Black Issues: View from the Sista’s Perspective


These a lot of issues going on in the black community. So much news going on about police shootings,racial tension and the upcoming Presidential election.  Most of the time we hear from black men on these topics and how it effects the black community. And many times the sistas get left out. But I think we need to listen to hear what black women think as well.  In this video(above) the narrator is the beautiful sista Alkebulan Mind. These intelligent conscious black women being interviewed are  Ast Sepeded,Jolene Phillips and Angel Marks.  We need to have more discussions like this in our community. These sistas touch on a lot of different subjects that need to be addressed. Watch the discussion and I’m sure you’ll find it interesting and informative.



6 thoughts on “Black Issues: View from the Sista’s Perspective

  1. Thanks for posting this video. I enjoy hearing sistah’s speak out about their opinions about the community. I hate to say it but when a black woman voice her opinion about issues about the community and she brings facts she gets ridicule. We need more sistah’s speaking letting their voice be heard.

    • Thanks Shanequa. I thought this video was a good discussion. I like how rthese ladies were not afraid to express themselves…nomatter how controversial the topic might be. Alkebulan Mind is a very intelligent sista. I hope she does more discussions like this in the future. Many times we ignore the voices of black women. But as a community we need to listen to men and women. if people like this I will try to post more videos like this.

  2. I wish I knew more sisters like this! Too many of us are too comfortable letting others in. Or don’t want to step on any non-Black toes. I know it’s natural for us to be nurturing and loving to all, but we can’t really move forward with that mindset. It’s imperative that WE are our main focus.

    Thank you for sharing. This was beautiful.

    • Thanks Kelley. It was a very informative video. I think the sistas were being very open and honest about the issues affecting our people. I chatted with Akebulan Mind a few days ago on YouTube. She’s a very cool sista. I might put up more of her videos in the future. I knew you would like this video.

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