Six Ways Blacks can advance economically and socially

Black business1..

Too many of us are psychologically trained to overly depend on bigots to give us what we need. Here are 6 ways to end that economic dependence that will help us advance socially and economically.

1. Stop Breeding Your Child To Be Sent To The Economic Slaughterhouse – It’s downright criminal for a black adult abusing her child by sending them in harms way to bigots who psychologically don’t even like them to beg for a damn job.

The Solution – Instead teach your child the importance of starting their own business and the value of entrepreneurship so they won’t be economically slaughtered.


2. Instill The Importance Of Education In Your Child – Any black child in America that goes through life without an education will always be a target of being pimped, robbed, and exploited not only by those outside of their community, but also by those inside their community and many athletes have become broke because of this from Terrell Owens to Allen Iverson.

The Solution – Teach your child the importance and value of education so that they won’t go through life being a target of being pimped, robbed, and exploited not only by those outside of their community, but also by those inside their community.

3. End The Overdependence On Racist Caucasoids To Give Us What We Need – Too many black people in America are psychologically brainwashed into believing that the “best chance” to get ahead socially and economically in this country, they have to go and constantly beg bigots to give them what they need.


The Solution – Become producers so that way that you won’t fall into the psychological trap of begging bigots to give you what you need.

4. Many Young Black Men Need To Stop Thinking That Football or Basketball Is “The Only Way” To “Make It Out Of The Hood” – Most young black boys (9 of 10) mentally emasculate themselves by allowing other to define them as nothing more but athletes. 98% of young black guys that invest in it will never make it to the pros.

There’s a very destructive culture that comes with it: alcohol, drugs, womanizing, baby mamas, STDs, financial and sexual irresponsibility. Some guys kill themselves from either not playing anymore or suffering brain damage from taking multiple hits to the head, this is explored in the film Concussion which I highly recommend.

The Solution – Teach your son that it’s easier becoming a neurosurgeon than an NFL or NBA player with a 2-3 career at best.

5. Create Something That You Can Own, So That You Can Pass It Down To Your Kids And Grandkids – To depend on the academic and corporate plantation to pay your bills and take care of your family is a very dangerous form of mental illness because you can NEVER pass that academic or corporate job down to your kids because like an O.G. once said back in the day, “They’ll find a new guy from the hood next year


The Solution – Being your own boss is far more enjoyable and rewarding than kissing a racist Caucasoid boss’s ass everyday. Trust me.

6. Create Our Own Political Party, That Truly Caters To Our Community’s Agendas And Not Caucasoid Liberal Or Conservative Agendas – It doesn’t make sense for us to ask racist politicians like Hillary Clinton, whose husband incarcerated more black men than any other president in US History during the 90s with The Violent Crime Bill which actually accelerated The Mass Incarceration Epidemic that has destroyed so many black families. American Prisons are modern day breeding grounds for black male extermination.

The Solution – Create Our Own Party, That Only Caters To Our Community’s Agenda.

The Conclusion – This article should be very helpful and beneficial to inspire you to advance socially and economically without depending on bigots to give you what you need.

Article written by Joe Davis

13 thoughts on “Six Ways Blacks can advance economically and socially

  1. We’d better do it quick.

    Up here, hispanics and indians are buying up “mini-farms” which is between 1-10 acres of land and starting their own flea markets, farmers markets and commercial businesses. They took over this little town and slowly turned it into Little Bombay. A just saw a Chinese Bee Farmer in my area selling organic honey for 15.00 a (tiny) bottle.

    Prince, this is serious business.

    In Philly, a MAJOR gentrification is happening right under our noses with Berkshire Hathaway buying up all of the broken down homes and apartments blacks used to occupy.

    We had better get over our trust issues and quick too ’cause it’s getting real out there.

    • Yeah we better. Things are getting real out here. The gentrification is widespread from what I hear. It’s spreading to many cities. We need to follow a lot of the things in this post. WE have a lot of work to do!

  2. Amen. We have to and must take control of our own future and we can do it if we want. We need to stop making excuses and just do it. As a black woman, I have created my own wealth. I thrive on competition with any white woman, because I know I will be victorious. It is an amazing feeling to have when you get to stand on top of that mountain, but the only way to be holding the torch, is to fight the fight. If we never try, we will never succeed. Failure leads to success only if the fight is continued, not if you settle for failure. The problem is fear among us. So many are afraid to reach outside the establishment, but yet when we do, we are victorious. We must try and if we fail, we must not be afraid to try again. Our futures depend on it. I for one am tired of seeing us settle for the establishments welfare state. We are better than that. We are stronger than that. We can do it if we try but so many of us never try because we are told by the establishment of white society that this is where we belong. This absolutely infuriates me. We must never settle where white society tells us we should, but all too often we do. We must stand up and fight the societal establishment and destroy it, and we will, simply by being successful.

  3. These things are a definite must for our people. Which is why the most high always exhorts us to come out from among them and be separate. We will gain nothing by pandering to these white devils…

    • Agreed! One of the areas pointed out that I totally agree with is to implement out own political party. The ‘Panthers did and we can as well, in addition to learning from their mistakes.

  4. Great piece!!! I have been having these same exact thoughts for a while now. We need to stop THINKING about doing something. And just start DOING something. I am an author. I cover these issues about our community in my novel. I’m in the process of finishing up my book. I will get published, and pray that my words impact the black community and leave a positive influence on our people’s lives.

    • I agree with you ZK. It’s really about putting things into motion. You are o the right track. Good luck on your book. Our people could definitely use anything that will empower our people. Thanks for the comment.

  5. To add to #2, the definition of education should encompass everything the white man doesnt teach you b/c that’s alot.

    #5 is very important. I’ve had dozens of business ideas throughout my life that I never acted on because being a business owner was not something instilled in me. It was instilled in me to get a job. All the great ideas I had never left my head.

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