Jazmyn Simon


Jazmyn Simon who is a rising actress is mostly known for making her appearance in Baggage Claim, Ballers as well as Doctor Ed. Simon got start of her career when she was still at the high school. At that time, she started working on the radio show where she stayed for a couple of years. After that, she had her heart set to become a jockey. It led her going to the college for studying the communications as well as working on several of the campus shows. While working, she later realized that she loved to be on the camera. So, she decided to add the theatre to her major.

After completing her college, she moved to  Chicago along with her boyfriend of that time and then she landed a job at the HBO where she worked in sales department. She then decided to pursue her career in acting so she moved to Los Angeles and there, she took acting classes as well as workshops. At present, she appears on the Ballers that airs on the HBO. She is the only female regular on that show and she plays the role of Julie Green who is married to the NFL Charles which is the role played by Omar Benson Miller.

Jazmyn Simon...

Apart from that, Simon stands tall at height of five feet and five inches. Her age is not known. She is beautiful as well as hot and sexy with perfect figure. Jazmyn considers herself as a huge nerd. She has learned each and every book of Harry Porter as well as Twilight at least for three times and she can’t wait for visiting Harry Porter world in the Universal Studios. In addition to that, she also loves Hunger Games, Game of Thrones as well as Lord of the Rings. Besides that, to get more details about her bio, she is active in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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