Black Community,Preservation and Empowerment-Amos Wilson

Black Fam...

The African American community must realize that it has the right and duty to defend itself from its criminal elements if the government, to which it pays taxes, and whose officials it helps to elect, fails to do so. The ability of unarmed Black Muslim young men and of other Black community organizations — with or without police support — to successfully neutralize or markedly reduce criminal activity from some African American neighborhoods throughout the U.S.A., demonstrates clearly the African American communities potential for ridding itself of crime if encouraged and organized to do so.

For approximately one-third of what a city like New York City expends to employ its patrol forces, a comparable group of young African American males and females could be trained and stipendiated to patrol and protect their own communities. While White America utilizes its sons and daughters to provide protection for itself (which is the police establishment’s principal function) the African American community is not permitted to exercise that right, hence its occupation by colonial police forces. Policing their communities would provide very valuable opportunities for teaching young African American males that their first duty is the protection of their people against internal and external victimization.

African girl

The opportunity to develop discipline, work habits, appropriate attitudes toward and relationships with authority, to learn to appreciate order, to learn to command as well as to obey, is lost when the African American community is treated as some dependent, defenseless, neocolonial protectorate by the White American-controlled constabulary.

Finally, the fear that African American and the worldwide African communities may develop their own effective internal authority system, their own autonomous afrocentrically based organization, which could place them in the position to challenge the hegemonic White American national and global White American/European socioeconomic systems, motivates those sociopolitical conglomerates to actively oppose any semblance of African American self-determination and self-defense. For when all is told, Black self-defense and self-determination is viewed by Whites as criminal offenses and as threats to White authority.

Thus, in the defense of its authority, the White community promotes the defenselessness of the Black community against its own self-destruction. The African American community — at the expense of having to confront the White American community, the White-dominated police force and criminal justice establishment — must not let this situation continue if it is to survive and prosper.

Prevention of Black-on-Black criminality and violence through more rational law enforcement, through the unbiased execution of appropriate criminal justice procedures and the provision of effective counseling and rehabilitation services, is not the same as the prevention of Black-on-Black criminality and violence through the Afrocentric organization of the African American community. While law enforcement and criminal justice systems may effectively suppress, thwart or correct criminal tendencies, intent, and activity after they occur, and may reduce crime in one area by deflecting it to another, appropriate socialization of children, equitable and fair organization and distribution of national and community resources, the provision of Afrocentric educational training and of equitable occupational opportunities, can suppress and redirect possible criminal tendencies, and activities before they are actualized or can occur.

Crime prevention would then result from internal, personal and communal processes rather than from the exertion of external, alien and ultimately corrupting, constabulary forces. To accomplish this end the African American community must: Recapture its Afrocentric self. For it is with the “splitting off” of the African American ego complex from its African self that the tragic transformation of too many Africans into antisocial personalities begin to take place. Neurotic and psychotic behavior is essentially measured by the degree to which the individual is out of touch with reality; the more out of touch with his sociohistorical reality, the more neurotic, psychotic, maladjusted and/or self-destructive. The African American community must confront and accept the reality of its African cultural origins — and identity. The rejection of this reality is the acceptance of psychopathology.

Rebuild, re-create, and create African based cultural and moral values essential to the regaining the cultural sanity, health, liberation, and survival of the African American and Pan-African communities.

• Build Afrocentric national and international economic, military; technological and political systems not dependent on European consent. African power must originate from the psycho political heart of African peoples.

• Take full responsibility for providing its children with an Afrocentric education based on Afrocentric psychology and pedagogic techniques designed to serve the survival and life-enhancement needs of African peoples. The community must take over caring for the health and welfare of its constituents through the increase and distribution of its own wealth and through the vigorous exertion of its collective political power and influence in the U.S.A. Accepting continuing charity from outsiders corrupts the spirit and health of a people.

Black business..

• Take the initiative and responsibility for building and providing adequate housing and employment for its constituents.

• Make one of its central motivating goals the overthrow of European and Eurocentric (and any other ethnocultural group’s), psycho political, psycho cultural, socioeconomic, techno-military, religio-ethical domination of African peoples. This decrees that the African American community envision itself as a people — a nationality — as a nation- within-a-nation, organize and function as such, and relate to the other pluralistic ethnocultural groups as such. For in reality, the African American community is perceived and treated as a separate, outlaw, outcast nation. The refusal to deal with the reality of its separateness and use it to its own advantage, to accept the reality of the pluralistic organization of America society where each ethno cultural group is almost exclusively concerned with its own welfare, entering alliances and coalitions when it is to their advantage to do so, are the sources of the African American communities current negative and frightening vulnerability to alien economic exploitation and to self-destruction. The survival of African American communities cannot continue to be based on the fickle “largesse” and “moral turpitude,” “sympathy,” “empathy” and “brotherly love” of the White American community.

• Take its destiny into its own hands. The African American community must psychosocially be “born again.” It must rehabilitate its incarcerated population and itself by getting to know its true ancient, pre-enslavement, enslavement, and contemporary history; by getting to know the true history and psychology of its oppressors and of other peoples; by getting to know how it was and is created and manipulated in service of Eurocentric and European interests and, conversely, against its own. It must recognize that it is possessed by an antagonistic eurocentrically introjected spirit, a spirit with which it self-destructively identifies and over which it has little or no control, and which directs its collective personality in opposition to its true purpose and character. It must recognize that every thing originates out of a psycho political milieu, possesses psycho political purposes, has psycho political implications, emanations, effects and ramifications. The understanding of these phenomena and their application to the reconstruction of the African American community, to correcting the incarcerated African American population, to the rearing, guidance, education and counseling of African American children, will provide an indestructible foundation upon which African liberation and the liberation of humankind can be re-constructed and realized.

Amos Wilson

6 thoughts on “Black Community,Preservation and Empowerment-Amos Wilson

  1. Kush,as I just said on Negress last blog.I’m not living in a camp.I’m going to live my life as I see fit.THAT IS A GOD GIVEN RIGHT. If they take that away,shame on them.I don’t shop in white communities.If I see wp approaching on the street,I cross to the other side.When wp sit next to me,I get up and move.I have friends in the South that is doing that now . Remember black people,black businesses are gradually growing.Black business owners from the US and Africa are growing businesses at home and are now growing them in Europe and Central and South America,which will bring more hatred from whites.Anybody remember 1921.As Farrakhan said,black people isn’t going to destroy America, America is going to destroy itself. God final judgement is going to come when he gives white America everything they ask for,arena I can’t wait.Black people, be careful, be smart,be villigent, but beware of your surroundings.Peace, Love and God bless

  2. I’ve been of the mindset that only black police officers should police black neighborhoods. But now I realize that there can be rogues and moles in such police forces. They are connected with the white supremacist establishment. So why shouldn’t we take our safety into our own hands and appoint our own policing forces? This is what the Black Panther Party was all about. And yet they were taken down as if what they stood for was a threat to America’s welfare! These people, the police, aren’t interested in lowering crime and poverty. They’re interested in oppression and perpetuating crime. Chaos Enforcement is what I call them.

    The Dallas Chief of Police said, “We don’t see support most days…” Perhaps because you NEVER support us most days. Treachery is unworthy of support. People notice a difference between support and murder. People’s suspicion of chaos enforcement is not without reason.

    • That’s true Sophia. The white racist government tries to impede our progress at every turn. But we have to push forward and be vigilant. I agree with you about the Black Panthers too. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Many black law enforcement officers ARE” white identified.” And unfortunately, will berate and belittle other black people, as if to show (once again white validation) their “partner” that “yes siree Bob, you can count on me to watch your back!” Policemen are what they are: legalized gangs. Code of “Blue” and al that it entails. Unfortunately, because of lack of discipline, apathy, learned distrust amongst one another, ego, arrogance, valuing material therapy and chasing that almighty dollar more than reaching out to one another, victimizing one another, this is why law enforcement is omni-present in black communities and neighborhoods.

    Like Sophia, I would be more comftable with “one of my own” that regularly patrolled our black communities as opposed to many law enforcement personnel that reside in long-range and separate locales. Just makes sense to me. And if we are really being honest here, many do not and are not interested in black culture. But I’ll be honest and state that I do not care about many of the cultures within their ranks either. But no matter what social class one is or what neighborhood that they live in, everyone deserves a measure of decency and respect that many law enforcement personnel sorely lack.

    Show black men, women and children respect. And then maybe it will be reciprocated.

    True, we need to clean our own house. But cleaning house does not involve killing our people either. Whites see just what the hell they want to see and what the mass Media puts out there.
    Many Blacks, however live the reality–every day.

    The Struggle continues…


    • That’s so true Epi. Many black cops are total sellouts. They adopt that cop mentality and don’t realize they are hurting their own people. People forget that the first cops were the slave catchers. We can’t ever forget that fact.

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