23 Ways you can be Killed(Black Celebs speak out)

23 ways.....

I saw this video earlier today on YouTube.  It’s called 23 Ways you could be Killed being Black in America.  It’s from the organization We Are Here.  We are Here is singer Alicia Keys organization.

We are Here...

I’ve checked out her site.  It says on her website that their issues are equality,justice,women  and climate issues.  watching the video(above)  I liked the fact they brought up the murders of Sean Bell,Tamir Rice,Rekia Boyd,Eric Garner and Sandra Bland..among others.  Although I do find it interesting that the video was released on the third anniversary of the Trayvon Martin not guilty verdict.  I also found it interesting that Alicia Keys is the one heading this group fighting for equality for blacks.  Considering that just a few weeks ago Jesse Williams (another biracial) person speaking against police brutality.  I think it’s nice that Beyoncé,Chris Rock,Rihanna,Common and Taraji P Henson decided to speak out against these murders.  And of course they had to put white singers like Bono,Pink and Adam Levine in there as well.  That was just so the public doesn’t think this is some type of Black Power movement.  They always have to add a few whites in the mix.  But my major difference with these celebs is I don’t want equality with my oppressors.  I want freedom from oppression and real liberation.  Liberation is different than integration.  So do you think these black celebs are legit?  Do you think they really care?  Or is this just more racial propaganda?  Watch the video and let me know your thoughts.

26 thoughts on “23 Ways you can be Killed(Black Celebs speak out)

  1. Didn’t watch and won’t.

    Here’s something these illuminati coons can do to really help black people:

    Pool their satanic, ill gotten money together and open a black charter school, hospital, farmer’s market and housing development.

    Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll give a shit what they say.

    • Now that would be a BIG move if they did that. But you have to have guts and fortitude to do something like that. Not too many celebs have that type of courage. Although there have been a few in the past. But it really takes a certain type of backbone to go against the hand that feeds you.

  2. “But it really takes a certain type of backbone to go against the hand that feeds you.”

    They all look ‘well fed’ to me. They’ve got no backbone and I for one, don’t think that any of them would end up homeless on Skidrow in Cali for donating their share of our money(We pay for their music and their shows) back into the communities they claim need theirs and our assistance.

    And since they have had the eyes and ears of that half and half in the White House long before now, why are they waiting until now, when he has one foot out the door and the other one on a banana peel, to ‘tell Obama and congress that there is a need for change’? There has been a need for some serious shit to change for hundreds of years.

    I am not going to that fake ass website and tell ‘Obama and congress’, a damn thing because I would be wasting my time and those coon heads know it. They can take that video and shove it up their wide open assholes until it comes out of their hypocritical ass mouths! To hell with ’em!

    • I agree “completely” with what this poster has stated. They “rant and rave,” but none of them stray too far from the approval of their white masters. On another note, yes, some celebrities have had success and “guts and fortitude” to collaborate projects together like DreamWorks SKG (Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen) but then again they are ALL white males and Jewish. But if individuals and siblings, for example, such as Spike Lee, John Singleton, Antoine Fuqua, the Hughes brothers, the Wayan brothers, Oprah Winfrey or Tyler Perry to name a few were to attempt to do the same thing, “all HELL would break loose.” And that “fear” is what keeps them divided, to not anger their white masters. I have “zero” respect for any of them, they are just in a line of many misguided and mis-educated knee-gros that really have little to no self-respect. They all have enough time, talents, energy and cheddar to do the things that Negress described above and MORE.

      But they will not. Out.


    • That’s how I feel too. I just don’t trust most of these celebs. They always seems to be some type of agenda with them. Although sometimes it’s nice to hear them speak out once in awhile. But we have to always realize the deception around us. And of course Obama isn’t going to do anything for the black struggle. Nothing but a damn puppet for the elite. He will not get us out of this mess. Don’t hold your breath on that on.

      • But why wasn’t Beyoncé running off at the mouth to Obama before and AFTER singing for the Obamas at the first inaugural ball that Black folks needed some help getting racist KKKops off our ass, needed help getting out from beneath the school-to-prison pipeline, needed help in getting released from prison because we’re locked up on bullshit drug charges, needed some help in finding employment, needed some help reducing mass homelessness, income inequality? The damn list is endless. Hell! Every single one of those coon heads who are just now calling for some sort of action from Obama, has been in his face at some point in time and yet, they must put a video together to ‘encourage’ us to prod him to action…AND..at this LATE date? They have got to be fucking kidding! I have no respect for any of them and I can honestly say, they have never gotten a dime from me. The old school singers who are dead and buried get my hard-earned money. They deserve it!

      • I agree Prince. The white elites knew what President Obama WAS when they selected him. And many, many blacks fell for it. Riddle me this? When is the LAST TIMe that you noted that a “President” in this country has had anything on his agenda for the black citizenry in this country? I’ll let you tell it. Every four years, many of our people faithfully continue to vote Repulsican or Democrap and they give less than a dam about black people and have “nothing” to improve the quality of our lives.


      • So true Epi! They knew who Obama was waaaaaaaaay back. There are NO surprises in these elections. Obama is bought and paid for. He’s just the mulatto puppet.

      • And what did Pimpton do again?! Besides use every chance he and his shitass wife could to throw us under the bus. As he played saxophone and pretended to be down> Why isn’t anyone asking what his “superpredators” wife will do if SHE gets into office?!!

  3. Let’s be real if these black celebs gave a damn about their people they will be in the hood on regular basis helping their people especially living in the black community. To me this is another tax write off for Alicia Keys. I like the message in the video an everything but it’s questionable. Alicia Keys put white people in the video because her mother is white & she doesn’t want to offend the non black hand that feeds her. Every since this black lives matter movement started black celebs are coming out like their for the community but really not.

  4. Who would take seriously people as Alicia Keys, Lennie Kravitz,Tracee Rose who are bi-racial and Beyonce doesn’t waste her time to to celebrate her Creole origins in her video clip? How happy she is being Creole?
    Bi-racial people doesn’t make sense fight against white supremacy when they were grown with white relavites around them?
    Above all Beyonce is not a good example for black women, since this woman clearly loves light skin because she has bleached her skin and she likes wearing blonde weaves! She has never claimed to be black women in her life!
    Nice to enjoy the privileges and fame without giving up to kiss the ass of their white masters!
    How you said Kushite, fight together with our oppressors doesn’t make sense,eventually our oppressors will never stop to do it!
    I don’t like movement BLACK LIVE MATTER, her also in UK there is,because how I saw in news there are full of whites! I said, WOW,we accept our enemies in our files? I don’t remember Malcom X, BLACK PANTHERS they accepted whites in their movement?

    • Yes you’re right Nubian. The media love to use the biracials as pawns to fool black people. Malcolm X didn’t have whites but the Black Panthers did. That was one of the downfalls of the Panthers. Once they integrated and let Asians and whites in the group…..they were DONE!

      • @ Kushite Prince

        Off topic but here is a video clip of Tariq Nasheed stating he’s pro-black but will sleep with a white woman. Further his wife is half black

      • That fool is such a phony! He did those Hidden Colors that he ripped off the conscious community. Then he turns around and makes fun of pro-black people. Calling us dusty negroes and fake hoteps. Not surprised he would screw a white whore. After all he has a white mother in-law.

      • Did you watch the video of this SELF-HATRED NEGRO? These COONS are only ready for sleep with white girls!
        Look how black people are so divided, some of us think kiss white asses it is the only solution to our problems!

  5. Don’t know why but the logo for We Are Here had me feeling uneasy. Turned the screen 180 and the letter E makes a 3 so we see 33, the masonic number, featured twice. They always mock us with hidden symbology but for eyes to see you now know who owns these treachorous cnuts.

    • Yes that’s a good catch! You’re right 33 is a very popular among the masonic. They always use numbers like 9,11,33 and 666. The symbols are hidden in plain sight. If you study symbols and numerology you’ll see this stuff pop up all the time.

  6. Both Chris Rock and Common need to sit their silly asses down! Rock has spent the past two decades mocking black people for his white audiences and what is with Keys and her supposedly “natural” look?! This is the same heffa that put up a picture of her grandmother looking like a reject from “Gone with the Wind” no way in HELL do I buy these hypocrites speaking out!! Isn’t Common’s wife white by the way?!

    • You make some great points. Common with a white woman??? Not sure if that’s true. But he has definitely gone Hollywood. He made some great rap hits back in the day. He used to speak for his people now he’s a total ass kissing sellout.

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