Alton Sterling murdered: Just another day in Amerikkka

Alton Sterling....


The Justice Department opened a civil rights investigation on Wednesday into the fatal shooting of a black man by the Baton Rouge, La., police after a searing video of the encounter, aired repeatedly on television and social media, reignited contentious issues surrounding police killings of African-Americans.

Officials from Gov. John Bel Edwards to the local police and elected officials vowed a complete and transparent investigation and appealed to the city — after a numbing series of high-profile, racially charged incidents elsewhere — to remain calm.

“I have full confidence that this matter will be investigated thoroughly, impartially and professionally,” Mr. Edwards said in announcing the federal takeover of the case. “I have very serious concerns. The video is disturbing, to say the least.”


Urging patience while the investigation takes place, the governor said: “I know that that may be tough for some, but it’s essential that we do that. I know that there are protests going on, but it’s urgent that they remain peaceful.”

Two white officers were arresting Alton B. Sterling, 37, early Tuesday after responding to a call about an armed man. The officers had Mr. Sterling pinned to the ground when at least one of them shot him.

The video of the shooting propelled the case to national attention, like a string of recorded police shootings before it. The shooting has prompted protests here in the Louisiana capital, including a boisterous but peaceful gathering in advance of a vigil on Wednesday night in front of the storefront where the shooting happened.

The decision to have the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, the F.B.I. and the United States attorney’s office in Baton Rouge conduct the investigation was welcomed by a lawyer for Mr. Sterling’s family.

This speech by  Malcolm X  is over forty years old but timeless. It’s shows how nothing as changed in this racist country.  They feel they can kill us with impunity.  It’s time to face the reality that we live in Hell.  We are still second class citizens.  This killing of Alton Sterling was cold blooded murder!  These low life cops shot him at close range.  There is no excuse for a murder like this.  Black people must realize we are in a police state.  There’s no way you can deny that fact.

56 thoughts on “Alton Sterling murdered: Just another day in Amerikkka

  1. Even though there is proof on camera that the cops killed an innocent black man, you can rest for sure the cops will walk free. It shouldn’t take an investigation long unless there trying to cover their ass. I wish it would have been someone else that spoke for the family because his wife & son became emotional with tears. The family need someone that can bring fire Khalid Muhammad fire when they speak without breaking down with tears. The reason why is because Europeans enjoy watching black pain.

    • Yes he does have a criminal record. He was a sex offender. Here’s the article I found:
      Alton Sterling, who sometimes went by the names Alton Bertell Sterlings or Aiton B. Sterling, was a registered sex offender, according to a database maintained by the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office.

      Sterling is listed as 5 foot 11 inches tall, 310 pounds, with tattoos on his left arm, right arm, and left hand. His status is now listed as “inactive-deceased.”

      Sterling’s offense is described as committing “carnal knowledge of a juvenile.” He was convicted on Sept. 20, 2000 in Louisiana and released on October 3, 2004.

      Court records show the victim was a 14-year-old girl at the time of the offenses. According to the charging document on file in the courthouse, the victim’s mother had discovered that she was pregnant after taking her to the doctor. The document says that Sterling, then 20, had been dating the victim for about seven months and having sexual intercourse with her in her bedroom. The charging document says he admitted to the mother having sex with her daughter and exhibited an “I don’t care” attitude. is withholding the name of the victim and mother and all victims in the Sterling court file.

      According to the sentencing document in the court file, the judge gave Sterling 5 years of hard labor in the Louisiana prison system, but then gave him credit for time he already had served and suspended the balance of the sentence, putting him on probation. He was ordered to pursue a GED or trade and to perform community service, among other conditions of probation, the sentencing document says.

      The case was then re-sentenced, and Sterling, who had pleaded guilty, was sentenced instead to 2.5 years of hard labor in the Louisiana prison system.

      The court file said he was accused of not registering as a sex offender or notifying authorities of his change of address, requirements of the law.
      I’m sure the media will jump all over this. I do not condone grown men messing with children. I find it very disgusting! I am not making any excuses for him. But the shooting was still unjustified. We will see how long it is before they bring up his criminal past.

  2. I’m sorry but this video clip rubs me the wrong way, all of these black males standing behind Alton Sterling’s wife & son why couldn’t one of them speak for the family. Black men are going to have too do a better job standing up for the community. I strongly feel that a black man should be speak out on situation like these because a black woman get too emotional. It’s the same case with Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner & etc. the black woman is up front speaking out. Alton Sterling is crying so bad I strongly feel he shouldn’t have been up on the stage nor his mother.

    • Yeah I see your point. But I guess they wanted to let her express herself. I’m sure she wanted to get it off her chest. But it’s a very sad situation and hard to watch.

      • What’s the purpose of this family giving a press conference? Every time I see this press conference I recoil. Why are blacks so quick to jump in front of a camera in situations like this? Sometimes, there is strength in remaining silent and letting your enemies know what’s in your hand.

    • How can black men speak out when black women keep telling them to be quiet?!! Sambo asshole and undercover MAN Wendell Williams went in on Jesse Williams for his BET as did Whoopi Goldberg. Black men CAN’T speak out when there are race traiting stupid ass black women in the pocket of white daddy!

  3. You guys need to stop been so American-centric. America is one country, the more you cordon off Americans behaviour the more you fail to see the bigger picture. The media advertises cases that aren’t the worst, black people are killed by police in America daily but we only hear a handful of cases. Why?

    As I said this is a global trend, especially in the Americas, look at what they doing to black people in Brazil, police killings at an even higher rate. Nobody wants to implicate them all, this would expose the Latinos too, if their nations are doing the same thing to blacks then it would be considered purely coonery to try to make an alliance with them too.

    • @ AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources
      Where ever “BLACK AFRICANS” are located on this planet we are being attack by other nations. Our people love to call other non black people of color our brothers & sisters but do the research to find out deep down inside they hate us too. In the words of Dr. Henry Clark, “we have no friends.”

  4. That is why America will never get rid of assault weapons.Anything that makes white America money, you can best believe they won’t get rid of it.The Red Summer has started,with another fatal shooting of black man in Minnesota. It’s tiring,but it’s amazing the US goes around speaking about democracy.

    • I think government really wants the guns! They keep trying to apps all these bills to outlaw them. But it will be an uphill battle. America loves it’s guns. I feel you need them fro protection. So I suggest black people with guns do NOT give them up. When crap hits the fan…what you going to do?? Stay strapped!!

      • Kush,what is going to happen,is the government is going to make it harder for blacks to get assault weapons.If blacks legally started buying assault weapons at a high rate,the government would come up with a bill in matter of minutes.

  5. How can they sleep at night, when their hands are dirty of the blood of innocent people? Once they have killed someone, they live their lives quietly, as if nothing had happened! Really, if you look inside of their eyes pure evil indeed!

  6. @ Everybody:

    Here’s Harvey’s take on this issue:

    Warning — this video contains some profanity.

  7. Okay, I don’t have the stomach to watch the video. Knowing the man was gunned down is enough for me. And now there is a new video of the murder of yet another Black man getting gunned down in his vehicle over a broken taillight here in Menacesnowta? WTF?!

    The Freddie Gray trials have not even finished, although they may as well be since no KKKop is guilty of arresting an innocent man which caused his death and here we have these two cases back to back and make no mistake, the statements from the Justice Department and the FBI and whatever is just fluff and hot air because what has ever changed? Not a damn thing!

    • I think they want to get us pissed off! That way they have an excuse to go after us even harder. I’m sure you saw the shootout in Dallas right? Things are about to get real hectic around here Shelby. Be prepared for anything!

    • Yet we got these dumb negroes in their power ranger outfits on the street corners trying to claim these as our people. Unbelievable

      • @nidotopianwarrior
        When you stated “power ranger outfits” I knew you were talking about the Hebrew Israelites. Those niggers go hard for Latinos but don’t consider “BLACK AFRICANS” as our brothers & sisters and hate BLACK WOMEN.

    • @ Sister Shanequa:

      Thank you for the link. There are two episodes of “Gangland” that talk about this.

    • There are so many racist Mexicans out here. They are not allies with us. There are a few who understand our plight but they have their own issues right now. I don’t think there can be any black/brown unity. Too many of them are filled with anti-blackness.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I 100% agreed, they only join force with us is when it benefits their people.

      • Right you are! AND many Hispanics are “white identified,” with very little solidarity with Blacks. Blacks ARE a self-contained group as we have always been. If you take a stroll down memory lane to the 1960’s, Hispanics rode the coat-tails of blacks in asserting their civil rights. There were MORE “liberal” whites, jews included that rallied with blacks for civil rights. Many Hispanics KNOW that the “systems” in place in this country are designed as a “lock-out” primarily for blacks and white supremacy continually attempts to make Blacks a PERMANENT under-class with Hispanics deemed the “‘new” ni**as as well as the “new” work force.

        “Add it up,” as Brother Minister Farrakhan would state. Or, as I am fond of stating, “look at what is in front of you.”

      • That’s true Epi. I work around Hispanics like this. I had a Mexican co-worker tell me he was voting for Donald Trump. Is that not insane?? But that shows you are correct. Many of them are white identified. Black people are running around her trying to make black/brown unity a real That’s a damn joke! These people are trying to move up in the world. And the quickest way to do that…is to distance themselves from the n*ggers. I know what game these Hispanics are playing. I’m not falling for it.

      • Of course those assholes want to run to us when white folks give them their wake-up call. I for one DO NOT CARE about Hispanic bitches when whites go after them, they are on their own

  8. Woke up to a developing story of a shooting in downtown Dallas of 11 (get that number) police officers, with 4 dead and 7 injured (satanic number again) It was supposedly at a BLM rally and since we know this organisation is funded by sociopath Soros this timing, to generate sympathy for licensed assassins, is highly suspicious. I suggest everyone looks at the available footage with a keen eye. I saw some redneck interviewed whose daughter, Misty McBride, was supposedly an officer shot. When people talk shite about being shot in the abdomen and bullets PASSING THROUGH THE OTHER SIDE but they are FINE – WTF!! Smells like bullshit even from here.

  9. Shanequa Obama did give some sympathy for the shooting victims,his comments made a white conservative go on a rant where he had to take down some of his comments on twitter. I understand but we have to brace ourselves,because it’s going to get worse for blacks before everything calms down.

  10. @ Everybody:

    What do you think of this?

    Warning — this video contains a lot of profanity. Enjoy! 😀

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