2 thoughts on “Nayara Justino

  1. I feel sorry for her what happaned to her,Brazil is racist country,it is the twin sister of the United States, both countries face the crime of racism!
    It’s sad her husband is WM,marrying a white person doens’t change racism!
    This beuatiful woman,she is only the reason why white supremacy are jealous about the beauty of black women because their women can’t never being like black women! Black women are Goddess!
    She is only 27, me also I am 27 and both us we don’t look our ages,this is the reason why whites racist hate BW!

    • Yes she is stunning! Nayara looks like an African goddess. I was so let down when I heard she was with a white man. It’s such a waste to me. She should be with a black man. And you’re right,Brazil is very racist. Over 65% of the country are people of African descent. But the white Brazilians run the government and high positions. The black people live in the slums. And yes they are very jealous of the natural beauty of black women. They know they can’t compete.

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