they think to know everything about you! What hell they are? They are all doctors or scientists?
    So, we are not black, we are all “MULATTO!”,this shift,they say also to person with very dark skin!
    If you wearing cornrows or bread, they say “black women can’t grow their hair? Next day, you see these crack females wearing cornrows,bread,dreadlocks,afro hair!
    I never see Indian women,Chinese women or non-white women wearing afro or black hairstyles! You don’t call this sick obsession?
    How ugly they are with black hairstyles? They don’t have a mirror in their house? Before they live their house,they don’t see how clown they are? LOL
    Black women have long hair because for European blood! LOL!
    I am sorry African tribe women have had the ability to grow their hair, before their racist ass invaded Africa!
    We don’t need their shift, to teach us how to grow our hair!
    Thanks Kushite really I appreciated, one thing I understood today,now is illegal to be blacks!

  3. Add: “I’m mixed.” Most of you have heard the idiocy of Bow Wow indicating that he can’t identify with the Civil Rights Movement because of his mixed heritage. Nigga…wha?

  4. Every since BLACK AFRICANS have had contact with EUROPEANS from being captures from their native land sent to another country to be enslave, oppress and living in harsh condition which would eventually learn the ways of the captors.

    We have truly lost our identity of who we really were as a people. BLACK AFRICANS have forgotten the greatness that they once were before the contact of Europeans. Better yet our people have been suffering from post traumatic slave syndrome since we’ve been freed from slavery.

  5. All I can say is wow! I am a white woman that has finally found the love of my life and guess what? He is black! He’s the most beautiful man inside and out I have ever known. So should I not love him because he has dark skin ? He loves me like no other man has . he seems to love me for me not because I’m white but because i am me. The thing is I have seen some white men with black women that were so in love he would say he loved her curls and she loved his freckles. They loved each other. I have dated black men white men Russian men Mexican men German men but not one of them was the man for me I found him we are getting married and we plan to have several mixed race children . you know I believe with all my heart mixed race children are the most Beautiful children ever. Mexican men marry white women white women marry white men Germans marry Russians who the hell cares if they love each other have children they love want and raise together as a family? I see it every day and it’s sad many young girls black and white have children very young rather than focus on school and at the age of 19 have four kids. Then they are pist that no man wants to come along and take care of them and they start blaming. They blame any one and everyone they can or the woman black or white that won’t get off her ass and hit a gym and take care of herself so she blames her kids for making her fat or the woman that’s found smoking pot and partying more fun than having a job working their way through life. They are pist the welfare check to support her fat ass and 5 babies because baby daddy is no place in sight after she spread her legs AGAIN and was knocked up for the fifth time. Well she’s pist she doesn’t have drinking money left over after tax payers pay her rent and food again . so she blames. I’m not saying black women I’m saying all women that have to go back hundreds of years and blame the white women that takes care of herself speaks properly walks and talks like a lady and is educated rather than knocked up at 15 and isn’t covered in jail house tattoos is slightly more appealing to any man black or white. There are beautiful stunning black women in our world that care about themselves black men would pick over an soso white woman in a attract what you are. If you are lazy blame everyone for your pitiful life you made for yourself you are not going to find a man that cherishes you. You don’t like yourself why would he. If you get up shower clean up to your best everyday eat healthy work out have a pourpose you do everyday and wear a smile it won’t matter what color they are they will line up for miles men want more than anything a woman with a smile if u don’t love yourself no one will. Stop the pitty party I hear more racists things from blacks then I ever have whites. You didn’t live as a slave and I wasn’t a slave owner it’s the year 2016 get over it for Christ’s sakes to hear you want to kick a white woman’s ass it’s immaturity low self esteem and people that have to put down others to make them selves feel better really don’t have a smile they are not happy people . so you go ahead keep saying it’s all our fault men have a preference to what they like. Smiles confident health ly women that take care of them selves. No matter the color of the woman or the man that’s what steals a man’s heart happy confident and a smile. It’s not for any other reason gimme a break
    .we are not living in the past. I’m certainly going to Marry the man I love have my children and be thankful for my amazing husband everyday and look at the most beautiful children EVER allllllll mixed race and know they were wanted planned made with love and will be raised to act like kind polite ladies and gentlemen. And I’m going to enjoy my life every Christmas thanks giving Easter and the comments I hear from ignorance walking by will remind me I love the man of my dreams every day more and more. If your ignorance is black or white I feel sorry for you I really do there’s probably a white man that would love to have you and you could be missing the man of your dreams dummy

    • You are an ignorant white woman. Race mixing will not save black people. Black people need to have more pride and self love. We have no business marrying you people. You are our open enemy. You have lynched,raped and killed millions of my people. And you have not paid us back for your evil crimes. You are evil by nature…I guess you can’t help yourselves. Your black boyfriend is a self-hating coon! He has no black pride and no self respect. You and your coon boyfriend are delusional. Don’t bother coming back to this blog. Your kind is not wanted here. So long,you low life beast!

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