The Interracial Madness-Glamorization of Interracial Dating/Sex in Social Media(Part 3 of 3)

This is a great video by Youtuber Chrissie. This sista really gets it!  She makes a great point about the glamorization of interracial dating.  And how it’s hyped up in social media as well as the media in general. In the last few years the interracial propaganda has hit a fever pitch! I see a lot of interracial memes on Twitter,Facebook and Instagram.  You really can’t escape it right now.


Many of us are used to seeing it promoted on shows like Empire and How to Get Away with Murder.  We all know by now that these shows are about black denigration and anti-blackness. But it’s not just on television and films anymore.



Then you have stupid memes like this floating around. This is utter nonsense! The people making these memes have too much time on their hands. And also full of self hatred.

White men..

A self help book on how to get white men??  You got to be kidding me!  This woman Lisa Marble is NUTS!!! She’s promoting self genocide!

IR Dating sites

Then there are stupid dates sites specifically for interracial hook ups. It amazes me that there are sites that cater to a certain fetish. This really blows my mind!

Keke Palmer

We can’t forget the kids! They don’t leave the children out of the interracial agenda either. Back when actress Keke Palmer was a teenager she was on the Disney show True Jackson VP(2008-2011).  On the show her boyfriend was white actor Robbie Amell. I guess they want to teach them early on that whites are who they should see as partners.

Kyle Massey

There was another Disney show called Corey in the House(2007-2008). It starred black teenage actor Kyle Massey. He  played a chubby little goofball that had a crush on a white girl named Meena played by Maiara Walsh. The weird thing is the entire time the show was on the air Corey was fawning over Meena and she never had any interest in him. He looked like a fool the entire time. This show was programming young black boys to see white girls as desirable mates they should seek out. It also was teaching young white girls that they are the most attractive girls and that black boys will like them…but they should reject them.  Disney is a very racist and sick company. Please don’t allow your children to watch any of their programs. The are teaching black children to hate themselves. Many of their shows are like this.  This is just two examples.


It’s even in comic books now. Archie comics have been around since 1941. Back in 2010 there was quite a stir in the comic book world when Archie began dating Valerie Smith. They eventually got married. They are already expecting a baby. So comic book characters are having babies now?  But wait! There’s more.

Luke Cage

Black comic book character Luke Cage is in an interracial relationship with Jessica Jones.  They already have a child together.  So even in the comic books they’re getting their swirl on! Looks like more programming for the children.


IR Book1IR Book2

Since we have comic books for kids,the adults need something too right? No need to worry about that. We have fantasy novels that promote race mixing.  You have authors like Sadie Black and Cher Etan that write these silly ass interracial fantasy novels.  These black women have lost their damn minds! This is promoting the destruction of the black family and black love in general. This is disgusting! Look at these stupid ass titles. Pregnant by the Two Billionaires?? What the hell is that?? This is straight bullcrap! I would buy these books only if I ran out of toilet paper. Is this not insane?  Maybe it’s just me. But they have taken things to an absurd level of craziness.  It’s no wonder black people  acting like they’re losing their minds.  The madness is everywhere. I just wanted to give you a real breakdown of this nonsense we are up against. I figured the best way to end this series is with an excerpt from the book The Interracial Con Game.  This is taken from Trojan Pam’s website.  These are very good points we must understand when dealing with interracial relationships. Read them and let me know your thoughts.

Agrees that we live under a global system of people who classify themselves as white, and are dedicated to abusing, and or subjugating everyone in the known universe whom they classify as not white.

  • Agrees that the biggest problem on the planet is racism/white supremacy
  • Makes some effort by his or her thoughts, speech, and actions to eliminate the system of white supremacy
  • Is “black-identified” — meaning they view the world through a “black perspective” that validates self, respects self, and promotes self AND group interests
  • Does not confuse “assimilation/integration” with whites as “black progress” or “racial equality”
  • Understands that blacks “assimilating” into a white supremacy system is “subjugation” NOT “integration”
  • Understands that blacks who control nothing cannot be “equal” (in power) to whites who control everything
  • Does not elevate blacks with a white parent as superior to blacks who have two black parents — and does not praise blacks for looking more white than black
  • Does not blame poor blacks (the biggest victims of white supremacy) for being poor and black.
  • Does not blame black people for the crimes of the white supremacy system
  • Understands that knowing AND respecting their history is the KEY to black liberation
  • Understands that the ONLY true ally of the black male is the black female and the ONLY true ally of the black female is the black male
  • Understands that the FAMILY is the foundation of every human society
  • Understands that RESTORING THE BLACK FAMILY should be the number one priority of the black collective
  • Understands that an authentic BLACK FAMILY is composed of a black man, a black woman, and a black child (or black children)
  • Understands that it takes strong, committed black males and black females to build strong black families
  • Understands that it takes strong black families to build strong black communities
  • Understands that it takes strong black communities to build strong black business/economic bases
  • Understands that WITHOUT strong black families, strong black communities, and strong black business/economic bases, the black collective lacks the tools for prosperity, security, AND survival
  • Understands that none of the above is possible without BLACK UNITY
  • Understands that OPPOSING INTERRACIAL SEX has NOTHING to do with hating white people
  • Understands that opposing (and avoiding) interracial sex is necessary to ensure the economic, political, genetic, and psychological SURVIVAL of blacks in America
  • Understands that interracial sex (dating, breeding, and marriage) should be avoided/opposed because it destroys black UNITY
  • Understands that a black person in a relationship with a person who is NOT black is STILL having an INTERRACIAL relationship.


52 thoughts on “The Interracial Madness-Glamorization of Interracial Dating/Sex in Social Media(Part 3 of 3)

  1. Jessica Jones is on Netflix for its second or third by the way. It is like the movie Hancock, where there is a white lover.

    I have to laugh at the subtitle of Lisa Marble’s book. However, she is lying to black women. Unfortunately for black women who want to swirl, there are some things Asian women have that white men want that black women don’t have(and no, I am not insulting black women, it is just that different groups like different things and black women don’t have all of them in this case). Some black women can still “swirl”, and some will get married to white men but it is not the same. I am going to leave it at that because that is something that the swirlers will have to figure out on their own.

    “I would buy these books only if I ran out of toilet paper.” Hilarious. Both already look like trashy romantic novels.

    • Yes I have seen a few clips of Jessica Jones. It’s getting a lot of hype on Netflix.

      That Lisa Marble book is ridiculous! How can you take her serious with titles like that? The woman is clearly insane. The whole swirling phenomenon is WAY out of hand. Well one of the things I’ve noticed about Asian women is they don’t have much hips and butt. Black women have much more curves than most women. In many ways I always thought Asian women have really boyish figures. Not all, of course there are exceptions to this. But most don’t have big breasts and butts. I always got the sense that white men were secretly pedophiles for liking these type of bodies. It’s something that other brothers have told me too. I’ve heard white men try to make fun of black women’s thighs and butts. They try to degrade the superior body of the black woman because their women don’t possess it. Women are supposed to have curves and they know it.

  2. Excuse my language, but……. What the fuck is all this?! It’s just… awkward. I have seen some shows with IR relationships and I can’t watch some of them for long because it is just SO awkward and unnatural! Rapper Eve and her husband are just an odd sight as well…

    Sigh… I still appreciate you posting the good, bad + uuuuugly.. I like Chrissie too. I might have to start a Black love channel. There can never be too many.

    • It’s crazy right?? When you see a compilation like this is shows how much they bombard our minds with it. The films and social media can be overwhelming at times. I wanted to really drive home the point with these posts. Yeah I like Chrissie too. She reminds me of myself in many ways. We’re both very analytical. A Black Love channel??? Hmmmmmm….sounds good to me. You have my vote!

  3. In the UK there is a prime time daily soap called Emmerdale. One of the current storylines is of a BLACK DOCTOR who has left his BLACK WIFE for a barely legal sket who comes from a family of thieving low-life scum. So, ANY white pussy is more desirable than a black professional woman? Makes me sick and is so insulting to all black people yet they keep watching this shit!!
    On another note, you do not become a mega celebrity anything through talent or chance. These people have been chosen and their fan base created to facilitate drip feed of agenda to the masses. Celebrity couples are CREATED, but there is another layer to this insidious denigration of the black family. Many black males will play along because they are secretly pillow biters (sodomites) or have some other disgusting tendencies. There is also the very real mind programming that has gone on in order to create the celebrity and they nedd a HANDLER ever present to control their behaviour; usually a white woman. So, when you think you know what’s really happening dig deeper. How many celebs and/or partners come from military families? How many black pretty boys have settled down and become family men? It’s all a lot nastier than you would want to imagine.

  4. Well Kushite, I do know that some of our people will date interracially.What I don’t like,is that most bm & bw put down blacks while doing it.I don’t like Tommy Sotomayor, but he put out this video about bw loving wm.He laughed at bw who put out all these books and hold all these seminars about dating wm.Tommy said despite all the seminars and books about dating wm,black women position with wm has not changed.Tommy said that wm are infatuated with Asian females,and here’s the rub,Asian females haven’t written a book or held any seminars about how to date a wm.I also get tired of black men being disrespectful to black women on youtube and other social media, it gets tiring after awhile. That’s my 2 cents,but I will never marry outside of my race.If bm or bw marry interracially at least marry someone of color.GOD BLESS

  5. White men love COCOA? Really?? In my entire life, I have been approached by categories of white men they wanted to know how it was a black p***y
    and other they have called me black whore because I refused them!
    Really white men respect and love black women? For them black women are only exotic fruit of pleasure, to satisfy bored white men looking for transgression! White men living in the world they have all the same prejudices, stereotypes about black women! They can being American,European wherever they come from they have the same mind of racist masters!
    I can’t stop thinking when I see BW being with WM, brings me to my mind when our ancestors were being abused by WM!
    These people from slavery they had always fantasized on our body, especially on our private parts! White people are obsessed with us, when they are approaching us, their intentions are never wholesome, knowing that reality these people are our oppressors, entertain in a relationship with them, it’s like a death statements!

    • QNubian,they all have the same mentality. That cocoa meme is stupid as hell! No one is falling for that crap! These white men still have that slave master mindset and black women should not fall for the nonsense. They see black women has a sexual conquest.

    • Also, QNubian, those non-Black men are usually married to non-Black wives. Some of those men wander in Black neighborhoods to prey on Black women with that disgusting racist fantasy. They could be your foreign shopkeeper, police/law enforcement officer, affluent/upper class white men from affluent neighborhoods sneaking in our neighborhoods at night and weekends.

      Those are the men that we need to keep our eyes on.


      • Because these maniacs are in search of transgression, you why the daily life makes monotonous,so they feel need to break their routine! LOL!
        If there are all these disgusting sexual prejudices about BW and thanks to WM!
        It’s shame that some BW say WM respect them more than BM! Really? I lived in Europe and I had always problems with WM, because WM have these epidemic prejudices and stereotypes about BW!
        In Italy, for example Italian WM stop you in the street asking you indecent proposals because they think you are a whore! I said everything!
        When something happen to us,they don’t see us as victims but as guilty of the crime,because we are BW!
        As case of that white police man in Oklahoma who raped
        helpless and poor African women!

  6. These backward minded “NEGROES” are the laughing stock on the planet. You do not see other races going out their way writing tons of books on loving interracial dating with your oppressor. Negroes have brought fantasy land in to reality which some of our people will never escape. If the interracial relationships were so great why don’t they last long, better yet why don’t you see a rich non black woman marry a dirt poor black man or a black woman that use too be a whore marry a rich non black man because its not going to happen. Studies has been shown that when it comes to interracial dating with non black people having a black partner is their last very option. Also you do not see other races confession their love for black men & women because they wouldn’t dare put another race before their own.

    • Shanequa,that’s why this series was important. We are being bombarded with interracial propaganda daily. They want to convince us that the “grass is greener” on the other side. Well it’s not…it’s worse. Too many of us are so brainwashed they think dating another race is a step up in the world. But it’s a backwards move. We need more black love in this world to counter this interracial,biracial onslaught. And you’re right,other races don’t say they love us. If they do it’s usually some type of sexual fetish.

  7. Why white women like black men,here videos of Backy explains the reasons for dating BM!
    This Sarah she speaks to all the stereotypes concerning of BM, white women have repeated a hundred and a hundred times that what they want to be with BM is only sexual interest!

    And this ugly white crack Becky saying why white women fantasize about black men!

    These videos about WM declare universal love for BW, it’s really I am feeling chilly!

    • I can not stand that fat white cow in the second video! She is ghetto white whore! I wouldn’t touch that disease infected creature. All she talks about it sexual stereotypes when it comes to black men. And she expects us to be flattered. Whore please?? And that white guy Jacob Mason is a damn snake! He wants to uplift black women?? Yeah right. He thinks he’s slick. He is just trying to suck up to black women..”theyre the strongest women….”they are underappreciated”…blah..blah..blah. Get lost white boy!! Like they need a white man to tell them that. He’s just trying to get some black women in bed. He wants to get some “coochie points”. They sad part is there are black women leaving comments on that video supporting this creepy ass punk. I don’ trust any of these white folks. They mostly se us as sex objects and want to live out their sexual fantasies. I know because I’ve had white women flirt with e and I knew their intentions. I’m not buying it. Thanks for the videos. We should use videos like that as educational tools.

      • You know some BM will run after that ugly fat white cow?
        I saw so many time BM with ugly fat WW,no because slim WW
        I consider attractive! I am BW and for me the most beautiful women in this world are BW but in general, women with dark skin I find more attractive,because when you look inside their black or brown eyes, you can see life and happiness no empty blue,green and other light colour!
        I saw so many time beautiful BW alone and ugly fat WW with very handsome BM, really I can not stop to shake my head!
        You are right, as black woman I don’t need a WM says BW are stronger because we know without a white person tells us what we need hear!
        Black people should stop listen and seek for white racist validation,because white people are arrogant and racist,
        they think to have right to judge you on your appearance, label you, and above all, they believe that all people want to be with them!
        That WW and WM said the same thing our physical appearance, skin color thing that I consider fetishism, because they like the contrast of our naked skin on them, we are strong this refers to slavery!
        In fact the first video WW spook about why black men are physically stronger?
        Yeah I remember your experience of having been approached by WW, but I think all BM have been approached by these hyenas, once time you have rejected them, I bet they have looked at you wrong or some of them were surprised to be rejected by you? because, they believe that all black men want them!
        You know Kushite most of them have the King Kong syndrome?
        They sexually exploit BM,most of them go in West Indies or Africa to seek young BM? Most of these ugly cows are old women? Oh Lord’s truly disgusting!

      • Yes it’s all a about sexual fantasies with them. I wont be a sexual fetish for these nasty white women. I have seen videos of white women going to Africa and Jamaica looking for a black penis to play with. They see black men as sexual objects….that’s it! These brothers are crazy sleeping with these whores. They need to have more self respect that to lay down with tramps. I would never do that!

  8. White people being in IR are more racist and dangerous than white people aren’t in relationship with black people!

  9. I actually don’t really mind seeing certain people dating interracially. I know several people who are so self-loathing they have no business dating or marrying another Afrikan. I knew a dude who felt non Blacks were superior genetically (more attractive and intelligent) but still felt he should have a BW as a wife. This is the kind of people I’d much rather see end up with non Afrikan. In a way, IR dating and marriage might be a blessing since it gets rid of the worst of our race. It’s just nationalist and those who have something to offer the race who must totally reject IRRs.

    • I agree ThinkingAfrican. When they have such a sick mindset like that it’s best they not get involved with black people. It’s no great loss when they date interracially. You’re right,it’s a blessing. Self hating losers are of no use to black people in the struggle.

  10. I think someone has already mentioned it, but in my experience a lot of black men that consistently date interracially (especially with white women) are using them to hide their homosexuality.

  11. On another note Kushite….did you know that the government is cracking down on all the internet personalities that are speaking to black empowerment (Griff, Boyce Watkins, Rasheed)?

    They’ve already tried to link Griff with the Dallas shooter and Boyce Watkins with the Baton Rouge shooter. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    Shits getting real out here.

    • Yeah you’re right. I saw a video Watkins put up yesterday. He says since Gavin sent him an email the cops have been parked outside his house. These guys better be careful. The FBI and CIA are probably watching them too. You’re right,it’s getting REAL out here. Be safe.

  12. Now how you get pregnant by two billionaires at the same time. I guess that is what the book title is implying. HAHAHAH! smdh

  13. I’M NOT LOOKING FOR THE GREAT WHITE HOPE! And if the man don’t know that if you cook collard greens, you sure as hell better have some cornbread with them; don’t even get in my face! I’m so serious… *No snickering…*

  14. Kushite Prince,

    Have you read about the disgusting report about a white man fathered 22 kids by various Black women in and around NYC metro area? It was in the news last month but quickly disappeared from mainstream media two weeks after it was reported. Here are the links:

    Read at your own risk. It’s beyond disgusting, it’s evil!


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