Black NBA Stars speak out at Espy Awards




Last night was the Espy Awards.  The Espys are an award show by ESPN.  They give out awards to the best athletes in baseball,basketball,football,tennis among other sports.  Well with all the police brutality,cop shootings,protests and racial unrest as of late….athletes chose to speak out.  At the beginning of the show Carmelo Anthony,Chris Paul,Dwayne Wade and Lebron James spoke out about political activism.  They brought up how atletes can be a voice to heal racial injustice.  Wade said that seeing no value in black life has to stop.  He also said that racial profiling and “shoot to kill” mentality has to stop.  They also went on to mention athletes like Jim Brown,Muhammad Ali,Arthur Ashe,Jackie Robinson who stood for something.  And that they we going to follow in their footsteps.  It must also be said that all four of these men are real friends off the court.  I wonder if they came up with this idea on their own.  Regardless,they made some good points although it wasn’t perfect.  The video is only 3:30 minutes long.  Watch it and tell me what you liked or didn’t like about it.  I’d like to hear your thoughts.

33 thoughts on “Black NBA Stars speak out at Espy Awards

  1. “Black athletes are being used as a weapon of White hegemony.”

    Throughout history Europeans have always use black entertainers to bring back white power law enforcement of control which is a dangerous weapon. The Espy awards are control by Europeans so they are dictating what should go on the show. LeBron, Carmelo, Chris, & Dewayne were told by the Europeans who run the show what to say. If it was really from the heart they wouldn’t be reading from a script it would have been in their own words. Also many of these black entertainers who do take the European orders are just as docile as the black people who are influence by them. In our communities black entertainers are look upon as role models to the community, and they have a bigger platform to get their message across to the black masses. Black entertainers have major influence over black people. Prime example, back in the 1980’s when RUN D.M.C were advertising & wearing the brand Addias, look how it influence the black youth. Better yet when black celebrities were wearing Tommy Hilfigure, Versace, Timberland, Nike, drinking alcohol & other beverages & etc. look how black people follow. Yes, black people supported & follow black entertainers influence but also their influence had inspire other races too copy us.

  2. P.S. Chris Paul continued to play for a team when his Jewish basketball stated he hate blacks. Carmelo Anthony love telling people he’s Puerto Rican and love posting on social media his Puerto Rican pride whose also married to biracial woman that is half Puerto Rican. Furthermore the reason why made it a good choice for Carmelo, Chris, Dewayne, & LeBron to speak because they are from the hood & it will make the black masses especislly to believe them more.LeBron stated go back to our communities an invest our time, resource, and rebuild the community but his family stay in predominantly white neighborhood.
    The only time these niggers come out to the black community is for publicity & tax write off. Furthermore a lot of the charity organizations these black athletes sponsor mostly benefit non black children.

    • Yes we all remember the racist Donald Sterling incident. Of course he’s a racist Jew. No surprise about that. Most of the owners are racist anyway. Although I did hear that the Clippers and Warriors were going to protest and not play in a game as a statement. But Sterling was forced out of ownership right before they played. But I think it would’ve been a powerful statement if the players boycotted a game or season. The NBA had a players strike years ago and didn’t play. But wouldn’t it be a more powerful statement to not play for a real cause. The strike was about money. But striking for dignity and self respect is much more powerful in my opinion. I honestly think black players should create their own NBA and NFL teams. I bet that would get the attention of these white owners. They definitely don’t want to see

      • I completely agree! I was a Clippers fan until that incident. Then I couldn’t stomach another game. Now I don’t really watch professional sports games at all. The drafts remind me of the slave trade. And the term “free agent” just rubs me the wrong way.

        We need our own teams. Black owners. Rich Black athletes need to invest in Black-owned brands and businesses, buy some land. Spread their wealth. Stop making the rich richer. Invest in African-centered schools. And Dwayne needs to stop wearing those cropped pants.

      • Free agent… slave??? Hmmmmm… but I see your point. We do need to invest in our own people. We don’t realize the power we have. These black athletes are the bread and butter for these owners. If they ever left the teams would all collapse. We should create our own league. The Negro leagues were a positive thing in baseball. But they taught us that integration was better. Nothing is valid unless whites are involved. Well we integrated….and you see the results.

  3. Anytime there is a call for non violence is is always directed at black folks, who’s pissivity is feared would lead to actual violence against the savage. They don’t mind us committing violence in our neighborhood or upon the places that we live in. But they fear us raking it to white neighborhood. The post Rodney King break out game them an inclination of what we could do if we ever get to a white hood. These guys care and respond enough only as far as massa say they should respond. Other than that it’s shut up nigger and play ball…

    • You do make a great point BMS. They really don’t mind black people killing each other. But there is always fear of retaliation from the oppressed. They don’t even mind riots as long as it’s contained in black neighborhoods. It was an okay speech and they touched on a lot of issues. They probably covered more than the Jesse Williams speech. I just want to see what will happen next. What will come out of this or will it just be another speech. But I do understand what you’re saying. Most athletes don’t want to piss off massa.

    • Then how are they ANY worse than the fools such as comedians like Chris Rock, Leslie Jones, D.L. Hughley, Charlamagne, etc. or the asshats like LL Cool J, Wendell Williams, Big Bird Robin Roberts or Hoprah Whitefrey. There are more than enough handkerchiefs heads to go around.

  4. That was a decent speech. Melo already had been saying that we needed a solution and wrote an open letter to athletes, saying texts and marches weren’t enough. In an interview, he was also said he was considering making a statement at Rio. Wade and LeBron spoke out after Trayvon.

    Orlando should not have been mentioned since this was a race speech. And there was another certain issue. I don’t expect them to solve it. However, it was a good start for them.

    • Yeah the speech was decent overall. I did notice that Chris Paul mentioned tennis player Billie Jean King. Why? She is a well known lesbian. Why do they always intertwine black struggle with gay issues? I bet they told him if you want to name Muhammad Ali,Jim Brown and Jackie Robinson …then you need to throw a lesbian in the mix. That’s probably why they mentioned the Orlando nightclub shooting. They crazy shooter had an issue with they say. But that has nothing to do with black people. They are very slick with these agendas. But I’m hip to the game. Nothing gets past me.

      • Kush,I didn’t see the speech,but asking black athletes to invoke our struggles with somebody else’s is entirely different . LeBron, D-Wade,CP3 and Carmelo invest time,money and resources in our communities,so I will always applaud them.The athletes can help,but the rest of the black community,including councilmembers,churches,black fathers need to step up.I want to fix black on black crime,before we tackle anything else . Farrakhan says if we vote,know what and who we are voting for,and put them on notice.If the politicians aren’t interested in fixing some of the problems in our communities ,then don’t come to our neighborhoods asking for our vote.The US had 20 presidential candidates,and to me ,none of them are worthy of our vote.I say let’s stay home on election day,because when it comes to Donald and Hillary, neither of them are going to benefit us.God Bless

      • Yes we all have to do what we can. We can’t expect these athletes to do it all. But more of them need to speak out. They have a lot of influence and people look up to them. Whether they like it or not. But I do agree that we need to join together and network more. It will take a collective effort to make real change. And you’re right,Clinton and Trump will not help us. They are both proven racists and care nothing for our struggle. Voting is an illusion.

      • Yes, I forgot Billie Jean King, who should not have been mentioned. Good point about lgbt. They(either Carmelo or Paul) said they planned the speech with ESPN beforehand, and we all know how that station/Disney is. Also, white women was a point even thought this is race. There was also another certain big issue in the speech that was wrong. Wade, Melo, LeBron, CP3 are great players, and overall I like them as people However, even though I hope their attempts to help their own communities work, I am not going to be a follower in this case either.

      • You are correct. Disney owns ESPN. And what know Disney is down with the gay agenda. Which is why the genetic freak Bruce(he/she) Jenner was given the Courage Award last year from ESPN. They always sneak in their agendas. America is a Greco-Roman culture. And they want to make sure everyone gets a dose of their sexual perversion agenda.

      • And speaking of the courage award, again we must remember that high schooler Zaevion Dobson who saved those teenage girls in Knoxville. He is a much, much, much better recipient of a Courage award than Jenner. He is a real hero. Rest in peace, Mr. Dobson, you were a great person.

  5. Kush,to add,their plan is nothing new.Even in the Mini-Series Roots,which I still watch,TV Execs just had to put a white sympathetic or hero in there just to lessen white people’s guilt about slavery.Now the Dallas Police Chief says blacks should be part of the solution.Jim Brown says that blacks can never be the solution to police brutality,because it’s a governmental issue,and blacks didn’t create the problem.What wp don’t to want to understand is you can lock up the black criminal,but it is very hard to get rid of a racist cop.Again,I stress this,there is black Food Markets and grocery stores,it’s that time.God Bless

  6. I have no doubt that these kats are sincere, based on what they have done respectively with their fan base. But their “act” are more a product of marketing than anything. They are not Black athletes, like a Jim Brown or a younger Muhammad Ali. They are athletes that are black, so they will tie our legitimate issue with the illegitimate bitching of others who want to piggy back and who HAVE BEEN piggy backing off our pain for decades. Look at the recent propaganda that cops are killing Latinos and nobody is talking about it. This is what happens when you bring every mutt and stray dog you find in the streets into your yard. Now the kumbaya crowd HAVE TO ride with the Latinos ( who hate us and will kill us) along with the white sex offenders and every cave savage that claimed to have never hurt a black person.

    We have not seen a Black athlete since ex Chicago Bulls player, Greg Hodges, that was unapologetically black and was still participating in the game and we know what happened to him.

    • Craig Hodges???? Man you went way back! I forgot about that brother. Yeah Hodges kept it real. Yeah the kumbaya crowd are seriously delusional. I don’t think we can link up with Mexicans,Filipinos and Koreans etc.. They have their own issues to address. And we have ours. I always say…we’re crawling on our backs at the moment,so how can we put other people on our backs?? And you know I get tired of this tying our struggle with this fag/dyke crap! My patience is wearing thin! The Latinos and Asians have all benefitted from out struggle. And very few of them give us credit for it.

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