Dallas Officer Ahrens was a White racist!


After the Dallas shooting last Thursday the world was in shock.  Black gunman Micah Johnson went on a shooting rampage killing five police officers.  The media says that Johnson was the lone sniper.  Well it turns out that one of the cops was a white racist.  Lorne Ahrens was openly racist on his social media accounts.

Micah Xavier Johnson, a man suspected by Dallas Police in a shooting attack and who was killed during a manhunt, is seen in an undated photo from his Facebook account


Ahrens must’ve felt really comfortable putting all this on social media.


Notice the Iron Cross tattoo on his finger.  This is a known Nazi symbol.


Here’s a larger picture of the Iron Cross that Adolf Hitler made popular.  I have seen white men and women with these tattoos on their arms and backs before.  If you ever see it just know that a racist cave man is in your presence.


He even has Nazi tattoos on his arm.  And look at his ugly ass wife grinning.  I want you to take a good look at their faces.  This is the face of white supremacy.  These are the people that HATE black people and want to see us oppressed.  Yet the media wants you to feel sorry for them.  Give me a damn break!  And I bet you the media wont release this information. These are the enemies of African people.  To survive in this world you must know your enemy.  And what does it say about a police force that will hire an open racist???  That’s the question you should be asking yourself.


52 thoughts on “Dallas Officer Ahrens was a White racist!

  1. You know media really needs to stop these “cops are good in general, but there are just a few bad apples” bullshit. We know cops are racist as hell and they know it too. I wouldn’t give a rats ass about cop be they dead or alive and I know they feel the same way about me. And how did the story change from police brutality to police being attacked? Shrek up there in those pictures got just what he deserved and if more died then so be it. FTP!!!

    • Loool you’re right he does look like Shrek. And that troglodyte he’s with looks like May Kanker from Ed Ed n Eddy

    • A white Shrek! LOL!!! That’s a good one HLJ. But you notice how the narrative changed so quickly right? Now there will be more sympathy for the police I would imagine. There is even a Gofundme page for this racist bitch. Can you believe that?

      • Yeah I will donate all of two pennies to this sleazy, lowlife cunt! Don’t forget prince most if not ALL white women with fuckers like him agree with their men and know from day one what they are about.

  2. Great research. White people are truly a joke for this and so is there negro following. Openly racist police officers killed and the media claims not only is it terrorism but that Micah Johnson was out of his minds. He is a soldier do what soldiers do, he targeted the most dangerous combatants of the opposition and took them out. Rest in peace to him, the ancestors are smiling on his spirit.

    As for BlackLivesMatter, them clowns are getting annoying, I have seen their bullshit return to the UK, the most ineffective protests I have ever seen. They protest against racist police, which is policed by racist police, that is going to work right? Just by that simple rundown it is totally ineffective and illogical

    • Thanks AfrikaNeeeds. I’m getting tired of BLM too. They have already been exposed as a white-funded homosexual movement. Started by two black lesbians and a feminist. That tells you all you need to know about this so-called black organization.

  3. Just remember when Tamir Rice was MURDERED, I note that not too many people boo hoo hoo’d for this young child. And retribution by getting compensated through litigation will not cut it. I don’t have children, but I do have nieces and nephews that I dearly love. This one, especially, remains with me. RIP little angel.

    • It was so sad how the media treated Tamir. There was no outrage from white folks. They didn’t give a damn about Tamir. Isn’t strange how when the Cleveland Cavs won the NBA title over one million fans came to the parade. But where were all these white people in Cleveland to speak out on the injustice of Tamir’s murder? The cop who shot him didn’t go to prison. Black life is meaningless to these people.

      • Kush,I’m from Cleveland, so I’m sad that Tamir didn’t live to see the Cavs championship.Well Russia has just branded BLM a terrorist group.I don’t care for BLM either,but it’s amazing that blacks can be branded terrorists for protesting injustice.Yes the black community has it’s problems,but we have to fix them.The US government from the President to law enforcement isn’t going to do that,nor should they.There are police officers like Ahrens,but what is not going to happen, is that fellow officers are going to shame those officers until something tragic happens.What I also find funny is that other races are calling blacks in the US and Africa every name in the book,but these same races are now asking Africa for resources they don’t have.Negress is right,do what you can to stay away from them.Now,black people you do know,if we fix our problems w/o their help that means a 1921 Oklahoma will soon follow. God bless

      • Thanks SevenKing. I think people want to act shocked by this news. But it’s not really surprising. We all know there are plenty racist bastards in the police department. And they can’t wait to shoot the people they look down upon. We have to fix our own problems. I like the idea of the original Black Panthers. They believed in protection and watching over your own community. They messed up once they let other races in the group and started dating white girls. It was all downhill from there. But I do think they were on to something. But of course they were infiltrated because whites don’t want us to protect our neighborhoods. They want crime to stay within our communities. The cops are not there to protect but to keep it contained there.

    • Yes they need to be exposed. I saw a video about it on YouTube. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the media to tell you this story. They want the public to be sympathetic towards him. But be sure to spread this information. I’m sure it would change the narrative.

  4. Unrelated to this racist Kop story, but relevant nonetheless….

    Baton Rouge protester, featured on AOL today breaks her silence: ‘It’s time for us to be fearless” (Sorry but had problems posting the pic of her facing down law enforcement fearlessly. If anyone can transfer the pic for all to look at, thank you! I was SO proud of this woman and a sista! As usual, a lot of racist rants, also alluding that her picture was photo-shopped. No surprises there! Read on…)

    Leshia Evans, the woman who was captured in a photo facing down Louisiana state guards during the protests in Baton Rouge this past weekend, has broken her silence on the face-off, saying in a statement Tuesday night: “It’s time for us to be fearless and take our power back.”
    Evans, who traveled to Baton Rouge with the civil-rights organization Young Minds Can, added that she felt police “were pushing us to the side to silence our voices and diminish our presence.”
    “When the police pushed everyone off the street, I felt like they were pushing us to the side to silence our voices and diminish our presence,” Evans said. “They were once again leveraging their strength to leave us powerless. As Africans in America we’re tired of protesting that our lives matter, it’s time we stop begging for justice and take a stance for our people. It’s time for us to be fearless and take our power back.”
    A release accompanying the statement noted that Young Minds Can, which according to its website aims to “help repair, unify and free African American people (New Africans) through education, ownership, nationhood and self determination,” transported nearly 30 people from Atlanta to Baton Rouge, at the invitation of the New Black Panther Party of Self Defense.

  5. Really dig that video. I am still on the fence about the police massacre; it may just be a part of the ongoing agenda of the demonization of Black men.

    But besides that, this post stated facts only!

    • Of course the media will demonize black men. They do it all the time. They do it all the time. This incident will not change that fact. They will use it to their advantage. I am still investigating this shooting. There are some reports that don’t add up. But of course the BLM members are upset about it. Since it happened at a peaceful protest. But these racist cops need to be exposed. They are automatically given the benefit of the doubt in shootings of black men,women and children. That’s why I felt this post was needed. WE have to get the word out about these criminals with badges.

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