8 thoughts on “The Illusion of Choice

  1. @Kushite:

    I’ve seen this graphic before in “The Nation” magazine years ago. Thank you for posting it here.

    • You’re welcome. It shows how they have a monopoly on information. Keep in mind none of the CEO’s of those companies are black. Therefore we don’t control what information is given or omitted. Food for thought.

  2. And AGAIN, this is why I don’t own a TV! I have no idea how Black folks can sit and look at Caucasians all day at work and then again on TV and then on BET, look at some Black folks playing the fool.

      • “Mostly negative images of black people.”

        I figured as much! But folks are still loving all up and down on that show about a music executive and his Black sons and his ex-wife and one of the sons is openly gay. I think it’s called “Empire” or something. My cousin watched it once, but when he saw the gay Black dude, he turned that mess off. smh

      • I don’t think it’s fair to just singling out BET when there is sooooo much negativity and cooning going on. If that’s the case then OWN by Hoprah Whitefrey the backdoor carper muncher is very much a detriment to black folks. That show the “First 48” might as well be called “Negroes, Negroes, Nothing BUT dumbass Negroes Getting Into to Trouble With the Law”. They used to have a cartoon based on the movie “Friday” thankfully that only lasted a few episodes

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