Latinas/Asian women: Validation from Non Black Women



Are Latinas a better alternative to black women?  What about Asian women?  The video(above) is of two buffoonish black men speaking on their love of Mexican women.  I found the video very distasteful and full of self hatred.  These two clowns don’t know how foolish they look.   At one point in the video the guy says “Every black man’s dream is to be with a Hispanic girl”.  Is he serious?  Their self hatred is deep!  But I see this type of mentality all the time in California.  There is a lot of interracial dating/marriage out here.  And I am sick of seeing this hatred of blackness.  I have co-workers who chase after Latinas and Asian women all the time.  These stupid black men love to brag about getting some “hot Latina ass”.  It’s really disgusting.  And the media helps to push this interracial crap on the minds of black people.  The two guys in this video are at least honest,I will give them that.  But I cant stand the black coons that try to deny their anti-blackness and hatred for African women.  I think many of them seek validation from these women because they don’t value black women. They are self loathing and devalue blackness.  And I’ve seen an increase of black men hooking up with Hispanic/Latinas and Asian women over the last ten years.  Even many men in the entertainment and sports world.


Who can forget music producer Puff Daddy and actress Jennifer Lopez. I still think she just used him to get more fame and recognition.  After she got more notoriety…she dumped him. What a surprise!

Dave Chappele1...

Comedian Dave Chappelle with Filipino wife Elaine and children.

Champ Bailey...

NFL player Champ Bailey with wife Mexican booty model Jesikah Maximus. They have one child together.Why are these fools marrying booty models anyway?  These women are fake,plastic,materialistic and have no substance.  But guys like Bailey don’t care.  Just as long as the woman is not black,that’s all that matters. Having children with non-black genetics is very important to these self hating clowns.

This video(above)  is very hard to watch.  This black man is a damn fool!  This clown goes on about how Filipino women wont give him a chance. He says they usually stick to their own race or get with white men.  Wow!!  What a shock moron!!!  We live in a white dominated society so of course most Asian women worship white men.  This video is the definition of pathetic.  This is a  bad look for black men.  This man is literally begging other races of women to love him. He must have NO self respect or dignity. No pride what so ever.  I can’t believe he would actually show his face . This fool has other videos talking about how beautiful East Indian woman are and how they diss him.  Here’s an idea..why not try black women?  Why not embrace the beauty of your African women?  But this guy is a Hebrew Isrealite and many of them hate African people.  I understand that not all Hebrews think that way. But this guy is utterly  ridiculous.  So he is full of self hatred and is useless to black people.  I hope this coon finds himself a non-black woman so he can breed his kind out of existence.  The sooner the better.

Derek Luke..

Actor Derek Luke and Latina wife Sophia.

Julius Peppers..

NFL player Julius Peppers recently had a baby with Cuban girlfriend Claudia Sampedro.  She is a Kim Kardashian look alike to me. Which is fitting since she’s one of these Instagram attention whores dying to get fame.  I guess Julius was the sucker!!


Films like Honey(2003) promoted black men-Hispanic women hookups. This film starred Jessica Alba and Mekhi Phifer.

Sandra Oh..

On the drama Grey’s Anatomy (2005-2007) actor Isaiah Washington had a romance with Asian actress  Sandra Oh. Television shows and films like this push the idea that black men should go for Asian and Hispanic women.

In the  Christian drama film,I’m in Love with a Church Girl(2013) actor/rapper Ja Rule plays a drug dealer that falls in love with a church girl.  The woman is played by Latina singer/actress Adrienne Bailon.  Neither one of them are great actors.  The film is really cheesy with bad acting.  But it did accomplish two things.  It helped promoted the stereotype of black men as drug dealing criminals.  But also helped push the interracial agenda that only a non-black woman can make a black man turn his life around for the better.

On the hit drama Power(2014-present) there is an interracial affair going on. The lead actor Omari Hardwick plays Ghost. Ghost is a New York nightclub owner.  But he’s living a double life. He is also a drug dealer on the side.  His black wife is played by actress Naturi Naughton.  But Ghost is having an affair with his mistress Angela.  Angela is played by Mexican actress Lena Loren. A black man cheating on his wife with a Hispanic woman. This season he actually leaves his wife for her.  What type of message does this send?  Not a good one.



This video(above) is the trailer for the film Bazodee(2016).  The plot for this film says :

“Anita Ponchouri(Natalie Perera), the dutiful Indian daughter of a deep-in-debt businessman is about to marry a wealthy Londoner when a chance encounter with local singer, Lee de Leon(Machel Montano) sets things askew. In search of a muse, de Leon agrees to perform at the engagement party for both families. Unable to deny their mutual attraction, and with the excitement of Carnival approaching, Anita must now choose between the answer to her family’s financial prayers and the possibility of real love. Set on the vivid, colorful island of Trinidad and pulsing with the sensuous dance rhythms of soca music.”  So now Bollywood is jumping on the interracial trend too??  This is laughable.  Indian people are very anti-black for the most part.  I have had black men tell me they get no play from Indian women.  And that’s saying a lot being in California.  Since most people out here are down with race mixing.  I’ve seen black men with white,Asian,Puerto rican and Mexican women.  I may have seen a black man with an Indian woman maybe once  ten years ago…haven’t seen one since.  The anti-blackness is very strong in Indan culture.  Many of them are very dark skinned but still think they’re better than black/African people.  It comes from the color caste system they have.  That’s why this Caribbean/Bollywood love story is a joke.  No Indian man wants to see his daughter with a black man.   He would probably disown her on the spot! These type of films give self-hating black men false hope.  They see all these films and television shows promoting interracial marriage and makes them think they can get these type of women.  And even the sports athletes can get them only because they are rich.  But these dumb negroes don’t understand they will be giving that wealth back to a non-black family. We need to see the value in black women.  We need to see the value in having black children and stop making mixed babies.  The truth is black men don’t need validation from these women.  We should be uplifting the beauty of our own women.  Only a self hating loser would chase after Asian,Hispanic  and Indian women.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting validation.  We all need it to a certain extent.  But validation should come from getting respect from your own  family and community.  So I hope all the intelligent and proud black men know where I’m coming from. Peace.

104 thoughts on “Latinas/Asian women: Validation from Non Black Women

  1. If these self-haters are that stupid and needy and desperate for attention from women other than Black women, then they can just go to hell. I really don’t see why anyone would need someone to ‘validate’ them. I don’t even know what that’s about. I ‘validate’ myself. That is part of the problem. People worship idols and heroes and those that are put on a pedestal and they don’t even know how to think for themselves. They need someone to do their thinking for them; as in tell them who they should be dating and having babies with and if they are that shallow and needy, those sluts are welcome to them.

    In my opinion, Black women are getting off lucky since the ‘non-keepers’ are weeding themselves out. They are doing us a serious ass favor! I am glad they ‘got ta steppin’! Next!

    • That’s what I’m saying. Many of these brainwashed fools are a lost cause. They don’t know how stupid and foolish they sound lusting after these Asian and Hispanic women. That guy in the second video sounds very desperate. I can’t believe he would show his damn face! These men have NO pride at all. And sistas are better off without these clowns. Hopefully they will breed themselves out. They are of no use to us in our struggle.

      • I hate to say this, but I did not look at either video because I was so turned off over your assessment of them. I did not want to puke while watching them and I am so glad that you gave the low-down on what we would see if we viewed the videos.

        Thank you!

      • @ ShelbyCourtland
        I didn’t watch the videos either because I expected what would come out of these self hating negro men mouths. I did read the comments on the ” shoutout to Mexican girls” video and the Latino women & men came in their with pride stating the beauty of their race of women. These self hating coons are a laughing joke but social media has become a platform for these niggers to advertise their self hate on a worldwide platform.

  2. In all fairness Sandra was the ONLY one from “Grey’s” to defend Isiah Washington, hell even Shonda Rhimes left Isiah to twist in the wind because a whiny little FAG complained that the big, scary, black buck was “mean to him” [never mind the blatant racism in the gay community]. And I don’t think you are being fair to black men Prince when there are black women who worship white daddy to a damn fault! Not only that they slobber over some of the fugliest pricks on earth, then you have black women hosting them over their shoulders like they are the winning coach at the Superbowl. Peep the comments about Iman and David Bowie, Paula Patton and Robin Thicke[ he of the very racist dad] and Maya Rudolph and her white husband. Yes I know she is bi-racial but still same thing goes for Tamara “don’t hate my white father” Mowery bitching about anybody that looks cock-eyed at her white husband. Or the never ending selloutness of semi-talent Aisha Tyler crying like a bed wench from 1835 because white hubby dropped her ass like a bad habit. The one difference is that Asian, white, Hispanic, Arab and Indian men are NOT feeling black women like that and if they are black women will act like somebody just gave them 200 million in lottery winnings.

    • You know I have talked about black women on this blog who act like ass kissing Aunt Jemima’s. And I have criticized black women who lust after white men. But that is not what this post is about. This is about black men who are self loathing and chase after non-black women. So why are you changing the subject? Why do you always do that? If the subject is about some of the ignorant things black men do…you’re always coming in saying “Well black women do it too”…or…You’re not being fair” etc.. You always change the subject to black women. You have never answered that question for me. I would like an answer.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        I can tell Lavern has issues with black women by reading their comments from previous or past post you made on your blog. I’m starting to believe the person is a internet troll. Kushite Prince you have called out before these self hating negro men & women even the commentators have done the same. I also notice this comment that Lavern made on your post.

        “The one difference is that Asian, white, Hispanic, Arab and Indian men are NOT feeling black women like that and if they are black women will act like somebody just gave them 200 million in lottery winnings.”

        Self hating negro men & women love bragging as well as putting each other down, about whose desirable, acceptable, or unacceptable by their non black oppressors. Last time I check these non black people don’t give a shit about us whether you’re a black man or woman.

      • @ Shanequa
        Well Lavern has been following my blog for over a year or so. She has giving some great comments in the past. Many comments I do agree with. So I wouldn’t say she’s a troll. But she does seem to be much harder on black women than she does black men. Most of the time she lets the ignorant behavior of black singers,rappers and actors slide. But if a black woman does the same thing she comes down on them really HARD. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I’m not mad at her for that. But she needs to be a little more equal in her criticism.

      • Because I feel FAR too many black women and some black men are always letting black women off the hook. You did talk about black women but it wasn’t nearly at the same level of criticism that black men get. I’m a black woman myself and I see this whole “victim” mentality from a lot of black women who think because they are twice marginalized that absolves them from taking slings and arrows it doesn’t. When that bus driver punched the mouthy heffa who had hit him FIRST black women came out of the woodwork to attack and even called her a teenager when she was 25! They said nothing about the many videos of white male cops assaulting black women. There are black women married outside of the race to some nothing men and who go 8,000 kinds of giddy over white males even some butt ugly white males and they get very little judgement about it. that’s bullshit.

      • Sorry I’m not buying that answer Lavern. I have covered both black men and women who date interracially and kiss the asses of white folks. Neither one gets a pass from me. They are both equally wrong in my opinion. But if you look at the statistics black men date/marry out of their race more than black women. Sorry,but that’s just the facts. Although I realize black women are starting to catch up a bit. But here in California I see it with black men way too much. And it needed to be addressed. I do agree that black women should be called out as well. I’m not letting them off the hook. And I’m not giving them a pass. Like I said before you do it ALL the time. It’s very annoying and I’m getting tired of it. I would appreciate if you could stick to the subject at hand stop changing the subject. I have talked about sellouts like Leslie Jones,Kerry Washington,Oprah.Whoopi Goldberg among others. So don’t come on my blog and try to say I don’t bring criticism equally. That is a damn LIE. Your comment was not good enough. Try again.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I agree with your statement about Lavern. I’mjust tired of black men & women always pointing all the blame at black women when its a equal share of blame toward the black man & woman. Yes, everyone do have a right to voice there on opinion, but I’m tired of people acting like black women don’t get called out when they actually do.

    • Perfect example black female is calling me a “troll” because I said something negative about back women. So how does that make a TROLL again?!! Is it because you are the one coming under fire. There is that defensive attitude which I was talking about many black women think they are above reproach when they aren’t and no kidding from what I have seen in society non black men DON’T go after black women. Case in point guy from India on “Beauty and the Geek” was mad that he didn’t get paired with a blonde and got a black girl instead. He made no secret that he was pissed off he got the black girl yet she still tried to be buddy buddy with him. Don’t act like black women don’t take a piss all over their dignity for acceptance from a non black man.

      • That’s because like I said there aren’t as many non black men willing to be with black women. But I will bet my last dollar if they could they would even a fugly, worthless, obnoxious asshole like Bill Maher can get a black woman as he makes jokes about black folks. And THAT kind of shit shouldn’t be called out! Just because black women don’t do it to the same degree doesn’t mean you won’t find just as many black women in a rush to bang anything that is not black.

      • Exactly, Lavern. It just not publicized as Black men/nonblack women but I do see a lot of douchebaggery and racist exploitation of Black women by nonblack men, whether is from their “lovers”/boyfriends, police officers, affluent men coming in and out of Black communities, nonblack store owners, etc.


  3. Self hate runs deep in the black community. The below or average looking non black male celebrities can pull the top of the line attractive looking black or biracialwoman while a black male celebrities whose attractive pulling non black women that aren’t attractive. In the black community we have far too many attractive black men & women dating these unattractive or average non black men & women that are out of there league. Trust me these self hating negroes will make
    sure that if they did dated someone black they will have to be attractive.

    These are examples average looking non black male celebrities that have dated attractive black women
    Rapper French Montanna

    Below is a picture with his black baby mama

    French Montana use to Trina

    Musica producer Scott Storch dated black female rapper Lil Kim

    Actor Adam Rodriguez dated Melanie Fiona

    Nba player Dirk Nowitzki & wife.

    German actor Michael Fassbender & wife

    Brad Pitt & Robin Givens

    Tom Jones & Mary Wilson

    Diana Ross & Gene Simmon

    Robert Deniro & first wife

    Mick Jagger & Marsha Hunt

    Carlos Satanna & wife

    • Thanks for the picture compilation Shanequa. That’s way too many of us messing with these other races and making more mixed babies. Just so you know,that pic of Michael Fassbender is with actress Nicole Beharie. They dated but were never married. I thought it was such a mismatch. She is way too attractive for him. Same goes for the woman with Dirk Nowitzki. It always looks weird to me when I see pretty black women with white guys. Makes my skin

      • Kush,the objective of the interracial agenda,is to make sure that black people don’t make babies. Remember,white people are more concerned about our population numbers than theirs.Also on Oprah new show Greenleaf, Laman Rucker’s character is cheating on his wife with a white woman.Let the ones who want to be with whitey be with them,it just means more for me to own in the future. GOD BLESS

      • That’s right SevenKing. That’s the real motive behind all of this. That’s why I try to drive home the point a lot. These black men are self loathing and pathetic. And I have heard about the Greenleaf show but haven’t seen it. But nothing surprises me if Oprah is involved. Most of her shows promote interracial relationships,homosexuality and lesbianism. Oprah sold out a very long time ago.

      • That mother looks like Bill Walton! And Nicole better be careful I hear old Mike likes to keep his pimp hand pretty strong. Gene Simmons old racist ass AND Paul Stanley hooked up with Diana so she was basically passed around and Robin Givens please!! That fool is still talking about Brad when he dumped her stupid ass years ago. She yacks about past shit to stay relevant, that is exactly what I was talking about with loser black women clinging for dear life to that one time a white guy showed them attention

  4. You know what? I’m really not going to get angry. I’ll just end this with a question: How many non-Black women are wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts? Any of them speaking out on the violence being waged on Black males? Huh? What? Enough said. When a dog doesn’t get what it needs at home; it’s normal for that same dog to then go roaming in the garbage for what it needs to sustain itself. Obviously these two idiots must be Environmentalists because apparently, they both love digging through trash.

  5. @ Truthangel07:
    I agree with you. These non-black women, on the whole, do not give a chit about black lives, let alone a movement. And you can pair these women with these self-hating knee-gros as well. Interestingly, when you find a black male or female that does not identify with their blackness or culture, usually their “mate” does not like black males/females either. I’ll say it again: these are the blacks that I’d definitely thin from the herd, so to speak. These individuals, I am willing to bet know little to nothing about their culture, because they have not been taught or the behavior of another self-hating knee-gro has been passed on to them. I am on the west coast as well and I see a LOT of this behavior. These a-holes cannot fathom that these sub-humans would like nothing better than to breed them out of existence.

    Poor, deluded fools. smgh….and have no idea WHO taught them to hate themselves.

    • How many of those Mexican chicks are wearing t-shirts that say Negro Materia Vidas? That says: Black Lives Matter in Spanish. I’d love a picture if you find one. We all know how Mexicans in Cali just love black people, right? You can only produce what you are. I blame the parents.

      • @ Truthangel07
        Watch this facebook video clip of a black male walking toward a non black woman stating all lives matter and she told his ass off.

  6. Brazil is It is one of the few countries in the world that has managed to create a hybrid race, ambiguous look, women who linearly Europeans or ambiguous but body and black women features,some black men would pay billions to put their hands on these women!
    The fact that they have straight hair, light skin, light eyes, but African body is something exotic and extraordinary, because these black men would not consider these European women but almost colored women!
    I heard that many black men would date more white Brazilian women than black Brazilian women!
    These women in Brazil they will classify as white women but not in US!
    For this reason white Brazilian women are more appreciated by white Brazilian society than black Brazilian women,doesn’t matter if these white Brazilian women have black blood in their veins!

    • Those pics pretty much say it all. But I think America really wants to create another Brazil. That’s why they promote all this interracial mess. And these stupid negroes in these videos are falling for it. They are so filled with self hatred they want babies that look nothing like them. They are utterly useless! Thanks for the comment Nubian.

      • Yes I think America wants this!
        These kind of women want to replace the black women, it is more acceptable to see a non-black woman with black ass than black women!
        Black women us,we have been ridiculed for centuries because of our natural characteristics, which have always been considered ugly, ridiculous and ghetto!
        Do you believe that European women used corsets to have the small waist and wide hips like those of black women?
        Even today these cave females they still do, self deform their body to have our characteristics, as opposed to what they are preaching in the world these people envy black women so much!
        I saw so many times, Latin women with buttocks and characteristics of black women, how they behaved in a hostile manner with me is ridiculous that these women have black blood in their veins!
        This proof that these kind people will turn down their black blood only for white privilege,they will use their black characteristics only for get fame!
        Look JL and others Latin women,they don’t care black issues!
        They use their privilege of having white skin because at the end of the day, they will not be called as disrespectfully name as a N***g!
        Is funny that the first people have used word “NEGRO” were Spanish and Portuguese, they were also the first to practice slavery, then the Anglo-Saxons have copied from them all!
        The testimony when these people don’t study history in school!

  7. My aunt is the only Black woman I’ve know that had an Indian husband.. they were married before I was born and he just passed in 2009 I think.

    Anyway, great post. You’re spot on with your analysis. I’m with Shelby though; they can have these poor excuses for men. I think many of them are lost and look to celebrities/movies for who they’re supposed to date and everything else, not knowing what goes on off-camera. We’re a sad group of people.

    • There’s an Indian man at my job that dates a black woman. I was at the barbershop last year and when I walked in a saw him sitting in a chair. He said to me “What’s up man?” I was a bit shocked to see him there since it’s a black shop. I asked him why was he here. He said he was waiting for his girlfriend to finish getting her hair done. He pointed to a dark skinned woman sitting in the chair. He’s probably in his late 20’s and is into rap music. He’s one of those wannbe black types. I was surprised but I don’t see it very often. And I hardly ever see Indian women with black men. I think Indian woman know they will be disowned if they bring home a black man. Those Indian men have a real stronghold on their women. Dating a black man is a BIG no-no in thie culture. But I guess maybe it’s a little more acceptable if it’s a black woman…I’m not sure. Maybe there’s a more deep seated hatred for black men. What do you think?

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I know a black man that is married to a India woman and have children by her. His wife parents disown her as well as stop talking to her for several years back then, but now their back having a relationship with their daughter and biracial grandchildren. What’s so funny is that his wife India family stayed in the hood, also their daughter went to a predominately black school. His wife siblings married within the race, but she was the only one that step out the race.

      • Yes I’ve heard this type of scenario before. At first the family is in such shock they disown the daughter for marrying a black man. Then as the years go by and they realize they would like a relationship with their grandchildren. Although many of them are still disappointed that their grandchildren has black blood..they do come around. Well some of them do. Some disown them for life! But they don’t want to be the laughsing stock around their Indian friends. It all comes down to anti-blackness, Anti-blackness is global problem.

      • In Guyana it’s actually quite common. More so today than before. Since blacks and Indians are the two largest ethnic groups in Guyana. And also a mixed child born from an indian and black couple is called Dougla.

        Also my mother always told me a thing growing up. If an indian man and woman break up, and that woman gets involved with either another indian man, a Chinese (another ethnic group in Guyana) or Amerindian, he id more likely to reconcile with her. But if she gets involved with a black man, best believe HE AIN’T TAKING HER BACK!!!! Another thing my mother told me. Indian men would mostly go with black women when they have nothing but from the day he gets a little dough in his pocket, he goes and looks for his own. Imagine that…

      • Really?? I didn’t know that. Although it kind of makes sense. Guyana is on the same continent as Brazil. And Guyana is close to Venezuela,Peru and Colombia. And all those latin countries have a lot of race mixing. That’s why they push it so much out here in America. Once you have everyone all mixed up they don’t have much race loyalty. There is no race pride or nationalism. So it’s easier to divide people up when they are racially confused. This is why the media promotes it so much for black people because it creates confusion and disunity. All the race mixing will not help our people in the long run.
        And I agree with you about Indian people and their anti-blackness. It’s so funny to em becuae many Indians are so dark skinned but they hate Africans. This proves that just because someone has some melanin doesn’t mean there are a friend to black people.

      • Being white identified, there is a hatred for BOTH the black male and female. There was an Indian female that just retired from the job and by observation I could tell that she did not like and felt uneasy around black people.

        (shrugging) For me? She was just another “persona non grata.”

        End of story.

      • I have no idea. They got together in the 70s so who knows? Times are so different. He was supposed to have an arranged marriage so maybe she was his escape? He definitely wasn’t one of those wannabe types though. It doesn’t seem like Indians that come to America are very kind to us but he and his family were. She still visits his family in India regularly… I think there may be those cultural differences that just need an icebreaker and we’ll get along?

        Honestly I really haven’t given it much thought, but it seems like many countries, including the U.S, look down on Blacks. And the darker you are, the worse it is – in any nation.

      • They are always exceptions. But I think it usually takes awhile before Asians,Mexicans or Indians are accepting of a black person entering their family. The sad part is black people are always accepting of other races into their families. We are much more open to other races marrying our relatives. The other races reject us more. That’s why my mentality has changed from when I was younger. I no longer care for their acceptance. They know many of us are filled with self hatred and think it’s a compliment if they are attracted to us. That’s why a lot of Asian and Mexican women are shocked when I’m not attracted to them. I’ve had them flirt with me before at parties and on the job. They can’t believe it!lol They think we ALL find them attractive.

      • This sounds like the first Barbershop when Ice Cube went to the Pakistan grocer’s store after it had been robbed. And as he was paying for his items, a young Black woman comes out. When Calvin looks up, he’s shocked when the grocer calls her…”His Boo.” I do know of Indian men dating or married to Black women. And one of my high school classmates has been married to an Indian woman for almost 30 years. It does happen.

  8. @Courtney H. There was another story on “48 Hours” about an older couple that was a black woman and Indian man and his father HATED her. He hired a hit man to kill his daughter-in-law and her family said he made no secret about how much he hated that his son married a black woman

  9. The two guys do not speak for the majority of us black men. That was ridiculous.

    Also, the H.I. are already disagreeing over if we are all black or not. Plainly, all tribes have to be black if one of them is but some still believe that people like Selena Gomez are in the same ethnic group as blacks. That makes no sense.

    • Yes that’s true NS. Many Hebrews don’t consider Africans as part of our group. They look down on African people. That’s why I can only deal with a select few of them. Selena Gomez has black?? LOL!!! That’s a joke! Anyone that says that I can’t take them seriously. And I agree these self loathing idiots don’t represent the majority of black men.

      • @ Kushite and N.S.:

        What do you think of this?

        Warning — this video contains some profanity, and is about two hours long. Enjoy! 😀

      • @Courtney H…I don’t know how they don’t know those people in the soap opera video are not black. IUIC and the rest of the 1West camps act like they have no common sense on this issue.

    • The HI’s are pure entertainment. They seem like the most confused group on the planet, and I find them hilarious. And they swear they know everything, and are the least confused, LOL!

  10. The examples are endless. I never can forget, I visited my brother for NYE. His godbrother/bff is an average looking darkskin brother, he’s married to a mexican who looks like jabba the hut, and Im not exaggerating. She has an older child from a previous relationship. The other bff, another dark skin brotha, was with a mexican woman at least ten years older than him, she looks so ran through, and she has two older children. They werent even dating that long, and he was cool with her tween kids coming along for nye. This kind of tolerance is unheard of in black relationships!! Dudes are out here wifing up mexican GARBAGE, just so they can make some “cute” half breed kids. I was too done.
    Oh, and my brother is married to a filipino. He told me, he fell in love with the way her hair “whipped in the wind”.
    This is in California, bay area. The situation seems to be really dire in California…..

  11. @ Kushite Prince

    I want to put my two cents in about you and Shanequa’s little convo about Lavern. I’ve been noticing the anti-black woman sentiments from her for a while now (e.g. Quincy Jones is a coon because of his black mother), but Shanequa beat me to it calling her out and I’m glad she did. People are entitled to their own opinion, however Lavern is an example of the extreme contempt and misogynoir that many black people have for black women. And many black women are expressing how tired they are of it. If the black “community” was to fall completely apart today, I guarantee you that the finger will be pointed at solely at black women. It hurts bad enough that a lot of black men engaged in this behavior so publicly towards black women, but it adds an extra sting when black women hate other black women. So much for sistahood. Anti-Black Woman Black Women like Lavern are just as bad (and detrimental) as anti-black woman black men like the ones you talked about in this post. It sooo sad that they don’t recognize how problematic their behaviors are. Many black women are making it known that they want absolutely nothing to do with misogynistic, colorist black people and we are calling them out. Some black men are doing the same. I ran across an article yesterday in which a black man discussed how many black women join in on the defamation and degradation of black women too. It’s a form of seeking validation, since many black women are noticing that many low self esteem black women are seeking validation from self-hating, black woman hating black men. I see that misogynoir is one of the biggest reasons why the black “community” is in the shape that it’s in and WILL NEVER prosper if black people keep at. ***sigh***

    This is not an attack, but the cold hard truth of the matter.

    • Very well said OBW. I had to call Lavern out because it was getting ridiculous. I had to say something. I definitely feel where you’re coming from. Her anti-black womaness is off the chain! She was doing it too much. I try to be fair as possible. All the blame is not on the black woman. We all share a part of the blame in our condition….other than white folks of course. But I don’t think blaming each other will solve the problem. I do think it’s a form of validation when black women bash other black women. I have seen it many times before. They all need to be called out. And the issues of colorism,self hatred and misogyny have to be addressed. I have seen an increase of angry videos on YouTube. Some black women have started anti-black men movements. They even call black men apes on their channel. I was really shocked! There’s one black women that said on her channel that there were NO good black men. They sound very angry and pissed! And then the black men have channels that say black women are ugly and useless baby mothers. Nothing but coonery and self hate at it’s finest. The system of white supremacy as destroyed our minds and the black family. So we turn on each other instead of fighting the racists. WS has done a great job at making us see one another as the enemy. While the real ENEMY goes untouched. It drives me crazy sometimes when I look at our current condition. Sometimes you need a break from all this social media. That’s why I’m about to take a break. I need a little break from all this madness.

    • @ theoriginalblackwoman

      Thank you very much. I was waiting for someone to call her out too but I had enough an just had to say something. Her attack toward black women were very strong I had enough of it. But your statement below really explain who she really is because at first I though she was a troll probably a non black person or a black man betraying as a black woman to slander black women.

      “It’s a form of seeking validation, since many black women are noticing that many low self esteem black women are seeking validation from self-hating, black woman hating black men.”

      • @Shanequa Maybe that’s because black women are soooo damn stuck on being the victim and get angry at any finger pointing deserved or not! Furthermore your self-serving whiny trope don’t move me bitch so fuck off!

    • Bitch please!! No it’s because you whiny heffas have a victim complex like you don’t do the same damn thing!! You act like you are above reproach or criticism then when you get it want to scream “misogyny” as if criticism, even when it’s constructive, becomes an attack on black women. You are the ones with this overly sensitive, overly sense of entitlement where Lord forbid anybody give you the SAME crap that you give them. So if you can’t deal with the harsh truth of your behavior that is your damn problem and you can keep living in that fantasy that you are not to be appraised and all three of you asswipes can kiss my fucking ass you whiny bitches!!

      • @Lavern
        Excuse me?? Three asswipes??? Who the hell are you talking about? I hope you’re not talking about me. You better not be. I will delete ever single comment you make! This is why I took a break from blogging. All this damn ignorance and name calling to get a point across. I’m getting really tired of it. Don’t get it twisted Lavern. This is my blog,so don’t get too crazy I here. I think you better slow down a bit or be in for a rude awakening.

      • Levern, NEGRESS I AM NOT THE ONE TO FUCK WITH!!!!!!!! I knew you was gonna comback with name calling and ratchedness.YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIKE ME, BUT YOU WILL RESPECT ME! Talking about constructive criticism, you couldn’t disagree with what we said about your behavior without descending into name calling. None of us called you out of your name. Grow up!!! Now who’s the whiny heffa? If several people up here besides me can see your problematic MISOGYNISTIC comments/behavior, then NEGRESS THERE’S A FUCKING PROBLEM WITH YOUR BEHAVIOR!

        This has nothing to do with whether black women are less guilty or less innocent; nobody NEVER EVER said that black women are innocent, this is about you leveling ALL the blame at what’s happening to Black People and the community on Black Women. Many Black People blame the “community’s” problems on Black Women instead of the real culprits white supremacy, anti-blackness, misogyny, etc.

        Prince is an equal opportunity criticizer, he speaks on the transgressions of both black men and women and to say he doesn’t is a GOTDAMN LIE!

        This is what many Black People do ALL THE TIME, online and offline. You DO NOT criticize black women and black men EQUALLY. To you, Black Women are the ONLY reason why some black men are fucked up. For example, You said that Quincy Jones was a coon cause of his “terrible” black mother. What about the missing black father? It takes a mother and a father to raise children properly.

        You talk about black women being disrespectful to other black people, yet you never talk about how BOTH black men and women are disrespectful of black women. I never hear you mention the many thousands, thousands of videos, tweets, posts of black people, mostly negro males like aka Uncle Tommy Sotomeyor calling black women (especially dark skin black women) apes, monkeys, etc. I hardly can find the opposite.

        Stop trying to hide behind the facade of constructive criticism, you’re a fucking misogynistic black woman. What’s also funny is you sit up here and talk shit about other black women, when you’re really talking about yourself, Levern. I will foreever call out problematic Black people such as yourself whether your’re being anti-black, misogynistic (there’s that word again), colorist, etc etc.

        But in the meantime, learn how to address people like an adult, get yourself together, and come talk to me when you deal with your internalized misogynoir.

      • @ Kushite:

        I agree, and didn’t even read the whole article. That has a lot of Black women bashing Black men. As Brother Timothy has said, he has also noticed the Black male-bashing. The only really good articles are the Black woman history ones every February.

  12. @ Kushite Prince & Everybody

    Tariq Nasheed arrogance & ignorance is starting to catch up with him.His down fall coming real soon. It isn’t a suprise to know that Tariq has a serious problem with black women, especially when he has stated slick shit comments about black women on his show. Furthermore, he states slick shit about black men & women but docile followers over look it.We all know Tariq suffer from colorism, self hate & misogyny. Also he was buddy with Tommy Sotomayor who suffer from colorism, self hate & misogyny. Well looks like a old video that Tariq made about “Tariq Nasheed’s Golden Rule To Black & White Men “Do Not Date Mixed Women With Black Moms” ” has resurface whether if the video is new or old its not sitting to well with black women.

    Here are black women response to it

    • I saw that video earlier this week. Tariq has lost his mind. He is nothing but a wannabe pimp using conscious black information to make money. He is a snake oil salesman in a nice suit. His slick talking ways have given him a pass by many people. But his time is running out. Dating mixed women with only black fathers??? What a dumb ass COON! I wrote this clown off a long time ago. I know some of his Hidden Color films have some decent information in them. But regardless,he’s a snake in the grass. He has also been on CNN many times. I am very skeptical of those accepted on mainstream media. He’s a fake! Case closed!

    • @ Shanequa & everybody:

      What Tariq Nasheed said was CRAZY!! And I’m glad that that Black woman called him out! I especially liked her point that Tariq does not necessarily want to end white supremacy, because he would not be paid to go on these lecture tours and doing the HC docs. She was on point about his and his hypocrisy! Thank you, Shanequa, for providing the videos! 🙂

      • @ Everybody:

        Oh, besides Tariq Nasheed and Tommy Sotomoyor, Jason Black also has the habit of bashing Black women.

        I think in this video Jason Black slams Rachel Jeantel and Philando’s girlfriend.

    • @Shanequa

      Thank you for showing the videos. There is a video where Tariq Nasheed wants to have sex with Brooke Hogan, or a white woman. He’s a hypocrite and a sellout.

  13. @ Everybody:

    it is THIS video where Jason Black attacks Rachel Jeantel and Chilandro Castile’s girlfriend.

    This video is a little more than an hour long, and contains A LOT of name-calling.

  14. @ Everybody:

    Here’s another video by that lady who called out Tariq Nasheed:

    She deleted her first video about him, and replaced it with this one. Warning — this video contains A LOT of profanity. Enjoy! 😀

  15. @ Everybody:

    Listen to this. It also concerns Tariq Nasheed.

    Warning — this video contains some profanity. Enjoy! 😀

  16. This is weak. Black men are weak for this, first of men should not be seeking validation, second of all these men are showing how desperate they are to join somebody else’s community. Other groups don’t really want blacks to mix with them because what does the ordinary, no business, no ownership, no structure negro have to bring to the table for an Indian family of Korean family? Nothing. This is a primary reason for rejection, yet they aren’t trying to fix that to fix their ir bullshit. This is the reason why non-black women who date, marry and have kids with black men are always of low calibre stock, I have only met one black man who was in a interracial relationship with a rich white woman and his ass was broke. The non-blacks also have negative cultural views of black people and dark skin on top of that. Any one promoting interracial sex is a clown, a neighbourhood near my own has a high number Brazilian, Portuguese people and Afrikan people (Caribbean and Afrikan) yet the mixed Brazilian gravitate and even share cafes, butchers and corner shops with the Portuguese, their former colonial masters, yet they never share with businesses with blacks who haven’t done anything to them. Even though we can all see the bias in their racist power sharing practices WEAK black men still fiend for the multiracial Brazilians. Even how mixed most Brazilians are there are stories of them rejecting their daughters for having kids with black men, even Afro-Brazilian men.

    Some groups like Indians very rarely mix with blacks, especially black males, yet you have a minority of idiots who thirst for them. This is disgraceful to black men everywhere, some Indian men want black women yet black women reject them do you see the Indian men making YouTube videos about black women not wanting them? Never but I guess black men don’t have a punishment system for these clowns who are causing more divisions between black women and men and making black men seem like most of us are coons and unsuitable to be men in the community.

    I don’t really care about these idiots breeding out of blackness because right now they aren’t a majority. My main problem is they marry and breed into these communities that are openly anti-black yet they encourage those kids to invade black circles on some one drop rule craziness. That is what my concern with, the end results are not rejected by many blacks, including the self-loathing parents this causes further corruption of the black identity and our ability to form an exclusive community. This is what allows nincompoops like Tariq Nasheed to be a ‘black figure’ yet he encourages one drop rule/’dominant genes’ lie, ir, disrespecting all black women, been hypocritical towards black female ir compared to black male ect.

    • Thank you AfrikaNeeds. You are 100% correct! This makes black men look very weak. That clown in the second video is worthless! He should be ashamed to show his face. Begging non-black women to date you?? This is madness!! That’s why I did this post in the first place. This self hatred is disgusting. Most of these Asians,Mexicans and Indians don’t want blacks in their families. But these self loathing punks see it as an upgrade. Deep down they hate being African. They think having mixed babies is a better alternative. Tariq Nasheed is a phony. I have covered him before. His mother in-law is a white Jewish woman. She looks like a fat walrus! Who would want to mix their genes with such creatures?? This type of clowns should be punished for betrayal. A code of ethics is really needed. The interracial marriage is through the roof in California. I see it everyday. And I work with black men married to non black women or have white and Asian baby mothers. I’m just glad they are breeding themselves out of existence. They bring nothing but embarrassment to black people. The media promotes this knowing it’s black genocide. I see more interracial couples than I see black couples on television. This is all by design. They want disunity for our people. And they know that having sex with non-blacks and making mixed babies will confuse us even more. This is one of the reasons they promote biracial women as the standard of black beauty. I did a post about it earlier this year. This propaganda against our people is pure evil. And I will continue to stand against it. I have family members who have babies with whites and Mexicans. But they know how I feel…..I let it be known. It may hurt some feelings but sometimes you must stand your ground. You must stand on morals and principles. I stand for black liberation and empowerment. I will not budge form that for anybody. You can not fight the enemy during the day….then sleep with her at night. That is a contradiction to me. I know you know where I’m coming from. Here’s the link to the Biracial post I did:

      • Tariq Nasheed knows, I know, Jews don’t let other people define them, unlike Nasheed and other negroes who let white racist one drop rule them. Jews define a Jew through their mother, so Nasheeds child would be considered Jewish by white Jews, of course as Israel shows their is a similar racial hierarchy for Jews with European Jews at the top and Afrikan Jews at the bottom. Many mulatto/multiracial Jews will come down in favour of European Jews, simply because there is more benefits on top of the fact they are related.

      • Why am I not surprised. I said before his wife his Jewish according to the white Jews, she is a blatant insider for them. A black figure should never have a wife like that, he is a clown for real. People say he living off Hidden Colors but I reckon that Jewish family wealth is sustaining him too. He tried to uphold the one drop rule for his wife and now even Jason Black (who is much preferable but has his moment of bs) trashed the one drop rule just to attack Cristelyn Karazin, yet he and Nasheed claim to be on the same side. Ridiculous. Nasheed’s wife is the female version of Obama, European Jewish momas and they claim black for convenience, you know damn well in Jewish circles they ain’t trying to claim no black, they mum a white Jew, that’s where they get points in the more powerful Jewish community. Same with Drake, he had a bar mitzvah when he was an adult, to reaffirm himself to the Jewish community in Canada. He was cracking hella jokes about black people but when he is around black people he never slams white Jews, never cracks jokes, doesn’t even mention them. SMH, blatant disrespect by Jews and their mixed offspring.

        Nasheed ignore the fact that even though they are all different forms of white hegemony, nobody would question the need to isolate American gentile white racism from European as they are different areas, nobody would question the need to differentiate the racism of white Liberals and white rednecks and white corporate business owners, yes they are all white racist but they must be seen a slightly different or else how do you deal with the different challenged they present, how do you deconstruct their different false narratives? Yet he demands whites Jews are investigated separately for their role in the overall white racist domination? Tariq is clearly covering for his Jewish child, he knows the rules of white Jews and because their white he doesn’t dare fight back like he doesn’t dare overturn the one drop rule because white Americans haven’t stopped using it and he don’t want to either.

      • Very well said! Tariq is a snake oil salesman. Just a wannabe pimp who is using black consciousness to make money. He’s not trying to build anything for the black community. Just pimping his people and taking that wealth to his Jewish masters. And I am so sick of Drake! How is this guy a superstar in hip hop? He looks more Arab to me than black anyway. Drake is another half-breed pimping black people by acting like he’s down with the community. This fool is tv actor from Canada. He has NO street cred. But because he does songs with black rappers they give him a pass. I saw last week he had Eminem on stage in Detroit. He called Eminem the greatest rapper of all time! WTF??! He gave that white boy the title of greatest is insane to me! That proves Drake can’t be trusted. I also like your example about white hegemony. Tariq is a great wordsmith and knows how to confuse people with words. You notice he brought up the Black Jews in comparison to white Jews. Its just a form of deflection to me. And you’re right,he still supports the one-drop rule.

      • My point was look at the internal structure of the different ethnicities and cultures of Europeans and Eurasians in general. The Jews claim the members of their group from their female lineage, matrilineal. Nasheed married into a European American Jewish family, his children would be classified by any rabbi as Jewish. Marriage is not only about ‘love’ something Western Europeans have brainwashed black people to believe in. Nasheed made a conscious choice to marry into the white Jewish hegemonic grouping, that is who his children WILL affiliate with for access to resources that black people currently aren’t able to provide and multiracials haven’t organised either.

        He does have good information to a degree but he is clearly a part of the problem, blacks who are marrying and having children into non-black communities. He can not be a good representative of any type of ‘conscious’ black person or the black collectives best interests due to poor personal choices he refuses to recognise as problem, hence isn’t going to do anything about.

      • That is so true. No one just “falls in love”. It is a conscious decision. He knew what he was marrying into. Some of the Hidden Colors films do have good information. Some people have told me they found them educational. But overall,Tariq is still a fake. No different than these preacher pimps in the community. Tariq is using his Jewish connections most likely to fund his films. He is no leader to admire in the community.

  17. You probably talked about this in that other article you did about black men and latina agenda in hollywood.
    At the beginning of ‘he got game’, jesus goes to school. theres 4 or 5 girls at the bus stop. He literally walks right past four black women, and stops at the last one, the latina. These messages are killing us!!

    Of course thats an old movie. But it still makes me go wowwwww.

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