Fourth of July: Whose Independence?


Is the Fourth of July a holiday for black people?  I know many black people that call off work to celebrate it.  They talk about doing fireworks,having barbecues and eating food with family and friends.  But while many are eating unhealthy hot dogs and burgers…is there a deeper meaning behind this day. Is it a time for celebration?  Weren’t our people in chains? What does this so-called holiday mean for African people?  The video(above) is by Youtuber The Great Griot.  She gives a great history lesson on the Fourth of July.  You may find some of her information educational.



30 thoughts on “Fourth of July: Whose Independence?

  1. Brings me back to your post from either last year or the year before “The Fourth Of You Lie”. It goes to show just how far removed from and out of touch this generation is with reality and OURstory. The only Holiday I look forward to is America’s Death 💀 Day

  2. Negroes will be negroes. Recently in Europe there has been a big hoorah over the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Somme in which over 1 million Europeans killed each other. Negroes were having deep conversations, thanking white people for saving their ‘democracy’. They always remember white people’s history and always mourn white people’s losses. The worst part is these fools will be the first ones to say that violence never works but ALWAYS remember and thank the use of violence by whites that saves their ‘liberty’.

    I wonder what happens when white people chose to leave America to save their homeland Europe? Negroes will be fucked up completely thinking they’ll get a free pass to Europe, American passport and all. Look at Zimbabwe, once white people 100% direct control they leave.

    • That is so true brother. These damn holidays have nothing to do with us. How can celebrate a holiday when your people were in chains? I could see celebrating Nat Turner’s revolt or the Haiti revolution. But the 4th of July??? These negroes are crazy!!

      • It’s not just holidays but history. Selective celebration of history, condemn violence but celebrate, remember and pay homage to white usage of violence. Remember the US Civil War, remember World Wars, remember Vietnam ect.

        Hypocritical is an understatement.

    • @Sister Courtney

      Interesting video. The WWII generation had great contradictions. There was the massive growth of the economic power among the middle class and the rich after WWII, but the poor and black people suffered a lot. During that time, there was massive anti-Communist paranoia and other anti-black propaganda TV shows too. Many of the black WWII veterans were involved in the civil rights movement. There is a rewriting of history. I don’t agree on every issue, but he is right that historical revisionism is very common in the world. We have to always embrace our African identity.

      • @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for watching the video. I don’t agree with everything Professor Black Truth says, but he’s right about a lot of things. I thought that this video to be VERY interesting! 😉

  3. Great Article. It is part of a slavery mentality for some of our people to glamorize slave owners, imperialists, and murderers like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc. Both the redcoats and the so-called “Founders” wanted to promote their own economic and political interests. They hypocritically didn’t truly believe that all men are created equal by their actions. Faith without works is dead and the works of these hypocritical terrorism are dead (as unjust murder, slavery, ans abuse are antithetical to holiness and integrity). They didn’t want to promote true equality or black liberation. The American Revolutionary War was an interimperialist war that caused the USA to exist. Today, tyranny is still abundant where black people suffer bad schools, poverty, discrimination, colorism, sexism, racism, and police terrorism. We desire true independence not only for black Americans, but for black people globally (as black people in Africa, Brazil, the UK, etc. are our Brothers and our Sisters). Also, the gorgeous (as in her intellect and in her soul. She is beautiful too) Sister told the truth in her video as well.

    • There’s these videos on YouTube called Epic Rap Battles where they have people real and not go at it verbally. They did one with Frederick Douglass and Thomas Jefferson when Douglass called him out on his bullshit and you should have seen the floodgate of whiny ass comments from white folks

      • I heard of the Epic Rap Battles video too. Whiny comments from white bigots are very common. I’m glad that more and more people in our generation know the truth about the hypocritical deceiver Thomas Jefferson.

    • Yes Timothy. We need a true liberation for our people. The first revolution is in the mind. We must change our mindset for freedom. The tyranny is everywhere. We really need our own independence from this racist wicked system.

  4. Black slaves weren’t even free at the time this holiday began, so, it’s very paradoxical as to why many Black people celebrate it. However, in my honest opinion, it’s just another day to barbecue.

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