White supremacy doesn’t care what label you claim

White racism...

26 thoughts on “White supremacy doesn’t care what label you claim

  1. Yes of course they can call black people monkeyes but they can being “TARZAN!” or better the monkey men! How a white man can claim to be more stronger than black man! LMFAO these people are disillusion!

    • @ qnubian528
      Don’t forget this SHIT from the past, the movie “Sheena” a white bitch queen of the BLACK AFRICAN jungle. One thing for sure Tarzan & Sheena both fell in love with another European despite being rise by BLACK AFRICANS they made sure not to date them

      Still shots from the movie

      • I remember this movie, it was truly bullshit!
        She had the power to talk to animals, in another series of “Shena” even she had the power of descending into an animal! Wow amazing how their racism is double standard, they always show how the champions of justice to help black people!

      • They suffer from narcissism! There is no cure for this evil!
        You tell me why they have proclaimed the most beautiful people in the world?

      • Yes they do! They are very delusional. But they control the images in the media. So they can construct whatever image they want of themselves. That’s what you can do when you have power. They make themselves out to be the heroes and see as the most beautiful. Even though we know it’s not true.

  2. They ain’t got to give a damn! The only thing they’d better understand is that they, as po white trash, is NOT allowed to join my new militant group, “The Black Supremacists!”

    And unlike BlackLivesMatter, no gays, no transvestites, no transgender, no lesbian, no queer and no anything else that’s flying a rainbow flag and shouting about some ‘gay pride’! “Get thee behind me, devils!”

    Thanks for posting this Prince!

    • @Sister Courtney

      Excellent video Sister. The Brother made great points. Racist Europeans lecture others on tolerance, but their history is filled with exploitation, genocide, and other evils. The exit of the UK from the EU was predicted by many.

      • @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you and you are welcome! I just happened upon this video. Professor Black Truth packs so much info into the video that I had to listen to it twice! I’m glad that you enjoyed it.

        Have a blessed holiday weekend! 🙂

      • Not only that. Whenever we would speak out about all the evils they have have done, they call that preaching hate. If that ain’t a reprobate mind then I don’t know what is

  3. It’s not about what you call yourself, but what you do with yourself. If you only debating your Brother or debasing your Brother, then how you do it is no concern to crackers. But if you are arming your Brother and preparing your Brother for war, cracker may take notice. Be smart and you can liberate yourself.

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