The Interracial Madness-Sexuality in TV and Film(Part 2 of 3)

Film historian Charles Woods talks in this video about interracial sex/love in Hollywood films. Woods says in Hollywood there is always a “3D Effect” when interracial relationships are involved.  The three D’s are denigration,devastation, and destruction. Woods is exactly right.  This is something they do in Hollywood films a lot.  Another common theme is the black men and women are always separated from each other. They do this by not casting another black person of the opposite sex.

The Hays Code.jpg

Back in 1930 the Motion Picture Code was created. It was called The Hays Code. The picture(above) is some of the guidelines. Of course you can see that number four is no miscegenation(race mixing). Naturally times have changed so it’s been revised.  The powers that be realize that promoting interracial sex can be used against black people.  So of course the list seems very outdated at the present time.  Here’s the complete list:


Of course we are all familiar with the show Scandal. Scandal has beautiful actress Kerry Washington caught in a white boy-love triangle. And even when an episode had her former black boyfriend show up…conveniently they could not see eye to eye.  What’s amazing is that the show is written by Shonda Rhimes…a black woman no less.  But of course Shonda has to be down with the interracial propaganda if she wants to continue working in Hollywood.


On the hit show Supergirl,actor Mehcad Brooks is caught in a white girl-love triangle.  Supergirl is played by actress Melissa Benoist. Brooks plays James Olsen who has a girlfriend  played by Jenna Tatum. But he has feelings for Supergirl also. Where are the black actresses on the show?  There are….ZERO! No surprise right?  This way the white girls have no competition with black women.


In keeping with the superhero theme,there is also the show The Flash.  Where we find actress Candice Patton. She’s biracial but never mind that at the moment.  She plays a character who has a white boyfiend. But she is feeling conflicted because she’s starting to have feelings for another man.  YEP! You guessed it..another white guy.  Who writes this stuff??

Jungle Fever

One of the first films I remember that caused a lot of controversy was Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever(1991).  It starred Wesley Snipes who cheated on his biracial wife with a white woman.  Average looking actress Annabella Sciorra  played the mistress. It was a big deal I guess at the time because the story ine centered on race a lot. But nowadays the racial issue is hardly brought up. I guess this is an attempt to normalize interracial relationships by ignoring race altogether.

A Bronx Tale

The film A Bronx Tale(1993) had an interracial relationship starring Taral Hicks. Her character falls in love with an Italian boy played by Lillo Brancato. There were a lot of these type of these films in the nineties.


The film Corrina,Corrina(1994) starred Whoopi Goldberg who falls for actor Ray Liotta. This was just one of many films where Whoopi is paired with a white man. If you include this film,Jungle Fever,A Bronx Tale and The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston…the nineties had a lot of interracial films.  I think the nineties was the decade they really started pushing much of the interracial propaganda.

The film Save the Last Dance(2001) starred actor Sean Patrick  Thomas and actress Julia Stiles. It was about an out of town white teenage girl coping with the death of her mother. She and her father move to Chicago and she falls in love with a black teenager(Thomas). The film was a huge hit back in 2001. It grossed over $130 million.  I think that’s one of the reasons we saw such an increase of these type of relationships in films.

In the drama film O(2001)  Julia Stiles stars again in an interracial relationship.  This time with actor Mekhi Phifer.  The film is a loose modern adaption of William Shakespeare’s Othello.  This film also perpetuates a lot of negative stereotypes.  In the clip(above)  Phifer’s character has sex with her then when she says stop…he continues anyway.  So basically he rapes her.  Then if that wasn’t enough he chokes her to death afterwards.  So we have a black man that is a rapist and murderder.   That’s racist Hollywood for you.

Trey Songz

They even have interracial couples in horror films. In the film Texas Chainsaw 3D(2103),singer /actor Trey Songz was in a sex scene with actress Tania Raymonde. Trey is a horrible actor and should stick to singing.  The film was a total waste of a hour and thirty minutes. I guess the message of the film was just because a crazy lunatic with a chainsaw is killing people…doesn’t mean you can’t find the time to get your “swirl on”.

Blair .jpg

Actor Blair Underwood played the boyfriend of actress Julia Louis-Dreyfuss on the sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine(2006-2010).  I remember meeting Underwood over fifteen years ago at a black rodeo in Burbank,Ca.  Underwood  was a real cool brother.  I remember there a lot of black women around him trying to get his attention. I know many black women see him as a sex symbol.  I’m sure many of them are not too fond of seeing him in these roles with non black women.

Taye Diggs

On the drama Private Practice(2007-2013) Taye Diggs was a relationship with actress Kate Walsh.  I guess Taye is the go to interracial black guy in Hollywood.  Kind of like how Zoe Saldana is always linked with white guys in films.  But it kind of makes sense when you think about it.  Since Taye likes pale-skinned flat assed white girls in real life,it only makes sense that he always gets the phone call for these roles.  And Zoe is married to a white guy in real life too. See the pattern?


Joy Bryant

On the television show Parenthood(2010-2015)actress Joy Bryant played the wife to actor Dax Shepard.  Isn’t this a perfect picture?  This is what they want for black people.  This is another way to promote the false belief that race mixing will end racism.  That mixed babies will heal all the wounds.That somehow just having sex with whites will wash away hundreds of years of slavery,rape,lynchings and genocide. I covered this once before.

Part 3 is next!  The conclusion!


45 thoughts on “The Interracial Madness-Sexuality in TV and Film(Part 2 of 3)

  1. Also in the lifetime comedy/drama series Devious Maids, Evelyn Powell (played by Rebecca Wisocky) is going through marital problems with her husband Adrian Powell (played by Tom Irwin) and is trying to leave him. So in an effort to make her come back to him, he freezes her money and all her access to luxury and is now a potential love interest of reverend James Hamilton (played by Sean Blakemore).

    Also Black-Latina Actress Dania Ramirez’s character Rosie Suarez is in a heavy winded romance hurricane with White Actor Spence Westmore (played by Grant Show)

    • Really?? Can’t say I’m surprised. I have only seen Devious Maids in commercials. I’ve never seen a whole episode. But the interracial propaganda is in 85% of sitcoms and dramas. And the latino/black couplings are appearing more and more. So this doesn’t surprise me.

  2. You should have added the remake of the movie Alfie (2004) that started Jude Law, Omar Epps & Nia Long. Jude Law who is a playboy is best friends with Omar Epps. Omar is trying to win back his black queen Nia Long which is his ex-girlfriend who dump him who he fail to commit too. Omar Epps turns to white actor Jude Law to him get back in good with Nia Long. Jude Law went by to see Nia Long who was a waitress one night during closing shift to persuade her to go back to Omar Epps. The conversation soon turn to a different direction after a couple of drinks they end up having sex on a pool table. Nia Long end up getting pregnant by Jude Law which both went to a abortion clinic to have an abortion but Nia Long kept the baby. Omar Epps end up getting Nia Long back but the package came with a price a biracial child which was father by his no longer white best friend Jude Law. Jude Law found out in the end Nia Long kept the baby.

    • I forgot about this film. Thanks for reminding me. I remember thinking it was so stupid the way she got pregnant with a biracial child and Omar still took her back! What the hell? The white boy stabbed him in the back like a punk! He should’ve whooped that white boys ass!!! Yo can tell a white person wrote that story. No black man in his right mind would let that slide. I always liked Nia in movies. But not since she’s been doing these love scenes with white guys. She was hooked up with a white guy in Best Man Holiday too. Most really attractive black women have to do a sex scene with a white man. It’s a way for the white men in the audience to live out their black sex fantasies. Hollywood is so racist it’s unbelievable.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I also notice this about black & biracial women in Hollywood the especially the ones who date non black men exclusively have more opportunities in the entertainment industry then those that date exclusively black men.
        Prime example Gabrielle Union was more well known then Zoe Saldana before she started her acting career. Both of these women are attractive, is accepted in mainstream media but one only dates non black men. Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan & Gabrielle Union were already popular actresses among the black community but Kerry Washington who later became popular has been known to date non black men crossover big time in mainstream Hollywood but then she return back to dating black men. Even though Kerry Washington was in the movie “Save the Last Dance” back in 2001 she wasn’t a household name in the black community until several years later. I tell you another attractive black woman who date black men exclusively Kelly Rowland if would have dated non black men her career would have built up more.
        I notice this has been a trend with black women in Hollywood the ones who dated interracial careers go more further then the one who don’t even though they have talent.

      • You know what?? You’re right! I never really noticed that. But I think there’s something to that. I think the whites who control Hollywood like it when you date interracially in real life. It shows them that you’re “down” with the agenda. That’s why I love Zoe Saldana so much. She is their BIG black female at the moment. But Gabrielle,Nia and Sanna Lathan mostly date/marry black men in real life. Kerry Washington is pretty big right now and married to a black man. But many forget that she was engaged to a white actor for a long time. But I think he called it off. So whites know that she will screw a white man…so that makes her cool in their book I’m sure. But I do think you’re right. There is no doubt a trend going on. Glad you noticed that.

  3. @ Kushite Prince
    You have already did a blog calling out the over the top acting coonish black female actress Leslie Jones. Well, she finally received her negro wake up call because she was recently troll online on twitter. I don’t agreed with this lady getting online bullied, because those were some harsh comments comparing her to a gorilla. Leslie Jones played into the stereotypical black female character & she thought non black people love her role as a actress but they were actually laughing at her not with her.

    Furthermore we need to have a deep discussion about what black people consider a beautiful dark skinned black woman. I have notice the less African features a dark skinned woman has the more attractive she is look upon in the community. I do not know one popular dark skinned woman with strong African facial features who black men & women consider beautiful that represent black female beauty.
    Here are pictures of dark skinned black women who are consider beautiful but doesn’t have strong African facial features.
    Kelly Rowland, Ashanti, Foxy Brown & Lauryn Hill

    Gabrielle Union & Regina Hall whose noses aren’t to pointed like Europeans but not wide as a African nose.

    Here are beautiful dark skinned women that have strong African facial features but not consider beautiful among people in our community. Back in the day black people felt Dionne Warwick & Cicely Tyson were unattractive women but they were actually beautiful.
    India Arie

    Cicely Tyson

    Dionne Warwick
    Danai Gurira

    • Yes I saw that Leslie Jones was being attacked by racist whites. I didn’t like them calling her a gorilla. I know I called her out on her buffoonery a few months ago. I just want our people to do better. We shouldn’t have to play maids,butlers,whores,drug dealers and acting like silly fools for white folks. You are correct,they were laughing AT her…not WITH her. I’m sure she knows that now. It was her n*gga wake up call. Maybe now she’ll realize how racist these white people truly can be. Thanks for the pics of Ashanti,Lauryn Hill,Foxy Brown,Gabby and Regina Hall. I think they are all pretty but my faves are Lauryn Hill and Gabrielle Union. But I have seen attractive light skinned and dark skinned women. But I am a little more attracted to brown skinned and dark skinned women. I love all the African features on my sistas. And it varies on many black women. I like the noses,full lips and dark skin. Everyone wont have the same shape nose or lips for that matter. I think India and Dionne Warwick are nice looking women. I have always thought Cicely Tyson was beautiful when I was a kid. She has such deep dark skin! It’s like it’s glowing! She has always had a regal type look to me. I do think some black people do like more European features on black people. It’s because the media is always showing us white standards of beauty. And we need to embrace our own beauty more. I covered this when I did my post Lupita Nyongo vs Alicia Keys: Black Beauty Standard. But thank you for the comment. You always have something interesting to say. And you bring up good questions. I’m still waiting for you to start your own blog. 🙂

    • I feel NO sympathy for Jones! First off she is always flirting with white males even though they have a look of utter disgust on their face when she does. Second when black people complained about her cooning she basically told black folks to STFU and mind their own business but now this heffa wants Negroes to rally around her? Where are her white co-stars? Where are the bitches from SNL to protect her?! She made herself a target by turning her back and telling black people to kiss her ass so she can shove it up hers far as I’m concerned.

      • Another thing Jones is a GROWN ASS WOMAN hell she is almost 50!! She knows what she is doing so black women need to stop making excuses for her like she is a 10 year-old and people are “exploiting” her she is an ADULT! Black women have no qualms attacking Lil Wayne so Jones should not get a pass.

  4. Do you remember years ago when Rae Dawn Chong played opposite C. Thomas Howell in the movie, “Soul Man” whereas he put on ‘black face’ to win a scholarship that actually took the scholarship from Chong’s character who of course, had a son by a brotha, who had of course, gone out of her and the child’s life? Chong went on to actually marry Howell and that marriage lasted a New York nanosecond. It also starred that piece of dog crap, James Earl Jones who also married white women. And of course, as has been noted here, so it continues.

    • @ ShelbyCourtland:

      My brother and I watched “Soul Man” years and realized what a stupid movie it was! Anyway, it is on this list of the 10 most racist movies of all time:

      Enjoy! 😀

      • I STILL don’t understand what the hell Richard was thinking doing that foolish mess “The Toy”. He had money so it’s not like he really needed to degrade himself with that shit.

    • Yes Shelby I remember that film. It was a real piece of racist garbage.

      I saw it as a kid and even then I thought the racist stereotypes were over the top. Chong should be ashamed for being in that filth. But of course she’s biracial so probably saw nothing wrong with the racist humor. And yes James Ear Jones was in it too. He has made a career playing coon roles too. But what do you expect? Marrying a white woman pretty much tells you what his mentality is like.

    • So why is Rae Dawn [the 80’s go to for the light skinned woman fantasy] a piece of dog crap!! You hypocrites attack black men but defend black women who many times do the SAME DAMN THING!! You can’t have it both ways either everyone that dates a white person is a jerk or NOBODY is!

  5. NO, thank you! These guys don’t know just how weak they look, even in movies. And Julia Stiles is so ugly to me. She is hard to look at.

    Great post though. Loved the breakdown from brother Charles.

    • Yeah Julia was never much to look at in my opinion. She doesn’t really have a nice body and she has kind of a flat Glad you like the video with Charles Woods. He is a great film historian. You should look up some of his videos on YouTube.

      • and that lipless mouth and those teeth… I don’t know how she made it into Hollywood. Ok I’m done.

        And I will. He knows what he’s talking about.

      • Yes I understand. It was a three-part series so it was a lot to cover. But when you get a chance check it out. I think many times we don’t listen to black women on important issues. We are in this together so their voices need to be heard. I thought more people would have ‘liked” the post. I guess a lot of people missed it.

      • So true! So many people listen to stories ABOUT us by others, but not enough listen to us telling our own stories.

        I’m gonna pull it up so I can read it first thing later. Thanks for all your hard work + tenacity.

  6. In the film they show a completely different reality of facts about IR,
    how people are in love with each other and there are no racial conflicts!
    Belive in the reality these types of relationships there will always be doubt and resentment on both sides!

      • Kerry Washinton has disappointed me as an actress, she always played the part of the mistress together with WM!
        She brings out all sexual prejudices and stereotypes about black women!
        In the last King of Scotland I didn’t recognize her because she was darker than today,she might consider is a dark skinned black woman, I believe that she has bleached her skin!

      • Hmmmmm…..she does look a lot lighter. She’s actually prettier in the first picture. I hope she didn’t bleach,that would be awful. But I do know that black people can look different depending on the lighting in pics. But I could be wrong.

  7. No, she did! Because in the past she was more darker than now! When I watched that movie I didn’t recognize her, if you look carfully at her skin is natural, it does not seem as a black mask like that of Zoe Saldana!
    I’ve read comments from other bloggers, too, they said she did!
    She still works for Hollywood because she accepts roles that degrade BW and also for her skin colour now!

      • India too?? Good lord! They have all lost their minds. But I was done with India a few years ago when she did a video supporting interracial couples and gay love. She had men holding hands and kissing each other! YUCK!!! That’s when I knew she had sold out.

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