The Interracial Madness- The Trophy White Woman(Part 1 of 3)

Great interview with author Paul Ifayomi Grant. This interview he touches on the subject of the “trophy white woman”.  And  why many black men with success choose to marry them. It’s a subject I’ve covered before but can’t be brought up enough. Interracial promotion and the gay agenda big issues being pushed on us heavily. He also brings up a great argument on why interracial relationships are not good for black people.  A touchy subject for some but it’s  a topic we must address. Mainly because many black people see it as a way to escape their blackness.

White girl..

“It is not about any particular individual or designed to hurt people’s feelings. It is about the politics, psychology and sociology of miscegenation with a particular emphasis on the politics. It is about understanding how a group of people with POWER, who call themselves ‘White’, use that POWER to control the sexual relationships of another less-POWERFUL group of people, who they call ‘Black’. It is about POWER and the wielding of POWER in aid of White Supremacy.”



Music producer Quincy Jones married white actress Peggy Lipton way back in the seventies. I guess once he got rich he needed his trophy by his side.

OJ Simpson..

Of course we can’t forget football legend OJ Simpson. OJ’s first wife was black but they got divorced and he eventually got his trophy.  He didn’t work out too well for him.  I wonder what he thinks of that decision now.


Film legend Sidney Poitier was an inspiration to black people in the sixties and seventies.  He was a real film icon. He is another one that had a black wife in the beginning…but once again dumped her and married a white women. What is it about this trophy complex? It’s  almost like some of these guys don’t feel complete without the love of a white woman.


And we can’t leave out NBA legend(self hating Coon)Charles Barkley.  You know you must have a serious case of self-hatred if you can walk around with this creature and call it a “trophy”.  Come on Chuck!  Wake the hell up fool!

Eddie Murphy...

Come on Eddie Murphy! This is so wrong! LOL!

Here’s a related post I did a few years ago.  You may find it of interest.


102 thoughts on “The Interracial Madness- The Trophy White Woman(Part 1 of 3)

  1. And don’t forget John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. I purchased one song of his, “The Best You Ever Had” because I saw the video and in it was a Black woman, then when I heard he’d married that trollop, I deleted that song quick, fast and in a gotdamn hurry. They’ll never get another dime of my money!

    And these dumb suckers refuse to understand that if it were not for their money, those whores would not even spit on them if they were on fire to help put it out. Some things are just beyond my comprehension Prince! And this mess would be one of those things.

    • Yes how could I forget Chrissy. Isn
      t she some type of Asian or something? I remember a few years ago she was on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. The media was raving about her. I didn’t think she was that cute to be honest. John has a decent voice but he’s not one of the greats. And he always seem so corny to me. Once he married her I knew he was a complete

      • Me too, he comes off as completely corny to me, the only songs from him I can honestly say I like are, All of Me, If you’re out there and Say It Loud. Since I found out, he married that mongrel nosferatu skank Chrissy, I just got completely turned off

  2. It’s damn time we take the white woman down a notch. She’s placed way too high on that godforsaken pedestal. We need to sink her ship and put her in her place. She can’t compete with us in any way shape or form. She’s got nothing on us. We’re so superior and I’ve said this before, that once you knock the white woman down, white supremacy will end. She’s what holds it together cause they’ve got her placed high on that worthless pedestal and treat her like she’s a Goddess. Shake it. Rattle it. Make the white woman stand face to face, and toe to toe with you. then knock her out. It will be over. We need to put more pressure on white women. Challenge them at every turn and at everything. Don’t settle for being told they are elite. Make them show us their worth instead of letting them rise on the falsity of white supremacy. They would not be able to handle any of that, because they are a myth. They are a lie. They are worthless and yet so often we let them rise. We must take them down. Don’t let them get ahead. Get in their face and see how cowardly they are when they climb back into their cave looking for protection from the white man.

    • Thank yo for that Roshumba! That was a beautiful! Everything you said is so true. I think you should write a book about it. You can title it How to Keep the White Woman down. I would definitely buy

      • I’m sick and tired of these white bimbos being portrayed in such a positive light, when in fact if they didn’t have the support of that pedestal that props them up, they would be nothing at all. I’m not afraid to challenge a white woman at every turn. If I work with one that I may have to compete with for a position, I go right after her. I make it known to her early on that when we’re in the same room, I’m in control and she’s gonna do whatever I want her to do, period! And I’m not gonna hear a peep outta her. It works every single time. If white women were really all that, it wouldn’t work every damned time, but it does. I have peer groups I lecture at for young black professional women. This is what I teach them. When you start a job, the white woman is your enemy and you should treat her as such. Don’t ever let her fool you. She’ll be sweet to your face cause she’s too scared not to be, but she’ll have no problem stabbing you in the back. So take control immediately and that’s it. Don’t ever give it back. Only way she can get it, is if you give it. Take away her ability to rise by immediately stripping her of her thought of superiority. You control and dominate and there will be absolutely nothing she can do about it. Once controlled the white woman conforms without resistance because she is weak. She has no real ability to compete with you.

  3. This is nothing new.

    Frederick Douglass, our alleged “freedom fighter”, tarnished his entire legacy by marrying and spawning with yurugu’s daughter. Even he wasn’t immune.

    You know, this goes much deeper than just wanting to marry a neanderthal. It’s a form of self-genocide. You hate yourself so damn much you wish to see yourself disappear by the next generation.

    This is why I say that whites cast a spell on us to make us hate self and kind. By tying into our genes, they brainwash us through the ether-force to self destruct and we keep falling for it every time.

    Everything begins and ends with the black female.

    EVERYONE knows this.

    And that’s why the black woman is the most degraded person on earth.

    • You’re right queen,it is a form of self genocide. We can’t ignore that fact.But also we must keep in mind that Douglass was also a mulatto. I think people forget that. But you’re right,we must break the spell they have over many of us.

    • You know what’s funny, Dr. Umar Johnson, Douglas’ supposed descendant, is a staunt opponent of interracial marriage. Yet when he was asked how he reconciles his views with his ancestors’ behavior, he surprisingly tried to justify it. There is no justification. Douglas fell victim to black man’s kryptonite (white vagina). It is disgraceful.

  4. I have said it before and I will state it again. The white female is just ANOTHER “possession” of the white male. Her chief role is only to produce more white males. Due to having MORE “monetary” power than any other ethnic group which opens the door for endless acquisitions, purchases, etc. not to mention the continual “propping up” by the mass Media, this is why white arrogance runs abound.

    Black males are deluded, often, into thinking that the white female is that unattainable prize that he ‘won.” White males give “less than a dam” because once it is known that a white female has had an alliance with a black male, she is seen as “tainted” in the eyes of the white males. Agree or not, this is the reality of it. Many black males, unfortunately, do not value sistas because they are filled with self-hate AND rejection. Thus, seeing black females that “mirror” them, they surmise that she has NO POWER and cannot “open doors for him”.” The white female merely serves as “his ticket into society” for otherwise, doors would be slammed into his face or as the long-running joke goes: “what is he called when he leaves the room? A ni**a.”

    The white female is the one with “power” in the relationship and these black males are clueless in figuring it out. It is a no brainer when she decides to leave–and takes their children with her. More than likely their children will be “white identified” growing up as well. When white females decide to exit? More often than not? They “drain” these black males, Most white females will not pay attention to “Joe Blow,” but rather “money men.” In other words, she equates him with his wallet. Otherwise? She has nothing for him.

    The saddest part in all of this is black men of this caliber continue to “sully” our black race.


    • Great comment Epi! You really broke it down. At this stage of the game any black man with a white woman is a FOOL! They are idiots for procreating with these women. We need to be building strong black unions. We don’t need anymore biracial babies running around. The white woman is a she-devil and can’t be trusted. This silly ass,self-hating black men see heaven in the white vagina. They are clearly delusional and traitors to their people. No black person in this day and age should be sleeping with a white person. It’s total suicide!

    • Kim actually isn’t technically “white” however MANY white males were very butthurt when she hooked up with Kayne. It’s ok to bang them sex tape style like Ray J and Reggie Bush but marry one of them things and turn around and spawn his kids OH HELL NO!! That is why she gets so much flack from the media that once thought she was so damn great before.

      • Kim is an Armenia Jewish whore. She has no real talent except for knowing how to market herself and sisters to the media. Most white men see her as a used up whore…which she is. But I see her the same way. This woman is NO prize. And Kanye should be ashamed to have married and procreated with that tramp. You say she’s not white….okay fine,but she’s definitely not black. And that’s all that matters.

      • WTF?!?! KIM K IS WHITE!!!! Why is Kim K. not “technically” white cause she fucking a black man. I was told that a lotta of silly black people on social media follow her and kiss her ass on social media. When she had that beef with taylor swift you had stupid black people acting like she done somethin revolutionary by calling swift out exposing her as a whore. It takes a whore to know a whore doesn’t it? I put you in the same category I put these silly black men and women who follow and kiss her ass on social media. I am sooo tired of this sick obsession black folks got with Kim K.

      • I’m not “obsessed” I’m just saying let’s not label everyone non-black as “white” and no stupid she STOOD BY HER MAN that is why black women are cheering her because she had his back and didn’t just throw him under the bus. That is about giving a damn not just giving a man some ass.

  5. May I say one extra thing?

    Marriage is not only a romantic-spiritual bond, it’s an ECONOMIC inheritance of wealth. Men (usually) die quicker than women and she is left with his generational wealth to be passed on to the next generation.

    This is a fact.

    When these black males leave yurugu’s daughter with their wealth, she NEVER takes that wealth into the black community and builds charter schools, farmer’s markets or hospitals. She takes it and runs back to the white community and gets a WHITE man who has money so she can continue her quest for money-power.

    Exhibit A;

    Elin Nordegren

    Until we as a people learn the dynamics of what white supremacy is, we’ll keep on falling for this over and over and over…

    • Negress, I give you exhibit B:

      Recall Reginald Lewis, a black man that was an attorney, and the founder/owner of Beatrice Foods back in the 1980’s? When he died in his early 50’s, through sheer will, business acumen and ingenuity, by 1992 he had amassed well OVER 400 million dollars.

      Out of all the thousands and talented sisters in the world, this clueless ass knee-gro married a FILIPINO woman. Yep, her name is Loida Nicolas-Lewis and she bore two daughters for him. She made sure that she assured her financial stability. Any-hoo, no need to ask where all of that “generational wealth” went. This is one of the main culprits of why many black people cannot leave money to their future generations. Because, as a relative has said it, “they are stuck on stupid.”

      Oh well.


      • And black women aren’t!! When Hoprah goes who will get all HER millions?!! Probably some charity suggested by her cult following lily white suburban soccer mom crowd or some gay group seeing how she is an undercover carpet muncher. Same thing with Big Bird Robin Roberts bitch has a WHITE LOVER so guess who is getting “paid” when her ass goes?! Same thing with Wanda “it’s harder to be gay than black” Sykes who has a white female lover as well. Hell MOST black female lesbians have white girls under their thumb Rhianna was a damn hero to white women until she started fucking Ashton and other white guys now she is persona non grata. The same Becky that claims to love her hates on her real quick when she becomes competition. Same thing with Kim now she’s a “whore” when before she was the hottest thing walking.

  6. Peggy Lipton’s family despise the fact that their white daughter married & had children by Quincy Jones sellout black ass. The oldest daughter Kidada stated that racial issues didn’t exist at home because she saw her parents as mother & father instead of white & black. Here is a very interesting statement that Rashida & Kidada Jones stated about their white mother parents.

    Rashida: But it was different with our grandparents. Our dad’s father died before we were born. We didn’t see our dad’s mother often. I felt comfortable with Mommy’s parents, who’d come to love my dad like a son. Kidada wasn’t so comfortable with them. I felt Jewish’ Kidada didn’t.

    Kidada: I knew Mommy’s parent were upset at first when she married a black man, and though they did the best they could, I picked op on what I thought was their subtle disapproval of me. Mommy says they loved me, but I felt estranged from them.

    What also caught my attention when Peggy Lipton response to her parents disapproving of her daughter Kidada. Peggy know damn well her parents & family members hates black people deep down with a passion. Again these non black parents don’t teach their children about white supremacy because they are just using these biracial children to do their dirty work.

    These children which are products of interracial relationships experience this mistreatment a lot from their non black family members hatred of black people. Biracial children are products from interracial relationships who were born for self hating reason bought on by the parents. I strongly feel these non black parents of biracial children deep down don’t love their children.

    • Quincy is a sellout coon. But I’ve also heard he’s an undercover homosexual too. I’m not surprised Lipton’s family didn’t approve. A lot of these rich black men think that because they have money the white girl’s family wont mind. They are WRONG! I would say at least 90% of white men don’t approve of their daughter with a black man…whether he’s poor,middle class or rich. It’s all about social status and they are worried what their white friends will think of them. Out of the tow daughters Rashida is the more white-identified one. Kidada dated rappers LL Cool J and was engaged to Tupac Shakur. But most mixed kids are all confused up in the head. They don’t know where to turn and feel like they don’t belong. All this multicultural/biracial crap in the media doesn’t help our people. And these white women are NOT trophies at ll. They are NO prize. Guys like Barkley,Eddie Murphy,OJ and Kanye was delusional. It’s all in their minds. A white woman is a downgrade from a black woman. These type of men are nothing but fools.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I 100% agreed with everything you stated. You are right Quincy Jones daughter’s are both confuse and Kidada just trying to find a place to be accepted.
        P.S. I can’t wait till these coons get their negro wake up call.

      • But you also have to understand the inadequacies of black men that marry non-black women. I strongly believe that these are not strong men in the first place. They really are not strong enough to provide for the mother of humanity- the black woman.

        Black women would be good to consider themselves lucky that the weaker amongst us have identified themselves as such.

        Black men would be good to completely ex-communicate these black men. That means absolutely no support from us.

      • Yes RC I see your point. A lot of the black men I know who marry non-black men tend to be weak men. Not week in the physical sense but mentally weak. And they usually have no interest in the black struggle. Many of them want to pretend that racism doesn’t exist and they can disappear in their spouses non-blacknesss.

      • He hates black women because of his mom and her making his life miserable so I don’t think it’s fair to call him a “sell-out” coon if that’s the case then Diana Ross is EVERY bit the coon as well. And no not all of her white husbands were rich yet black women slobber over her and Halle when they haul ass to marry white males but say that have black kids WTF?!!

      • I’m sorry Lavern. We will have to disagree on this one. Quincy is no doubt a self loathing coon. He is the purest definition of one. Regardless of what is mother was like. There are black men that had bad mothers and still dated black women. That’s no excuse for being a sellout. I’m not letting him off the hook that easy.

      • Well, what about black women who had terrible fathers. Halle Berry had a deadbeat achoholic father; she didn’t attend his funeral. Would you call her a “sell-out” coon? She and other black women don’t get a pass, but Quincy and black men like him do? You see how hypocritical you sound. Like prince says, no excuse for either party on being a sell out.

      • @Originalblackwoman Oh please!! Halle has been getting a free pass for a while now even as she calls her kids “black” but is having them with white men! And black women are some big time hypocrites when it comes to IR so you are not one to talk!

    • @ Kushite Prince

      Here is another bitch I have talk about before who is “The Interracial Madness- The Trophy White Woman” which is Teena Marie. Rick James stated in his autobiography “Glow” he stated Teena Marie parents despise the fact that their daughter was hanging around black people. Teena Marie has benefitted big time off of the backs of black people & culture but stayed quiet on real black issues involving racism. These are the non black people Malcolm X warn black people about who always love hanging around us such much can’t be trusted. Teena Marie who is a below average looking white woman who wouldn’t have bad it easier in the music industry if she was a below average looking black woman. Those black female singers during that time Teena Marie was around were attractive & had real talent BLACK singing talent so they had no other choice but to have both get in the door.

      • When I was growing up all the brothers in the hood loved Teena. One of my uncles had all her records. I wont lie,back in the day she had some hot joints. But most were produced by Rick James and that gave her street cred. Most black men just liked her because they knew she sleeps with black men. But to be honest I never thought she was very attractive. And back in the 80’s artists like Patti LaBelle,Whitney,Anita Baker,Angela Winbush and Phyliss Hyman all had better voiced than Teena. Now when I look back on’s obvious she was overhyped because she was white. And black people love when whites do our music. We see it as though it means they LOVE us. That is very delusional thinking. We have to stop thinking like that. Here’s a pic of Teena and her daughter Alia Rose. She’s a singer as well.

      • This is the beauty standard a white zombie with skin problems and empty eyes!
        When I always look inside their empty eyes and I always see nothing!

      • Even still Teena didn’t play the black community like Madonna, Britney spears or Pink who act all down and shit but then hightail it once they get fame. At least Teena stayed LOYAL to the community when she could have been a lot more famous after “Lovergirl” which was a big hit for her. she wasn’t all that hot yet she stayed true to the music unlike some assholes like Robin Prick who professed love for Paula Patton but is air humping Miley Stupid Ass and skanky white models in his videos. I’ll bet old Robin won’t pick another half-breed again if daddy has anything to say about it.

    • They always will blame BM for crimes that BM didn’t do!
      So many false cases of assault, killing and violence shouted from WW!
      They are sexually extremely aggressive women, especially if they have been rejected!
      In their mind WW can’t accept the idea of being rejected, because white supremacy taught them that they are desirable because they have white skin!
      They have always acted like this, when WM didn’t deign to look at them!
      WW has more power than BM,because she has the privilege of white supremacy,they can easily ruin your life, she will always be credible in the eyes of all,if this is true or not!
      BM rejects and insults BW, and than gives value to a woman who treats him like shit, I think he deserves it!

      • “…WW has more power than BM,because she has the privilege of white supremacy…”

        Agreed! (whistling) Like I said…


      • Like black women don’t run after WHITE DADDY!! All the videos of white male cops brutalizing black women and not a damn peep is uttered including the black women running up under Becky to selectively vilify black men so do they deserve it too?!!

  7. During the time the O.J Simpson trial was going on did y’all pay attention the pictures the jewish media kept showing of Nicole Brown Simpson. The photos the media kept showing the most of her were the ones when she was in her late teen & early twenties to give off this innocent, beautiful, attractive white woman that was killed by a salvage black male. We all know how “WHITE AMERICA” love showing attractive white women in the news when they are killed or murder for news coverage. They made sure to post many pictures of her modeling days when she was still youthful in the face instead posting many pictures of recent ones before her death when she was busted.

    Here are some examples on how the media love using images to send messages.

    • You’re right Shanequa. The media knows it’s all about perception. Most people that have done research know that Nicole was not perfect. I’m not saying she deserved to be killed but she had a past like most people. I had a co-worker that knew a woman that hung out with Nicole. She claims she used to do drugs at parties. This doesn’t surprise me at all. But of course the media paints to picture that she was a perfect white angel and OJ was a big black brute. They love to push these negative stereotypes about black men. That’s why they keep making all these damn OJ Simpson tv movies. I heard there was another coming out this year. White America just can’t get enough of any story where the black man is the criminal. They feed off of negative stereotypes.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        White America is still pissed off that a black man was found not guilty for the death of two white people which he never did killed.

      • White males aren’t doing movies about Michael Skakel, Phil Spector, Robert Chambers or Robert Blake they only care about white women when there is a black man to demonize. Otherwise they play blame the victim and scream “bros before hoes” the majority of white women that accuse a white man always get their name dragged through the mud. But when it’s a black man they LOVE her so much spare me!

    • Even on shows like Snapped or any crime coverage show, they always talk about how young, pretty + fit the killer was. Like how they did Casey Anthony. It’s weird.

      • Yeah the double standard is always there regarding whiteness. I remember earlier this year there was a blond white woman that was a drug dealer. And when her mugshot was shown on social media they were calling her the “cute drug dealer”. WTF??! Even when they are criminals they are given the benefit of the doubt. But when someone like Trayvon Martin is killed they label him a street thug. Even though he had NO criminal record.

      • Yea it’s gross. It’s so easy to weed out the bs the media tries to pull on the masses. I see right through it! The white woman’s face is the one I see most often killing her kids, [plotting to] kill her husband, hoarding dogs… so I see through the “cute, holy, innocent” nonsense.

  8. White women are having sex with dogs and putting the shit online. Enough said. And you have to ask: Why in the hell would any sane man want to father children with something that would have anal, vaginal and oral sex with a canine? Bestiality is a crime. This is disgusting and depraved. There is nothing superior about white women. White privilege has given them the shelter from being “outed”.The only thing white women have done better than Black women is to convince weak-minded Black men that sleeping with them, makes up for all the times white men called them Nigger. I’m sorry but if Black people are stupid enough to fall for Black Psy-Op tactics of white males who filter this stuff through television and print images; that’s on US. Black people with brains know what white people are. Yet, many still have an innate desire to cohabitate or mate with them for some unknown reason. Perhaps, many have been programmed.Whatever the case, nature is about to “dead” them and if Black men and I feel it’s high time for the Black community to stop making these type of couples feel comfortable around us. We’ve been too slack in recent decades. One does not give the opportunity for a snake to crawl in his house. Thus, white men and women should no longer be allowed in our presence. D-E-C-A-U-C-A-S-I-A-N-I-Z-E!!! As the late, great, Dr. Chancellor Williams suggested in his timeless classic, The Destruction of Black Civilizations.

    • Bingo! As I have referenced before, “when you allow a SNAKE in your house, why the hell are YOU surprised when it rises up and hisses at you?” Everything that you have stated is correct.

      Whites control the (mass) Media and it is the Media that gives this perception of Caucasoids being “superior” right along with non-whites that “feed into” this chit. Let a white female be upset? MORE non-whites will rally to her defense and try to right what is wrong, agree or not. Especially in the work place setting. This is what disgusts me as much as the antics that white women will resort to.

      You are right. As black people, we should keep as much distance between us and white males and females as possible.

      We are NOT white people and it is well past time that we remind them of that.

    • Thank you Angel! You said it all! We really should be wiser at this point. We should know how they operate and be hip to their tricks. All this interracial madness has warped the minds of so many of our people. Having sex with other races has done a lot of damage and shown no progress. We have been fooled! It’s time to wake up.

    • Don’t forget how durty they are? They never wash their hands after using the toilet, dress like whores, when they are drunk, they walk barefoot in the street, vomit and urinate in front of everyone and especially they don’t use underwear!
      If white women are prey for black men and they are better than black wome,I don’t feel sorry for these black men,be blind and not see how disgusting are these women means that these black men have serious mental problems!
      These women always leave public toilet dirty, you can not imagine what these women have in their homes!
      White women think to be queen and perfect just because they have a white p***s, so they pretend to be respected by all!
      If you think these garbage are taken as trophies by everyone, just because they are the world standard beauty!
      Disgusting indeed!

  9. Sidney Poitier married a white woman? I am shocked. I thought he was still married to his first wife they always show him with in the old videos.

      • That’s his own damn fault. Destroyed his black genetics because he was self loathing. I don’t understand some of these old negroes. It’s like they’re just dying for white acceptance.

      • Well, I’m glad to have bless you all with my ethereal presence and beauty, lol!

        Well, I’ve been very busy pursuing my entrepreneurship goals. I’m looking for clients, creating social media pages, writing, etc, etc. Just trying to make that money. Don’t worry I don’t plan on stopping blogging just not as much, I’ll be dropping in here and there to check on you all and post some.
        (I posted two posts last week on my misogynoir blog).

  10. This shit runs deeeeeeep. I don’t know how, with all this free knowledge on the internet, Black people can continue to engage in these types of relationships. Too busy taking selfies with Annabeth I guess. It’s very disheartening.

    • That’s true Kelley. It does run deep. We have to think in terms of the black collective. Not just as an individual. Even the term “selfie” implies selfishness. We have to get past worshipping whiteness and personal fetishes. And get back to loving and embracing our black beauty. Then this media onslaught wont have as much of an effect on our minds.

  11. Good series, keep up the hard work, you are definitely going to reach more people.

    Everybody knows about the interracial relationship failure rate and the fact biracial children are born at a very high out of wedlock birth rate, including Barack Obama. The fact of the matter is these relationships have proven over the course of decades not to work. The trophy white women is not solely a white media driven idea, white women do not outnumber black women with black men. The purpose is of revering white women in negro celebrities is to revere whiteness as whole, she is just the representative. Even though by in large black women have a preference in terms of body (for black men) white women are pedastalised by negroes not for the physical beauty standard but whiteness, which is essentially a
    physical representation of self destruction. Evidence can be seen from substandard white females (physically) constituting the majority of white women with mulatto children or seen in the street with black men.

    Comments about females white features are compounded by the fact their are no known connotation of light skin with negative terms. Even calling a person dark can be deemed offensive by negroes and racists non-Afrikans.

    • You’re right AfrikaNeeds. It’s what the white woman represents in the minds of these fools. They associate whiteness with wealth,power,respect and beauty. That’s why many black men get with even fat and ugly white women. Any white woman will do for these guys. I’m thinking about doing a post on non-black women as well. I think we focus on white women a lot and forget that self loathing black men will get with any non-black woman. And I agree with your other points as well.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        “I think we focus on white women a lot and forget that self loathing black men will get with any non-black woman.”

        They have a mentally ill sick obsession with whiteness, something that the black woman can’t give him. Being with a non black woman that look close to the European standard of beauty toward whiteness is an escape from reality but to fantasy land for the self loathing negro men. They have been taught & seen images since they came out of their black mother’s womb that white is right, white is happiness, white is beautiful, and etc. Look all around us whiteness is in our everyday lives to a point it will bring you to madness.

      • Yep. White women are the goal for most of these ir negroes because white people run this society and they want in on it. In London black men are NOT getting Indian women, Chinese women, Pakistani women, white ‘Arabs’ or anything other than trashy white and mulatto women. I know in America it is different because the Hispanics on the East Coast are biracial/triracial and on the West Coast you have Mexicans who will mix with anything because they have no fixed identity whatsoever.

        You should do that post thought would enjoy it.

      • Yes I have heard from others that in London the mixing is everywhere. And you’re about the west coast. Out in California I see black men with Puerto rican and Mexican women quite a bit. Even Filipino women date black men out here. Out here if you have the money they ill date a black man pretty fast. The climate is different because you see it so much. But most of the families of these women are usually not happy they are with black men. Yeah I will do that post. I think people will find it interesting.

      • Mixing occurs yet I see nowhere in multicultural parts of London where black women push prams (strollers) with mixed babies more than black babies and I see nowhere where ir outnumbers single race couples. Mixed relationships are on the rise but not to the extent the media proclaims and in fact the most likely group to do ir are mixed people themselves. I see ir daily but it is not overbearing, mixed children are still a minority in any part of London. You do get negroes with money here who chase non-black women, but the thing about L.A. I know is much of the ir is not done by local but people who come from out of town. Same with that gay shit in ATL, many people come from all over America to escape the boxes they have set themselves in their place of origin. But as far as I know nowhere in America does ir reach the levels of London except maybe part of the West Coast where them white men be fiending over East Asian women.

      • Oh yeah the white men love Asian women out here. And Asian women worship white men. Even when the Asian woman is somewhat attractive the white men are ugly goofy looking guys. It always looks like a mismatch to me. But I realize that Asian women get with them for the social status. That’s what it comes down to in the end. But not every time. I used to work with an Asian woman who dated a white man that made less money than her. He was not an good looking guy by any means. But I realize that whiteness is social capital so therefore just him being white was enough for her. It shows how much non-whites are mentally retarded under white domination.

      • I don’t think it’s that per say, in China and Japan, half-whites are cast out of their community, even Bruce Lee was rejected.

        It is more to do with the fact number 1, many Chinese Americans have been in the USA for several generations, number 2 a sign of integration between the two. They view themselves as equals, this should have been obvious considering the fact Japan got nearly equal funding to Europe to rebuild post World War Two. But yeah also the brainwashing factor by the media in the West hold a key role. They are merging, into some type of Eurasian grouping, I have said it before Eurasians all have the same white allele roots and only diversified by absorbing dark skin natives wherever they went. They will probably merge before they disappear because nature has blocked their birth rate.

      • Yes I know what you mean. Chinese and Japanese will reject mix breeds in a heartbeat! But this Asian woman I’m talking about was Filipino. She was very dark skinned(by Asian standards). Many brown skinned Filpinos are very self loathing. I think she saw getting with a white man as a step up the social ladder. And also Filipinos are on the bottom rung of the Asian community. Chinese and Japanese are at the top. The Eurasians are like their own a race now. I work with a few female Eurasians and they’re all buddies. And you’re right,they share the same allele roots. Whites see Asians as the “model minority”. That’s why many white families are more accepting when their son/daughter marries an Asian.

      • This is obvious if pale skin is what white people uphold then why wouldn’t they also prefer pale skin peoples from elsewhere like they denigrated Afrikan-phenotype people that same continent: Asia and on Oceania when Europeans eventually invaded it. Europeans are only recent leaders of the Eurasian world, prior to that Eurasia was all interconnected due to geography, trade routes and large religions been shared. Different geno-culture developed recently (under 3000 years ago) in Eurasia much later than in Afrika which had deep roots inland for their geography, trade routes and large religions not penetrated by Eurasians. It was known as the dark continent by Europeans as late as the 1870’s due to their lack of information on it due to no Eurasians going prior to them. This is just before the scramble for Afrika.

        Eurasians always do this, did you know the whitening policies of most countries in the Americas after the end of Afrikan enslavement brought in millions of white ‘Arabs’ who blended in and miscegenated with fellow Eurasians – Europeans. They were brought primarily to certain South American and Caribbean nations that spoke Spanish as well as Brazil which has an estimated 12 million white Brazilians of Arab descent. They gained all the benefits of been part of a dominating white society on top of what Afro-Brazilian were forced to make during chattel slavery.

    • @AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources

      “Everybody knows about the interracial relationship failure rate and the fact biracial children are born at a very high out of wedlock birth rate, including Barack Obama.”

      I’m glad you touch on this because over there in the UK they have tons of out of wedlock biracial children and a lot of those children are living in the foster care system. Furthermore when the media always have the discussion throwing out stats that states,” 70% of black children living in single parent home,” I wonder are they including biracial children who have non black mothers in that count as well.

      • No. Mixed people are not considered black in the UK, maybe by white people and some negroes who took on American culture but by in large we know they are not black and on the census mulattoes have their own boxes. Black Caribbeans have a high rate of out of wedlock birth*, which increased with Westernisation. I can tell you as a Jamaican, Jamaicans are even worse than Afrikan Americans in terms of out of wedlock birth rates. Look at the Jamaican stats it is over 80%. The problem is Afrikan Americans are so ethnocentric by in large they fail to see that all black people in the Americas have been attacked using the SAME TACTICS by white people who even argued amongst themselves what was to be done with Afrikan slave descendants. Blacks from Brazil, Jamaica, Barbados, the USA ect. all went back to Afrika in small portions during and form ‘creole’ (different meaning form in the Americas) populations all the way from Liberia to Angola. Same thing with the segregation, the original Brazilian favelas were segregated spaces fro Afrikan and the Brazil and US government discussed whether segregation and the ‘one drop rule’ was better than official pushing of miscegenation, we now know who won but in Brazil the negro movements are trying to make a resurgence in the one drop rule’s popularity in Brazil. Same thing with the rise in open racism AND police killings and fucking marching which can be seen in the USA, Colombia and Brazil by black people and non-black ‘Liberals’.

        Even though there are few white in Jamaica the culture has been utterly corrupted by outside forces and negro agents. Marcus Garvey went to Central America BEFORE he went to the USA, he designed the Red, Black and Green flag for ALL black people in the Americas as he saw the condition was the same unfortunately more recent ethnocentric doctrines have gripped the same group of people and now Afrikan Americans are running around claiming the flag and just about every other problem they have is unique which means they either have to rely on other peoples in the United States (including the ones oppressing them) to help or they have to beg the white set up and ran UN. This is not the point of the RBG flag at all.

        *Out of wedlock does not mean that the children do not have contact with their dads. In fact studies on both Afrikan Americans and blacks in the UK have PROVEN black dads ARE the most hardworking, even when they do not live with their kids. Many people, such as my parents, have never married but live together, so this single parent home=out of wedlock garbage is purely propaganda. Many people who don’t have a dad have a stepdad, all of this is not factored in at all to funnel the false idea that black children have no male figures in their lives.

      • Appreciate your interest in the topic. Ethnocentrism is an issue not often tackled within black circles, many Afrikan Americans show little to no interest in the plight of blacks outside of their borders, same with many Afrikans.

    • Famous black WOMEN run under white daddy like crazy so stop pretending that black men are the only ones obsessed with whiteness! Even dyke Queen Latifah was calling very ugly country star Garth Brooks “fine”. New York’s mother was flirting with that Italian guy’s father like he was Richard fucking Gere or something. The worst examples are Sheryl Underwood and Star Jones who would ALWAYS sit right next to the white male guest and giggle or flirt with every one that came on the show. Yet that still didn’t help her ass with old bat Babs who dumped her in a mega heartbeat. Underwood gushes over countless white men that wouldn’t look at her if they were BLIND and don’t even get me started on Leslie Jones!!

      • Who said black women weren’t?

        You are slow if you can not see this is the first part of a series which includes issues about swirling both black men and women and it’s close ties to self-hatred. This bit just focuses on a massive WHITE cultural stereotype of black men, which nowhere near all ordinary black men actually are like. Black women are also included in this series for their self-hatred too.

      • But black men get it a million times worse! I have yet to hear Halle and her two white baby daddies take as much crap or Traci Bingham, Khandi Alexander, Alfre Woodard, Diann Carroll, Leslie Uggams, and the married more white guys thasn Liz Taylor: Diana Ross. Spare me! Black men are treated like thay have a damn monopoly on lusting after whiteness which is bullshit

      • Nobody said black women don’t do it. Yes black women date and marry out too, but NOT AT THE SAME RATE AS BM. Don’t you read the statistics (bm marry out 3x more than black women) and look around you daily black men because black men date out/marry out more than black women. Many people can say they know more bm who date.marry out than black women.

  12. @Lavern you should come in London where there are the hight rate of BM and WW and large mixed race population! In this country is looks like black people here don’t know what mean black pride or self preservation!
    BM date in an indiscriminate manner WW,they don’t care if they are ugly,fat,trush or ecc they date them! For them black women become invisible,they only see WW in their mind!
    We should be honest about ourlsef,black people have really big issue,they don’t see anymore IR is problem both BM and BW they think in the same away!
    BM run after WW and when BW don’t have opportunities fall into the arms of WM!
    I don’t have respect for WW and WM, and I wish all my heart
    if their number drastically collapses and disappear from the face of the earth,because they are the real cause of our problem, but some of us,
    they see it another way!
    I have witnessed of some BW,they run of fall for WM,the major of WM see BW as sexual exotic animal,BW are still victims of sexual exploitation in the hands of WM!
    WM around the world have the same prejudice and stereotype about BW as the same WW for BM!
    These people don’t love us how we can see love in this people?
    What they did to our ancestors, and the things that even today they continue to do to us, how you can call it love?
    It is really shameful, when you listen black people say, there is nothing wrong being mixed, in 50 years all people will be mixed,mixed people
    bring people together and so on!
    These are not our thoughts, these are the thoughts that white people have taught us!
    In my country in Brazil,in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries white racist Brazilian people wanted to solve “Negro problem”,at the time the number of blacks was higher than that of whites.
    They believed that with Whitening ideology that the Negro race would advance culturally and genetically, or even disappear totally, within several generations of mixed breeding between whites and blacks.
    Despite the horror of past times, today there are some black Brazilian people who don’t see anything wrong to marry and procreate with whites!
    The thing is simple, history over the centuries has taught us that they just want the extinction of our people!
    This thing could end up many years ago, because if the resentment was so strong, you believe me no black person would never ever slept with them!

    • Most black female celebrities that have white male partners pick the most FUGLY men so that’s not even a fair statement. The white guy on SNL Leslie Jones always flirts with is as ugly as homemade sin and the fact is men who are NOT black aren’t pursuing black women yet many would run to them in a damn heartbeat if they could so what does that tell you?!! The only thing preventing more black women with men of other races is that they don’t want black women even when they defend them to the damn death cough Bill Clinton cough. That sure as hell doesn’t stop them from trying though a black female blogger was gushing over Tim Wise in an article like he was Ryan Gosling and really isn’t all that hot in my opinion. So for me it’s a far worse mindset to chase after those who flat out refuse to ever want you cough John Mayer cough then to chase after those who will at least give you the time of day.

  13. Omg, I love Paul Ifayomi Grant. He makes too much sense!! Was this a recent interview?? Ive listened to his CREE interviews, thats how I got exposed to him; and he has addressed interracial dating on there as well. I own several of his books. Im so lazy, Ive only read about 2/3 of Niggers, Negroes, Blacks, and Afrikans. And I have a couple others that I havent read yet, but they’re e-books that I can crack open anytime.

    I think our people are finally waking up to the interracial agenda, I feel like Im seeing more black couples now. Seriously. I think its because of beautiful women like Teyonah Parris, and more shine being put on atheletes like lebron, D.Wade, and Chris Paul who have non-mixed black wives. I know most of us have given up on atheletes as being any kind of beacons for the black race, but it helps immensely that these famous brothas showcase their wives, and theyre at the top of their game. Its important that our children see this in the media.
    To each is own, but I dont see how anyone can stomach entering a white vagina, most of them are so unnattractive and the men see “beauty”. Anyone see a pic of Jermasty’s girlfriend (jermaine jackson son)? I hate to talk about a minor, but homegirl is hit (white girl).

    • Yes I spoke to Paul on Cree’s show. He has some great insight on race issues. He’s a vey intelligent brother. That video is from an old interview though. I have a few of his books also. I recommend all black people check out his books. They are very educational.

  14. Great post! My cousin laments to me sometimes about Eddie Murphy’s switch. For a long time, it looked as though he tried not to go the IR route. He always played along side black leading ladies. But I guess he finally succumbed too. smdh.

  15. “In my country in Brazil,in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries white racist Brazilian people wanted to solve “Negro problem”,at the time the number of blacks was higher than that of whites.
    They believed that with Whitening ideology that the Negro race would advance culturally and genetically, or even disappear totally, within several generations of mixed breeding between whites and blacks.
    Despite the horror of past times, today there are some black Brazilian people who don’t see anything wrong to marry and procreate with whites!
    The thing is simple, history over the centuries has taught us that they just want the extinction of our people!
    This thing could end up many years ago, because if the resentment was so strong, you believe me no black person would never ever slept with them!”

    I commend you. For you have definitely done your homework. And, on the q.t., there are many black males in Amerikka that encourage other black males to stop dealing with Amerikkan sistas and to go global, that is, to go to countries such as Brazil to find “quality relationships.” Oh no, sistas do not get a pass on this either, many sisters , and I know some personally, ARE just like black males: white identified. Think about this? Our black people have been so-called liberated for well over 450 years now. And how many PAST Presidents have we had that were WHITE (or in the closet about their blackness) and did little or nothing helping with our economic and social progress? And times when we did have a blueprint that we could work with, WHO almost always thwarted our progress? Let’s keep it real. There are still too many of our people that have little to no chance at this thing that is called The Amerikkan Dream. Hell, an illegal alien has a better chance than some of our people. The truth is, most of our black people are put in public schools and then “trained” to work for someone else and whites are “trained” to learn how to RUN a company, long story short. As I have stated before, it is the ultimate goal of the ruling classes and white supremacy to place black people as a PERMANENT under-class on the economic ladder. There is already a lock-out on us in general society. LOOK at what is front of you as I often state. Please, to the nay-sayers, in EVERY area of human activity in this system, our people are affected by white supremacy. It is dam good that I see others that are on board, but we need much, much, much more “conscious” involvement. These sub-humans do NOT give a rat’s a** about you, etc. Notice how the “stats” always bring a dismal or high number of something always in the negative when it comes to black people.? Well, hello? WHO do you think “designs” these stats as well as “controls” the mass Media? I caught something recently repeatedly during the news break on this commercial: I’ll be the FIRST one to tell anyone that I dot no watch the idiot box other than the news or a black-based documentary. That’s it. What I caught was a commercial. I think it was about Swifter, a broom or something. A white FAMILY, depicting two little girls that were apparently baking or something and making a mess at the same time. The camera zero’d in on the FATHER commenting about this swifter product while the MOTHER was cleaning the mess. Switch reels. Another swifter commercial where the black MOTHER was complaining about the dog hair. One of the male children was asking if they could have another dog. WHERE was the black FATHER during the airing of this commercial? In another commercial, a dad and his son were introducing themselves while on the way home. Someone had left a Swifter product outside the front door. Where the hell was the MOTHER? I know that wasn’t just me, but I hope that someone else caught this chit like I did. There are numerous examples….one that caused a ruckus was the Cheerio commercial where the bi-racial kid was attempting to wake up the black father while the white mother was busy in the kitchen. I understand that countless complaints poured in to General Mils (I think that this was the company) and the commercial was ultimately pulled. These are the kinds of scenarios that we all should remain vigilant on and, just like whites complained in the 1950’s, etc. blacks DO NOT have to accept our black male or female being MINIMIZED.

    Back to the program! Many black males “salivate” after this white cave-women because on the one hand they think that they are “getting even” with the white male, for too long they were denied access to white women or like I said, “she is his ticket into society.” The white female has the power in the relationship, agree or not and that is okay. And while a black male is tilling the white male’s field, who is tilling his? These sub-humans have shown us time and time again that it was never their intent to improve the quality of the lives of black people. The question is, when are a lot of us going to begin to grasp that? These sub-humans are making it far too comtable for many of us, while at the same time continuing to kick us in the a**.

    Final Thought: We are all aware of just HOW our people are dying. “Legal murders,” taking one another out, unhealthy foods and eating, inadequate health care…and the list goes on. I am humbly asking that we ALL offer one another advise, be it professional or otherwise in helping to make all of our lives/circumstances BETTER, nothing is too insignificant or too extreme. I note that there are some that have done just that and I DO thank you for doing so. This is the Prince’s blog but I sure do appreciate what the brother is trying to do.

    Thank you Prince!

    • Wow!! Great comment Epi! That was beautiful. You really covered it all. There’s nothing I can add to that. I’m glad you appreciate the blog. I do my best to put out the information and try to give my people some clarity on these issues. You’re very welcome. And I always appreciate you great comments. You always have insightful things to say.


    Sheriff Claimed Cops Were Heroes For Trying To Save 3 Black Girls From Drowning But Dashcam Show They Watched Them Scream As They Drowned

    By Cee Cee 

    Posted on April 20, 2016

    St. Petersburg, FL – Newly released dash cam footage reveals a Florida sheriff lied last month when he falsely claimed that his deputies took off their gun belts and attempted to save three drowning teenage girls. Instead of attempting to rescue the dying teens, the deputies can be seen on video standing beside the pond while listening to the girls’ final screams.

    According to Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, a friend asked 35-year-old Damien Marriott to drive the three teenage girls to Child’s Park on Wednesday, March 30. For some reason, Marriott reportedly stopped at a Walmart to buy a TV when he left his keys in the ignition with the engine running along with three girls that he did not know sitting in his 1990 Honda Accord. Although Child’s Park closes at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays, Marriott did not return to his vehicle or report his car stolen until 8:30 p.m. that night.

    Several hours later, deputies reported seeing the Honda run a red light without its headlights on during a pursuit. Entering the back of a cemetery, the girls accidentally drove the Honda into a pond as deputies exited their vehicles and remained standing on shore.

    While the Honda submerged into the swamp, a recently released police dash cam video recorded a deputy exclaiming, “I hear them yelling, I think!”

    As the video moves forward another deputy can be heard saying, “They’re done. They are 6-7, dude.”

    “They were yelling,” a deputy responds. “I thought I heard yelling.”

    “As it was going down,” the other deputy interjects. “But now, they’re done. They’re done.”

    Although Sheriff Gualtieri announced at a press conference that his deputies flung off their gun belts and dove into the swamp in a failed attempt to save the teenage girls, police dash cam video actually shows the deputies standing near the shore listening to the girls scream to death.

    Two hours later, a tow truck pulled out a vehicle containing the deceased bodies of 16-year-old Dominique Battle from St. Petersburg High School, 15-year-old Ashaunti Butler from Dixie Hollins High, and 15-year-old Laniya Miller from Gibbs High.

    “My daughter was not perfect,” Miller’s mother, Natasha Winkler, recently told ABC Action News through tears. “What 15-year-old is?”

    Despite the fact that the sheriff initially released false information and his deputies likely provided false reports claiming they tore off their gun belts and dove into the murky water to save the dying teen girls, no criminal charges have been filed against any of the deceitful deputies. Caught on police dash cam video, the deputies clearly falsified their reports after standing around while callously listening to the drowning girls die.

    I will not even go into the many racist ass comments that were made. Over 70 comments. The response of one particular poster was interesting, so I posted her response as well. Read on…

    Yes i am afraid as a black female, I encounter hostile white males all the time- but only when I am by myself, ole cowards. The road rage is ridiculous and you don’t have to start anything or even respond. They tailgate me , try to push me off the road, curse at me, a couple have gotten out of their cars and approached me like they wanted to attack me. I have maced one and broke the arm of another because he approached my car, trying to open my door and I sped off so fast my car started smoking..crazy shit I know.. I was carried off in an ambulance following an accident. I was in excruciating pain, broken ribs, I’m crying..and this crazy white woman paramedic bends down and says “chill the fuck out” I wanted to spit in her face….I will never forget the sister that got stomped out in a restaurant because she said something to a white male who slammed a door in her child’s face, all while she was being stomped she called out ” I am a veteran sir, I fought for this country “. And do you think anyone came to her rescue. No one has any vested interest, including our black men, in protecting black women. That is why I STAY ON GUARD. I find myself hating white people more and more these days.. I have never liked them, or cared, but now it has turned into outright hate. I feel like they are monsters, and I despise any black person, male or female who engages in intimate relationships with these creatures. They are like trained killer zombie soldiers.. very dangerous, scary animals. Even the children. Even the old people. They are not natural or normal and not to be dealt with. Their skin is not natural, eyes are crazy- some having no pupils. Be careful with them..even the nice, so called “black friendly” ones will turn on you like a pit bull. You have been warned.

    Think that you’re safe? You’d better think again. As the sister stated, “you have been warned.”

  17. “I’m not afraid to challenge a white woman at every turn. If I work with one that I may have to compete with for a position, I go right after her. I make it known to her early on that when we’re in the same room, I’m in control and she’s gonna do whatever I want her to do, period!”

    Excellent! Now all that is left to be done is for us to KEEP elevating the thinking of our young sistas and the “old heads” as well. Thank you!

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