Gay Rights or Pedophile Rights?





28 thoughts on “Gay Rights or Pedophile Rights?

  1. This is not so much different from the black adoptions by heterosexual white parents! These people are homo so, what we expect?
    They came in this world to destroy our existence!

    • It is insane. Their sanity is our insanity. This behavior is anti-life and anti-African. It can never be expsed enough in my opinion. This is why the Black Lives Matter movement has all these homos and dykes in their organization. They want this sickness for all African people. I will never accept this nonsense.

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    • Disgusting right? This is what we’re up against. They’re coming after our children. We can NOT stand for this! This perversion has to go! Nickelodeon has a new cartoon coming out. It’s a about and interracial gay couple. This is the lowest of the low!

      • A lot of stupid black people especially stupid black women are co-signing this shit! The worst part is when these fools compare being gay to being black IT IS NOT THE FUCKING SAME DUMBASSES!! This is why black folks stay losing.

    • Hey JB! Where you been sis? You’ve been gone for quite some time. How are you doing? yes this is all true. It’s a sad sight to see but this is the type of sick crap they’re pushing on our people. All tis gay/lesbian/transgender madness is abnormal. This is a mental assault on black people. The videos and pics are shocking but this is the reality we are facing.

  3. If you play close attention to these homosexual couples abnormal behavior, they try their best to copy the normal mating selection behavior between a man & a woman. In these same sex relationships, you will have role playing one of the partners will have to represent the feminine energy (female) and the other partner represent the masculine energy (male). For these lesbian women to hate men, they try their best to imitate a man or date a woman that’s trying to be a man. Why defeat your purpose on dating a imitation when you can actually get a real man ? One thing about these lesbian couples especially the feminine/masculine couples is that the feminine female always run back to a real man for relationships.
    Furthermore these gay rights acceptance is going to open the gateway for pedophile rights, beastality rights, and etc. With the pedophile rights children are going to be rape left & right. It’s bad enough you have parents dressing their young daughters as grown adult females. Also fashion designers aren’t making clothing for young girls ages anymore now its more of an slutty attire. We all know the fashion industry is run by European homosexual males. We are living in a mental ill world of madness.

    • Yes the fashion industry is ran by homosexuals. There are many pedophiles in the gay movement. That’s why I wanted everyone to watch these videos. They want to prey on our children. We can not accept this sexual perversion in our community. This is elf destructive behavior and anti-life. Thanks for the great comment.

    • Right on point Shanequa. Even in these homosexual relationships you always see the male female paradigm playing out. And you have to ask the question, what is the point of them being gay in the first place?

  4. Interesting that the SAME white fuckwads making Michael’s life a living hell are being silent as a deaf/mute about this bullshit! Not only that many of these assholes celebrate and defend this sicko garbage while vilifying Michael every damn chance those evil little shits could get. I have YET to hear a peep about Jerry Sandusky, NAMBLA or the Catholic church. FUCK THE MEDIA!

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