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Colorism is a prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. Many have noted that “colorism within the black community has been a serious emotional and psychological battle”.
Colorism is a practice of discrimination by which those with lighter skin are treated more favorably than those with darker skin. In the African community of amurdikkka our existence under white pathology, has traditionally played out the skin game via the paper bag test. Those lighter than the standard paper lunch bag were allowed entry into fraternities, sororities and other realms of black upper class life, while dark-skinned blacks were excluded.
More than anything, what the whole fall out around the Jesse Williams scripted Black Lives Matter speech tells me, is that colorism is still a formidable force plaguing us still.
More than the response of his detractors, who have dismissed the speech’s wide acceptance based on him being a half breed, are his supporters who behave way more retarded. For the supporters it wasn’t just about his speech either, but how they reacted to a LIGHT SKINDED, male who WAS making that speech.
The females and surely some undercover fags, almost orgasmic reaction to his looks and his eyes, went beyond just appreciating his speech, as they pretend to.
I was struck to pen this post due to this latest spectacle, as well as the increasing proliferation of images of black people…some as dark as righteousness, with shockingly blue eyes.
A while back another image of black children from the Solomon Island, sporting blond afros, circulated excessively for a time. Many of them also sporting blue eyes as well. They straw that was grasped was that these show the Afrikan woman can produce all types of looks.
Despite the narrative that many of the look of the Solomon islanders were the product of colonial rape and or fall out from decades of French nuclear testing in that region, or a genetic mutation naturally occurring, the “we are the world” set, continue to promote their color struck view of nature.
Blue eyes...
Some have pointed to Albinos as another example of this black woman’s ability to produce the white race. For your information, the albino is not white. He or she is an Afrikan who through a DEFECT of birth, come out devoid of the deep dermal melanin afforded their more fortunate brothers and sisters. And just like in the animal kingdom, the albino was considered an anomaly and weak. Not expected to survive. This is why many develop serious skin cancer, whether in the sun extensively or not. But of course the common man never gets the whole story. There is a very dangerous approach by the modern kneegrows on the continent of Afrika, who slaughter or maim the Albinos for some supposed magic they believe exists in the Albino’s bodies. This is a primitive and savage belief that has a religious connotation derived from the original savage’s spreading of the white skin as magical and superior. I mentioned the Albino because for the discerning among us, their conditions and presence have been older and more wide spread than the Solomon Islanders and these other images of dark skinned blue eyed people.
Sometimes back, I had studied iridology and though I don’t practice it as a profession, one thing that stayed with me was that the Afrikan’s cornea is not only thicker, but more melanated than the European. In fact…the melanin content scale of the European’s cornea and iris goes from the high of the dark brown, to green to the blue. Blue being the weakest and indicative of much more toxicity. Some even have very pale almost white eyes. Almost like a ghoul.
The kneegrows love with light eyes is something that gets lost in the debate over the light skin. Yet when we see deep dark people sporting multicolor lense, we should know they don’t overstand how horrific they look. This is not the fashion attire of a confident person who feels attractive. It is the fashion attire of a low self esteem having person, who feels very unattractive. I overstand that through blood mixing some of us do come out with light eyes. And the rare ones who produce sets of eyes like that are also a product of genetic defect.
Mixed girl...
This is nothing a person can just change. But the way light eyes are pursued, at one time the escape of the kneegress, seem to be catching on by the kneegrow. Now both genders look the damn fool. Have we forgotten how we look pursuing light skin? And ended up bleaching off our whole skin and creating pools of hideous looking zombies?
Unless you can show me a whole village, town or even family with deep coal dark skin, with blue eyes, then your love for the one off, is more pathetic and unfortunate than those born with that weakness. And no…Vanessa Williams and Jesse Williams are not the example I am looking for. I am talking about groups of Manute Bol’s running around with blue eyes.
The language we use to describe the light eyes is also very instructive. High color, browning, sexy…etc. This is what the pathology of colorism looks like. It is a pathology because instead of saying or implying that that light skin man or woman is attractive, they should be saying that man or woman is attractive. Because to say it any other way is stating that the man or woman is attractive because they have light skin.  A twist of words goes a long way in how we express ourselves, but we must first eliminate that twist in our perception of what is beauty, else our objectivity is questioned.
Colorism! One of the worst kind of infection, because we don’t see it, nor are we aware that we are infected by it. Even as it kills our Afrikan soul and Afrikan self love.
This article is written by BlackmyStory

26 thoughts on “Colorism by BlackmyStory

  1. Great post.. I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be funny, but I giggled just a little. I knew a girl in college, Guatemalan I think, who said she wanted a baby who looked like Shemar Moore.. but with blue eyes. WTF? Why? Blue eyes are creepy. I also worked with a self-loathing Black woman who had a child with a man of Latin decent. And when I visited her at the hospital, she asked if the baby was “too dark.” Ahhhm…what?! He was in the NICU for weeks + is autistic with major behavioral issues… But he’s not dark like her so I guess she got what she wanted.

    Anywho, doesn’t albinism affect non-Africans as well?

    • Yes it’s okay to laugh. BLackmyStory is a brother who has a good sense of humor. He knows how to get his point across while still making you That’s sad that many of us still want “cute mixed babies”. Your self loathing co-worker is someone I can relate to. I have met quite a few people with that mentality. I’m working on a post about black people suffering from anti-blackness. Yes other races can suffer from albinism. Like the post AfrikaNeeds posted yesterday. That was a very well thought out post on racial differences and genetic makeup. I learned quite a bit reading it.

      • I don’t know why people bring these things up like it’s normal conversation. Especially to ME. It’s very hard to be around people like that. I look forward to reading your full take.

        I read that post as well; I’m always enlightened.

      • Yes it’s really sad. I think self hatred is a serious mental disorder. That’s what this society creates. It’s makes black people hate what they see in the mirror. Instead of loving what God created. That’s why there are so many abnormal personalities in this country and worldwide.

      • It’s sad many negroes want children with a different gene expression which is hatred of the genes you have, or else you would want to keep them. Sad but true.

        Jesse Williams said some half-truths and some integrationist nonsense but what is to be expected, no true revolutionary would even get through a speech on BET without been stopped. He is the typical mulatto crowd control guy who whites have been using since slavery, literally none of this is even slightly new. One thing he has done is opened up that gender war garbage again and we can see he is not addressing it, many negro men are complaining about black women fawning over this mulatto (who a negro man made by the way) but still refuse to accept negro men are the same way. On social media there black guys pushing this mixed baby shit just as much as black women.

      • Yes that’s the crazy part about it. All this gender war nonsense is only being pushed by simple negores that don’t see the larger picture. We all know Williams speech was pre-planned and said nothing new. And his daddy helps confuse black people by making them think they can be a revolutionary and lay with a white woman. This is stupidity at it’s

  2. Kushite nice post really, but I don’t agree with white people aren’t Albino!
    Albino people don’t have only red eyes or white hairs, some of them have blond and red hairs,some have blue eyes and green eyes!,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNFYIOeNHvF5qrbkthWK5kuqeoOj6w&ust=1467880068128019&cad=rjt
    Look at this little black Albino girl,she is black but she is Albino,people think she is bi-racial but isn’t treu,some of them don’t have ugly look as some Albino African children!
    After this Albino people have kids with normal person, their kids born like this

    I think this happened with white people,if the first human beign were black,so
    with the passage of time there have been cases of mutation everywhere, and then the original people have become mulattos than whites!
    Do you never ask yourself why white people are afraid to talk about albinism?
    If you say to them, they are look Albino, they get offense! So if you said white aren’t Albino so where they come from?
    White skin is a recessive gene, light eyes lack melanin and can not bear the sunlight,that’s why the ancient Egyptians could not be whites!
    These people wish have dark skin because they know the truth,when you know the truth hurts! The black race, unlike what they say we are all alike,we are the most variables people in the world! We are not conditioned but some diseases!
    White skin is weak, has so many skin diseases! They use our DNA for clean their defects genes!

    • Kushite did you listen that career of Jessie William most likely
      will have an end, because some of his colleagues or someone at the top, did not like his speech, and are demanding a petition against him to end his career on Grey’s Anatomy.
      They accuse him “Jesse Williams spewed a racist, hate speech against law enforcement and white people at the BET awards,!”
      No because, I care about his career,but this is proof when you fight against whites your life is fu***k!
      If you think black people everywhere in the world they have always been lived with the terror, racism does not exist? So, what there are that beautiful images of black people are hanged, tortured and burned alive around on internet?
      If whites were 100% human they would have never done what they did and what they still do against black race,be human is something different be sub-human devoid of brain! This is the cleary proof they are Albino mutant!
      The image of that girl is proof of what awaits us in the future,because this is the plan that whites have for us, in future of hybrid race with white face in black body!

      • which one is scary? How you can see Albino people don’t have only blood or red eyes, some have different color!

        I believe whites hate themselves, and this hatred, they have contaminated people of color with bleaching and self-hatred!
        They know clearly the black skin and brown skin are beautiful and healthy,because if color people are trying to remove our melanin, they are trying to get melanin in anyway!
        They think get fake tan of injection of melanin, they can get soul!
        I read an article that Asian peoples once, they loved and worshiped black skin, I think was in “THE BEAUTY CON GAME!”, yeah in South Asian, poeple had the tradition of using a grease or oil lotion on the skin of children to make it much darker! All this happened many centuries before the arrival of the British in India!
        The Chinese, at the time of Marco Polo, had the custom of using black masks in their theatrical recitations, they believed that the black mask was a symbol of strength and nobility! Curiously all these people disliked the white skin! Now blazes this colorism epidemic!

      • The one with the lady holding the baby. That’s too much! Very creepy looking! Yyes the Beauty Con Game is a great book. I highly recommend it for everyone to check out.

  3. For the life of me, I am not in the least bit impressed or enamoured with blue eyes. I am just creeped out by them, they look so inhuman and demonic…..

  4. @Kushite Prince
    We love talking about “COLORISM” but we also need to talk about “HAIRISM” because since I’ve been natural I have seen a lot of this going on. If the woman is biracial or fully black the hair texture makes a big difference. The less kinky the hair is the more acceptable & likes the hair will get especially if its wavy or curly. If the hair is kinky more of a afro texture hair you can rest for sure it better be long to get views & likes. Not only is hair textures is discriminated hair lenght as well. One thing I notice on youtube or other social media with the natural hair community the women with curlier or wavy hair is more promoted even in commericals.

    Here is a, example of a natural hair page but what is mostly promoted are women that hair is curlier & wavy, kinky as well as long. But you will see more women with a looser curl pattern or curlier rather then kinky unless its long.

    The GLAMTWINZ & BEAUTIFULBRWNBABYDOL are both dark skinned sisters with black parents. Both of these sisters have youtube tutorials on how to take care of natural hair & put on makeup.
    Beautifulbrwnbabydol is an educated attractive sister thats been on youtube for quit sometimes but she doesn’t have the same viewers as the Glamtwinz because their hair is more of a curlier pattern



    • A usual Shanequa is on point. Colourism needs to be dismissed Jesse Williams is not black, his mother is white, his gene expression is not black as it does not resemble the native peoples of Afrika.

      I have mentioned hair is just as key as skin colour, people refuse to mention it for the false colourism argument. Black people’s hair is usually scrutinised even more than our skin colour, as it is unique to us. A Catholic high school near to my old one was sued several times for trying to kick out black boys for getting patterns in their hair and for dreadlocks. Even though the school was majority black (at the time) and the kids came mostly from black neighbourhoods. Hair is something which is still officially legal to discriminate against and even with self-hate it is attacked even earlier than skin colour by blacks. I have witnessed this myself with own mother who claimed my hair used to be ‘softer’ idk what that means but now it is picky like my younger brothers. As far as I can remember if I never combed my hair it turns into peppercorn texture which is normal, don’t know what is soft about that.

      Shanequa you should really think about making a blog.

  5. Please read this blog,this person is really retarded!
    I can not not stop laughing! I’am sorry ahhahahahah 😀

  6. @ Kushite Prince & Everyone
    Here’s a video of dark skinned “BLACK AFRICANS & NON BLACK AFRICANS” discussing their stories of having dark skin I hate when our struggle is lump we all the other NON BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE OF COLOR. Our dark skin struggle is totally different from there’s especially being a dark skin woman or men. The NON BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE OF COLOR women still is look as beautiful in a white white supremacy society then an actual BEAUTIFUL BLACK AFRICAN woman that is FULLY BLACK. Furthermore these non black people of color in this video I don’t consider to be dark skinned. Then the older lady in the video who isn’t even close to the color of black skin talking about “I was the only black angel.” I know that colorism is in other cultures too be it can’t compare to the real struggle BLACK AFRICANS face.

  7. (scratching me head!) My parents are BLACK, our CULTURE is creole yet I don’t understand the [blacks] people that think that being creole is a RACE….smh…and how often I have had to “correct” other blacks about this. Is the self-hatred that dam bad?

    My hair is soft/kinky but still “I’m happy to be nappy” and if others have a problem with it? That is THEIR issue, especially if they are ignorant and know little to nothing about their [black] history.



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